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Original Trilogy Collection / Target Sale... 10/3-10/9
« on: September 30, 2004, 05:35 PM »
Just wanted a post to let you guys know about the sale...

$3.88 basic figures
$14.99 electronic sabers
& 15% off all SW toys...

Not bad if your Target's like mine...  One near me just got Bespin Wave in, and others have OTC figures out the whazzoo including some army builders like the TIE Pilot or figs like the Jawas and such.

My Target's have also gotten the ROTJ VOTC waves in, so hopefully they'll get more in...  VOTC for 15% off just makes those figures that much MORE perfect.

Toy Reviews / JD Review: SA Clone Trooper
« on: September 27, 2004, 12:20 AM »
Old?  Yes.

Perfect Figure?  As close as Hasbro's ever achieved, and while the figure is moldy oldy, it's a good one to review...  Especially since I wrote this up quite some time ago, and wanted to bring it to the public.  Cleanin' out the closet of reviews here at JD, so keep with us on this and enjoy the blast(s) from the past as we get things in line. :)

Now, this figure's just simply incredible if you don't own it...  If you do own it, you know what I'm talking about, but have you considered all aspects of him?  Perhaps, and perhaps not, so I bring to you my in-depth review of the SA Clone.

CLICK RIGHT HERE and read the full review to see all the little things that make this great...  But also, there's a couple minor flaws of course.

Nah, nothing's perfect but damned if this isn't a close one from Hasbro.  And speaking of which, Kudos to the design team at Hasbro who really set a new bar of articulation and accuracy in the 3.75"/1:18 range of figures.  Absolutely amazing work on this one...

Now if only they'd actually make this figure easy for all fans to get ahold of, and do so in large quantities!

Watto's Junk Yard / Hurricane Ivan Sucks
« on: September 20, 2004, 04:07 PM »
OK, so I wanted to write this up because this is a collosal mess for me, though things have slowly worked out and my trauma is minor compared to some in my area...

On Friday the 18th, I went to school at my regular time...  I left around 9:50 in the morning for my 11:00 class, and the day was already sopping wet with pouring down rain and stuff.

My school's in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh, which has experienced flood problems before, and I take Route 28 South to Route 8 North to get to my school and Route 8 in particular (where it meets with 28) has seen horrible flooding in the past (route 28 follows the Allegheny River BTW, and Route 8 meets it right where a creek dumps into the Allegheny).

OK, so I go to school...  Everything's ok till about 2 miles out from my school I suddenly lose all power steering and my car almost goes off the road.  If you've never lost Power Steering, you can still steer the car but it becomes incredibly difficult to control and very "stiff" to turn the wheel.

OK, I'm PO'd, and on top of it I get to the parking lot at school and someone's taken my Umbrella out so I'm bumpershoot-less.

I pop the hood, stand in the rain, get soaked, and look around while talking on the cell to my father.  I find the problem though, as he points me toward the Serpentine Belt which is a belt on a car that weaves in and out of a bunch of sprockets and runs a few systems on most cars.  On mine, it runs power steering among others.  The belt's not broke, but it's off the sprockets/spindels.

So I threw a Serp belt, and while my car will run it also can damage it if I drive it, so I can't take this car home.

Topping all this off up to this point, is the fact I have tickets to see Mitch Hedberg at the Improv Friday evening, and I gotta be down where its at by 6:30, and that leaves me little time to get out of school at 3:20, go home, get cleaned up, go to my girlfriend's and get her, and be there on time.

OK, so the plan is that my father's gonna come down with a towtruck guy, and he's gonna ride home with the towtruck towing my car and he'll leave me HIS car (My car's a 94 Le Baron Convertible, and my dad's is a 94 Le Baron Sedan.  Same engine).  This should happen while I'm at school in my classes, and I should just emerge from class to see his car.

So I go to classes, which I had to be at because my school never cancels class even though 50% of the student body commute, and I have review for two exams on the following Tuesday (tomorrow).  Class is boring as usual, but at least I learn that I'm in the top of my Managerial Accounting course which is getting me in good with my prof for it because he kind of mentors the students he feels will excel at things.  Cool!

So I leave school at 3:20 after my last class, walk down, and what do I see but MY car still sitting inthe lot.  not good because the rain's been non-stop and SUPER heavy all day because of Ivan's remnants.  Not blowing a lot, but steady downpours.

I go get into MY car and wait...  I make some cell calls because I'm kinda wondering where my old man is now.  Problem #2 has arisen though, and it's that the force of these torrential downpours is forcing water INTO my car.  My ragtop isn't holding up to this at all, and I'm sitting in a soaking wet interior...  Not good at ALL.

I'm talking ot my mom trying to find out when dad left to see if he just left really late, and when I am here he comes...  The towtruck dude goes right past me to a lot down a hill, and dad pulls up beside me...  Now, my father's not the most civil/nice man on Earth, so he starts yelling at me (while I'm still on the phone) to get in his car...  Why, I don't know, because I would've had to moved my car anyway to get it lined up with the towtruck's winch, and had to have gotten out anyway.

