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Darth Viscera - looks amazing.  I've been working on a Sith Lord Custom and my guy looks laughable next to this one!  I think that Joe Body parts are a perfect fit for this guy.  Maybe I should start looking at more GI Joe parts. Hmmmm.

The Commando also looks good.  I haven't read any of the RC stories (or even played the game) so I haven't completely been swept up by RC-craze.  However, from what I hear, the new RCs are supposed to be black in scheme.  I think you pulled them off for sure.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Princess Leia (Movie Poster)
« on: March 6, 2006, 09:50 AM »
Wow, She looks great!  What a good combination of parts.  Glad to see you back on the boards.  Also, Congrats on finishing the exams!

Fritz - the dead snowtrooper is great.  I love the picture of him hanging upside down!  Awesome!

Photonovels and Movies / Re: K.O.E. Chapter 2: Enter the Killers
« on: March 3, 2006, 11:41 AM »
In Rem,
I want to write more detailed comments later.  But in a few words, I'm amazed.  Your photography and editing skills are top notch and the match equally with your dialog writing and story telling.

I thought that Chapters 1 and 2 would have been linked more but I can see what you are doing with setting up backstories on each character individually and I think it works.

I never got caught up in the Mandolarian craze but these figures are just great.  I love seeing the new images you've put up!

Hemble - I really like the Yoda/Luke.  I can't believe how well you can make the plastic look like Cloth.   The imperial trooper is a great looking figure but I'm not sure I'm sold on the design.  However, this is strictly personal preference and not a critique on the figure b/c he looks amazing!

I realy like Silvith Rawe.  I was going to ask what that body was as I didn't quickly recognize it.  He is such a great looking figure.  He just looks like he's a trouble maker.

I like the modifications for Master Suud.  However, I for one still liked the soft good robed version too.  THe fabric additions to hide the "imperfections" look nice.   My only compliant (albiet minor) is that I think the shin guards stand out too much.  Maybe if they were painted a little different.

Thanks guys.  The Annika figure is from

And yes my computer at home has crashed.  I had to take it to a repair shop yesterday, and I probably won't have it back for a while.  Which means no CHEWIE updates for a while.  The worst thing will be if any files are lost on it, I had a ton of work done on the next photonovel.


Chewie updates are like a drug.  I need Chewie updates.  Fix you computer quickly.

CC- thanks for the comments.  In looking at this custom closer, I think I need to shorten the neck a little.  I'm also afraid that the head may look a bit too large for the body.  Hopefully when I add a cloak or cape that helps offsite the size a bit.

Cle Tous Enloe is hysterical!  I may be able to try that one.  I think I've got  a police officer body lying around.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Casting of the Twins - wip
« on: March 2, 2006, 04:56 PM »
I don't want to speak for Glassman, but I can tell you that he's told me that he pours it on with a spoon.  I can tell you from personal experience (just doing it the last two weeks) that you can pour this on and gently remove any bubbles at the surface.  Its much easier than painting on latex (which I've also tried).

If Chewie is out of a computer, image how many custom back logs he'll update for us when it starts working. 

Modern Trading / Re: Brent's Haves and Wants
« on: March 2, 2006, 11:04 AM »
As promised I added several more "Haves"

Wow, those guys look amazing.  Your paint detailing looks incredible.  You are a real artist.


But... I could have a major problem.  This morning I tried to get online from my home computer - and realized my computer was off - the monitor was on, and the green light on the hard drive was on, and the monitor said something to the effect of "Monitor is working fine" or whatever, but no power on the hard drive.  So I checked all the cables several times, tried pressing the on/off button on the hard drive several times, etc. - but nothing would work.  Then I turned on and off the power strip probably 5-6 times, and each time no power would go to the hard drive, so my computer won't even start up.  And the D:// drive won't even open... Any idea what the problem might be?  Is my computer completely shot?  It's only 3 years old...


Uh oh.... I'd get it an electrical labotamy - basically unplug everthing and let it sit for while.  Reconnect it and try powering back on.  It sounds like the PC isn't getting any power, maybe the power supply is bad??  However, its just a guess.  I'm no PC technician.

I think she looks much better this way.  Nice improvement.  Maybe some aliens like their women big -in more ways than one  ;)

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