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Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Tarfful (Firing Bowcaster)
« on: October 24, 2005, 01:37 AM »
Gonna take a look at one of the April 2nd launch figures this week as we dissect Tarfful (Firing Bowcaster) from the Revenge of the Sith line.

He's not Hasbro's prettiest effort from ROTS unfortunately, and given the child-factor in the Wookiee figure's popularity, I'd think it would've been in Hasbro's better interests to have made these higher quality figures.  For instance the #43 falls over rather easily and lacks articulation some.  Tarfful lacks even MORE articulation than the #43 and that's just a shame given that the figure's legs (both of these figure's legs actually) twist but don't bend.  If you're gonna make the joint/separate molds, do it right ya know?

Irregardless he suits and likely isn't one I could see Hasbro redoing anytime soon.  He'll make most collectors content to just stand there, but I envisioin him doing a little battling and pulling of people's arms from their sockets and all that.  A nicer toy simply could've come of this figure but Hasbro chose to cheap-out on this one so just check out the full review to see what makes him a nice enough statue and what makes him a less-than-fun figure to play (pose) with.

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Clone Commanders
« on: October 19, 2005, 02:30 AM »
So we're back with a new one this week...

Another duel review, this time taking a close comparison and in-depth breakdown of the pro's and con's surrounding the Clone Commanders.  Check out the Full Review Right Here to get all the dirt on these guys.

For me, the winner was clear-cut really, but it boiled down 99% to an issue of poseability more than anything else.  What's funny is that I think the retail acceptance of one of these Commanders over the other is evidence of how Hasbro should focus on quality figures if they want the sales at retail.  One sculpt's clearly been the "winner" over the other out there in the stores while the other sculpt is a notorious pegwarmer for many.

So share your thoughts, check out the review of course, and enjoy!

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Ask Aak (Republic Senator)
« on: October 14, 2005, 02:54 AM »

I love freakish aliens, so the Senators wave of figures in the ROTS line was nice.  A bit of a bitch to find, but nicely done all around.  That makes this review's focus a fun one to own and pick apart for what's good and what failed.  This week we're looking at Ask Aak (Republic Senator).  Not only do I love the figure, but I even liked the character in the prequals and felt he should've had a figure back in 2002 even.

Hasbro did a pretty bang-up job though on this one, and took the usually duller "Senator" figure and turned it into something special.  There's a number of ball/socket joints, the sculpt rivals the best work Hasbro's done such as Ephant Mon, and the figure's a weighty mofo to boot.  The fact Hasbro did a nice little extra by including a blaster accessory is greatly appreciated.

The lack of accessories with these types of figures is where it can usually be critiqued but all 3 figures in the wave Aak came out in had a gun and a base.  That's pretty nice work.

So check out the review at the link provided and enjoy...  And if you're lucky enough to find the figure, pick up Ask Aak without hesitating because he's a winner to me.  A pegwarmer if he shipped in huge numbers, but he's still a winner for a figure. :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Pay Pal Problem
« on: October 8, 2005, 02:01 AM »
I'm having a Pay Pal issue here...

I sent payment to someone for some stuff they sent me and payment cleared, however the person I sent it to cannot "claim" payment because it says that it is requiring that they buy postage.

I already got the package, it's a done deal, so what's this all about?  Any help would be appreciated for whom I'm trying to pay up here.

Thanks for all you Pay Pal experts!

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: AT-RT Driver
« on: September 29, 2005, 02:01 AM »

What can I say about this guy that's negative?  Not a whole hell of a lot really.

I like it when Hasbro really wow's me, especially when they're able to do it overall with a single line they put out.  ROTS really is that line to me, as it's been more solid in quality than any other individual line within the modern Star Wars brand.

The AT-RT Driver (Missle Firing Rifle) is just another notch on Hasbro's belt as far as what they dished out in quality this year.  The figure was wrongly labeled as the Turbo Tank Driver for a while, then changed to the AT-RT Driver for whatever reason.  Not sure if this was Hasbro's faux pau, or if this is what the Juggernaught crews wore on Kashyyyk as well as the walker drivers.