He finally leaves without me to get the towtruck guy (because I yelled at him to do so), and they come back, but because my father pissed me off so royally, I'm now kinda "rushed" and I forget some stuff in my car...  Namely, my cell phone car charger.  This'll be important shortly.

So finally my father leaves with the towtruck guy and my car, and I leave in my father's car.  I tell them "Don't go back to route 8.  If it wasn't flooded before, it is now, so follow me".  I'm gonna go through an area north of my school called North Park, and I'm gonna go get on the Pennsylvania Turnpike which dumps onto Route 8 North of my school and the PA Turnpike's next exit is right down on route 28 a little closer to where I live.

It's sort of a long way around, but I know 8's a mess.

So what does the Towtruck guy do?  Goes to route 8 and ignores me...  Well I can't piss with them so I leave and head for North Park.

The road to get there is OUT on its lower portions...  Big chunks of it gone, cops sending you away from that place, but fortunately I don't need the lower part so I go up where I need to be and get off at N. Park.  NP's flooded though, so some roads are out.  I weave my way through it though, and find myself on a road I know but parts of it are also out...  Floods, mudslides, trees down, wrecks...

I wind up finally getting on a road that WILL come out on Route 8 RIGHT at the Turnpike exit.  How I got on this road, I dunno, but I knew it when I got there and boy was I happy.

I'm heading maybe a mile from route 8 towards it, and guess what....

The SAME F'N BELT pops off my dad's car.  I swear to god, same thing.  We'll come later on Saturday find out that any amount of spray up into this cars will pop that belt off.  It's a failing they have, but driving slowly through overflowing creeks is how yous tall your car out.  In short, if it's flooding, don't take any of these cars out.

So I pull into a Sheetz, which is where I can limp my car to.  It's on route 8.  I leave it, tell them inside that it's broken and that I'm gonna try going home and someone will be up and tow it.  They're ok with that.

So my dad will take 3 hours to get home...  It's about 4:30 p.m. Friday now that I'm at Sheetz.  Dad'll get home around 8 maybe, so 3.5 hours.

Sheetz is a cool enough place to be though because it's open 24 hours, gas is cheap so I can run my car with the heater on I just can't drive it, and I have food because Sheetz sells hoagies and coffee and nacho's...  They're cool if you don't have them.  I dunno how national Sheetz are.

Anyway, I talk to my mom some, my buddy Dan who lives in the city, etc., and none of them can come get me...  Dan just won't because of the Comedy Club, and my mother can't because she's evacuating everything from the first floor to our 2nd because the flood waters are at the porch (My parents have no basement.  OLD house).

On top of THAT, I can't find my girlfriend...  She lives in a highly flood-prone area that's been evacuated twice this year already, and she's been evacuated again...  I'm worried about her.

OK, so time rolls on...  I get in touch with my girlfriend eventually, and she's ok and all that stuff.  No problems, but her house is off-limits and she forgot her cell phone of all days.  To make matters even worse, my phone's dying and because of my father's asinine behavior I forgot the car charger.   ::)

My phone dies, and now I'm having real trouble trying to coordinate anything with my girlfriend to come get me...  But as it turns out, this all has happened in this ammount of time:

-PA TUrnpike's closed due to Landslide.
-PA Route 8's closed South-bound due to heavy flooding from 2 boroughs up.
-PA Route 28's closed off and on due to rockslides
-McKnight Road closed due to flooding
-Route 910 through Indianola Closed due to bridges out (people stranded)
-all back roads from where my girlfriend lives to route 8 (they all empty onto route 8 somewhere) are closed due to flooding, mudslides/rockslides, trees down, etc.)

So, basically, I'm stuck for the time being...  I'm now using a pay phone, which I bet I paid out $11 in payphone useage trying to find a ride home and my girlfriend.

Eventually my father gets home and by 10 he determines that he WON'T come get me.  He and my mother are afraid of going out in the bad weather and themselves getting stuck, which at the time (I'm sick, cold, in soaking wet clothes, and feel like crap overall and wanna get home) I was PO'd but over time I've decided that I just can't expect that of them...

The thing that irked me though is that I talked to police, truckers, etc., and all of them told me that the Turnpike and 28 were open so my parents COULD have gotten to me, but they were listening to the radio and were afraid so they wouldn't.  I was right, and they weren't, but they never listen so whatcha gonna do, ya know?

So I try my girlfriend who FINALLY I get ahold of because they FINALLY let her in the house...  She's just got a flooded basement, but the road she lives on, just about 8 houses down, there's entire houses gone.  She was lucky.