Either way though we get what ammounts to a near-super articulated Clone again, and that's nothing to turn your nose at.  Good articulation, great accessories, nice paint, great sculpt...  He's everything an army builder should be in my opinion.

Read the review to seemy opinions on this one overall...  Very little negative I could muster about him.  Just got two more for a nice 4-man team tonight.  Still on the prowl to expand that to a minimum of 12 I think (squad sized I figure).  And congrats to Hasbro for another quality figure.

As always give me your thoughts and feelings on this one too, and stay tuned for more reviews as my review feature, "The Good...  The Bad...  & The Ugly" dishes out all the dirt.  This one though is definitely part of "The Good" though. :)

Watto's Junk Yard / Screen Capture Software Help
« on: September 27, 2005, 04:24 AM »
This is a general request for help pertaining to "Screen Capture" software.

I'm needing to pull captures from video games on my PC, some from video/cutscenes, for general projects I have going.  I'm looking for a good screen capture software that can pull multiple images (rather than me having to dump from the game after taking one capture) and saves them in the program...

One that would pull from anything would be nice...  Like some of the cutscenes I've tried pulling screencaps from just using "printscreen" came out all digitized and wonky looking.  I don't know why (I was trying to pull captures from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, if you're familiar with these cutscenes that are live-action actors), but the images were not good at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...  I'm not familiar with this stuff at all really, I just know I need something that can take more than one screen capture and save them.  I'd really like to find something that served the purpose for now though so I could just get this stuff done, haha.

Thanks for any help! :)

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Quality Walker Custom
« on: September 20, 2005, 02:03 AM »
This custom got brought to my attention, and it's by a guy nicked "PsychoCloneTrooper".  Not sure he's a member here but I'm guessing he isn't.

Anyway, I liked this a lot, it's one of the more interesting vehicles I've seen of late and I thought a thread for it was in order...  The parts useage is great, and inexpensive really (if you can bare tearing up an AT-RT).  I would've used a vintage AT-ST's legs myself, and actually this guy's walker has me inspired to try something myself along these lines since the parts are so readily available.  It's one of those things you wish you'd thought of when you see it I think. :)

I love a good ship, especially something that sits well with figures (modern) and looks believable.   It seems to me that PsychoClone did some extra detail work to the whole thing and a spiffy paintjob.

I think I'd have opened the "viewport" some, or at least made a clear viewport for it, but I could easily see opening viewport armor like on the AT-ST for this vehicle.  The single-mounted flexible cannon is great.

Someone noted it being an AT-PT which it isn't, but it'd be in a similar class...  Perhaps a different weapon mounted, but definitely not an AT-PT and the creator noted it wasn't as well.

I like it though, love it really and thought it's more than worth talking about here too.  Here's pics and a link to his site with recipe:

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Mace Windu (Lightsaber Attack)
« on: September 10, 2005, 01:11 AM »
Forgot to put this out last night...  Busy.

Taking a look here at Mace Windu (Lightsaber Attack) in all his glory.  For those of you looking to find that definitive Mace Windu, well keep looking further because this isn't it.   :-\

I had to tweak my point of view a bit really to review this figure because had this been released in the 2002 Attack of the Clones figure launch, I honestly would've probably given it some praise for effort.

But comparing Mace to other ROTS figures he's a letdown really.  He's missing the articulation and aesthetics of collection 2 figures, and I think that while he's been a popular sell-through at retail that he's a letdown overall and I long for a truly super articulated Mace with a great likeness and softgoods robes.

The figure's a sign of Hasbro's effort to make Collection 1 BETTER though, and you have to give them some praise for that, but the figure is off the mark of quality as a LOT of the Collection 1 figures in ROTS's line were.

That's not to say the #6 Clone was a bad figure though,f or instance, but figures like the kicking Obi-Wan, Yoda, or Anakin were all missing something (or many things) and so is this Mace. 

The line's done well, I wholely believe that can be attributed to kids this time around whereas the last 2 films weren't that great to the public and subsequently the toy lines failed too.  ROTS had a lot more kid interest, Collection 1 moved then, but the kiddies will be leaving as they always do so hopefully that Mace we all want (you know you do) is on its way the way we want it.

Read the full review though, check back here if you'd like, and enjoy!  Thanks for the readership too, I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys that have chimed in and shared your thoughts and comments about the job I'm doing.  I appreciate that and you, as do all the Jedi Defender staffers.  Thanks!

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: C-3PO (ROTS version)
« on: September 3, 2005, 11:34 PM »

This week we are taking a close look at C-3PO (ROTS).  The 3PO has become one of the hot figures in the Revenge line overall actually.  I've seen him on April 2nd and never again.  I'm very glad I bought him that day too since he's been really impossible to find for many.

The figure's not too bad either.  It has pop-off limbs/head too which I always appreciate.  I don't quite understand WHY though, or if 3PO had this incorporated in ROTS but it got cut, but it's welcome nonetheless.

The weird thing about the construction of the figure is that at each point of articulation that pops off the figure has a "socket" built into it of a plastic that has flexibility.  This keeps the figure from going all loosey goosey on you when you've posed him a bit too much.  It's a good feature, and it's funny but this design would lend itself well to Hasbro articulating a 3PO at the knees, wrists, and numerous other joints.  The days of a SA 3PO maybe are just around the corner then?

And that's where this figure sort of fails...  Hasbro could've articulated him a bit more and they chose not to.  Still, the figure looks good on the pegs, it's been "hot", and it should replace the MMC 3PO sculpt as the top sculpt to re-release in the future.  I know I'd buy the ROTS sculpt again with a silver shin if it were offered.

At least till that SA C-3PO comes out...  :)  Come on, you know you want one!

So, share your thoughts and all that... 

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Utapauan Warrior (Utapau Security)
« on: August 29, 2005, 12:55 AM »
If I could've made a top 10 list of army builders I didn't really want from the Star Wars films, I bet I would've had the Utapauan Warrior (Utapau Security) on that list somewhere. 

I'm really perplexed at some of Hasbro's figure decisions for the ROTS line like this guy, the Neimodian Warrior, and the Mustafar Sentry.  All army builders, all with positive marks working in their corner, but all figures that I could've lived without in favor of getting something a little more interesting to me personally.  Not to mention that they all are lacking something here and there as well.

Personally, the Utapauan is not one of Hasbro's best efforts in the ROTS line.  He falls prey to many of the same failings the Neimodian Warrior did, though I somehow like that figure a bit more than the Utapau Warrior.  A wonky pose and lacking knee articulation make for a less than fun figure.

Hasbro's taken an obscure and somewhat uninteresting character and made a moderate figure of him basically.  That equals boredom on the pegs, and a figure that could be prone to backing up the system ala the Neimodian.  Not a good thing for collectors at all.

As always, feel free to read my full review on him Right Here, and of course share your thoughts.

Modern Trading / ROTS Clone 3-pack (Red) & KFC Ani For Trade
« on: August 25, 2005, 03:59 AM »
I have wound up with a Clone 3-pack (red) on a fairly good card (I have trouble grading modern stuff due to the wonky packaging) and a KFC Anakin.

If anyone's interested in these I'd love to trade them for Super Articulated Clones, AT-TE Gunners, Clone variants (Green Commander, Red #6, or black Pilot), or I'd trade them as a partial payment towards an Evolution set (Any of the 3 or their variants).



PS: I'd sell for their retail cost as well if someone needed them.


Since I'm assuming nobody wants these I'll pull them and perhaps return them. 

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Captain Antilles
« on: August 23, 2005, 10:11 PM »
Not a figure I'm pleased with but one I felt was at least a good contrast to what Hasbro's done RIGHT in the ROTS line.  This week I tear apart the Revenge of the Sith figure Captain Antilles for your enjoyment.

You can read the full review Right Here and of course feel free to share opinions with us as well.

My thoughts are pretty well known on this figure though...  I'm disappointed primarily in his lack of articulation.  He's not bad to look at, but he doesn't hold up to precedents in the ROTS line like even the Bail Organa figure most all of us would stand him next to.

There's some other flaws, but in the end I feel articulation is the major problem here.  Some knee joints and some extra arm points and I'd pretty much have given this figure a positive review.  At least as positive as I feel about Bail Organa as a figure. 

His Classic Trilogy Counterpart (I still say they're not the same guy.  They can't possibly be) is at least a pretty great figure short of some knee joints.  :)  He's more important anyway...  to me at least.

The Prequel Trilogy / Animatics Footage (Kinda Neat)
« on: August 12, 2005, 04:43 AM »
Anyone with Hyper-Space catch the unfinished animatics footage for ROTS that showed scenes cut from the film?

I particularly started to salivate at the thought of that HUGE head-on pass by the V-Wings with the Separatist Droid Fighters...

Looked like a bit of good stuff I wish they'd finish and put into the DVD.  I've always said the opening space battle was too short and should've been intercut with some new snippits of "outside fighting" with the inside story on Grievous' ship.

I mean, the opening text crawl says the Republic's losing yet somehow after Obi and Ani get aboard the Invisible hand the whole outside battle just suddenly shifted in favor of the Republic?  **** that, I wanna see what happens...  I wanna see Clones show why they're badass pilots and tear up some Separatist Tin Foil...  Make ya love the clones for "winning the day" in the giant battle of Coruscant...  It'd make you feel even worse when they gun the Jedi down.

Anyway, V-Wings in combat looked sweet.  Living up to their "Interceptor" titles, flying headlong into a swarm of Droid Fighters of all types.  Nice.

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Palpatine (Lightsaber Attack)
« on: August 11, 2005, 01:48 AM »
You know him, and you love him...  The TRUE star of Episode III...  The one, the only...  Palpatine (Lightsaber Attack)!

OK, yeah that intro was a bit much...  I dig the old coot though, and thought he was the highlight of Revenge of the Sith.  Unfortunately though, it looks like I'm gonna be waiting a while for a red-robed Palpatine that I really can dig.

This figure's static, "salt-shaker" sculpt and his unfortunate habit of falling over are just kind of disappointing.  This is one Hasbro may not be itnerested in touching though, as what I want is a nicely articulated Palpatine (ala his early ROTS figure in his robes he wore on Grievous' ship), with maybe some cool shiney softgoods robes...  Something that can kick some Jedi ass, hold a saber, and maybe features these interchangeable head/hands that this Palpatine has?

I'd dig seeing those, as they're a great feature for the character.

By all means though, Read the Full Review Right Here, and share your thoughts.

This figure's just not one I was real big on after I got him home and opened the packaging...  I have visions of how this guy could've been done in Collection 2 though and they are grand.  Hopefully he's revisited by Hasbro sometime.  Some Evolutions style figure would be much appreciated for this Palpatine.

Toy Reviews / New JD Review: Ki-Adi Mundi (Jedi Master)
« on: August 5, 2005, 12:07 AM »
Beldar Conehead he is not...  This guy doesn't need to claim he's "from France" to stay incognito.  This go-round in reviews I take an up-close and personal look at famed Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi!

What can I say?  I love Episode 3's line of incredible Collection 2 Jedi Knight figures.  Hasbro knocked out some of the best work they've done in the entire line.  Even the Jedi's "weak" points tend to be minor compared to their finer qualities.

Ki-Adi probably is the best though, as it is a MAJOR improvement on his previous 2 versions.  Let's face it, E1 and E2's Ki-Adi's were weak attempts at the master, and that's being rather forgiving.  I mean, the Saga figure was pretty much a big "F-You!" from Hasbro with it being 90% re-used parts and a better paintjob.  The closest to decent we got was his half-assed version in the Jedi Council sets, which was still a weak figure.

Not ROTS's figure though...  This time Ki-Adi's got articulation out the wazoo, softgoods robe that is incredible quality and fits him well, a removable belt, a saber you can hook to his belt...  Oh yeah, and a ton of articulation that deserves a double mention.

He has a few minor quibbles but needless to say I liked him.  Check out the FULL REVIEW Right Here, and as always come share your thoughts with us.

At this stage I think he's my favorite Jedi figure though, and with his competition out this year that says a ton.

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