She is amazed my folks won't come get me, but she can't get to 28 to get to the Turnpike to get to route 8...  Crap.  So, she gets in her truck and drives on her CLOSED road to get me.  She's gutsy like that!

She comes, at approximately 11:30, and finally picks me up...  I go back to her place and spend the night drying out and feeling like someone kicked me in the jimmy (heh), and I get home finally the next day at about 4 p.m. to survey the damage on my road...  Cars swept away, houses destroyed inside...  A mess.

So, that was my tale of Woe Friday...  I had no idea when I got home that Chris had even done the server changes and stuff...

Luckily my parent's house was spared any damage.  The houses down the road aren't so lucky, but nobody was hurt either in all of this.  And my girlfriend rocks the house because she came and got me.

And Hurricane Ivan can eat a fat one.

The Original Trilogy / A&E Empire of Dreams Comments...
« on: September 12, 2004, 11:45 PM »
Anyone catch anything "new" in the Empire of Dreams on A&E TOnight?

I saw POte Snitkin's death for the first time ever...  I also saw a neat forward shot of the Barge when Leia kills the lights and the shudders close.

Anyone notice all the aliens running and Yakface looking just utterly confused and spinning in a circle sort of?

Also, pretty damn clear shots of Han's HOth coat.  Let the debate gain some more fuel now!

Great stuff...  Lots of cut footage.  A quick glimpse of the Luke/Biggs footage too, but not much.  Just a behind the scenes thing and it's them filming that sequence outside Tosche Station.

Watto's Junk Yard / Funny Movie Edits...
« on: September 12, 2004, 10:54 PM »
Anyone enjoy good (bad) movie edits that are put onto TV? 

As I watched the A&E Special on Star Wars this evening (very good by the way), I was ******* around watching The Patriot on TNT.  TNT's shown graphic stuff before, like Andersonville (its own film), Gettysburg, etc...  I seem to recall violence in those galore.

The Patriot had HORRIBLE edits in it though.  I mean big cuta-aways with the sound left in tact...  Fight scenes which have the speed increased to a comical Benny Hill level to make the edit "fit".

I can only imagine Gibson's other spirit-rouser Brave Heart which made The Patriot look like a kiddie film in its levels of graphic violence.

Other films I've seen have really awesome made up words snuck into them to replace swearing, which really often makes for a good bellie laugh from me I know.

Anyone love watching horrible TV editing jobs though?  This is really kinda sad, but comical nonetheless.

Modern Classifieds / Stuff I Want To Buy (Loose, Carded, Various)
« on: September 10, 2004, 11:47 PM »
I figure I'd throw this up here...

I'm wanting to buy lots of things listed below...

If anyone can, I'd appreciate any help, though items marked with *** are my main priorities at this point.  I listed some ROTS stuff that, while I'm not "paniced" on it, I would buy some extras anyone had maybe nabbed and didn't mind passing on if they wanted to...  was trying to buy "in bulk" with those a little to make shipping worth it.  They've been a royal pain to find around here, but hopefully that'll change. :)

Episode One:

-Battledroids (POTJ Security Droid as well) Any Variation
-Blue Pilot Droid w/mini tank
-AAT(ATT?) Model Kit (The large scale one)
-Destroyer Droids (First or Battledamage)
-Slice Apart Battledroid (from Playset)
-STAP (any version) w/Battledroid
-Droid Fighter 3-pack (with the 1 walking droid)

-Imperial Officer
-R2-Q5 or R4-M9 (or whatever those droids names are)
-Boomer Damage BD (buy in multiples!)
-Mon Calamari Officer/Trooper

Saga Basic:

-McQuarrie Trooper
-Imperial Officers (Blonde or Brown hair)
-Capt. Antilles
-Adm. Ozzel
-Red Battledroids (Target Accessory, Basic, or 3-pack)

Saga Deluxe/Ultra:

-Super Battledroid Builder Set (The Playdoh set) ***
-Gen. Riekean (computer screens only, though I'll take the whole set if people have it for the right price)

Clone Wars Basic:

-Red ARC Trooper *** 
-SA Clone Trooper

-EE SA Clone Army Builders (White, Clone or Battle-Damaged)

Vintage OTC:

-Stormtrooper   ***

Revenge Of The Sith: (Would like to buy multiples to make it worth the shipping)

-#41 Clone Trooper (Super Articulated)
-AT-TE Gunner
-#6 Clone Trooper (Not high priority)
-Turbo Tank Driver
-Preview Wookiee Warrior
-Medical Droid
-Polis Masaan
-Royal Guards (Blue or Red)

Vintage Weapons:

-Need lots, all originals, so if anyone deals in these, by all means I'd appreciate a note of what you have.  I need the regulars, especially Leia guns and the like, but other random pieces like Ewok weapons and such, as well.  Especially looking for original Jedi and Bespin Luke sabers (blue, green, and yellow), and a brown Yoda snake...  Also looking for POTF Ewok weapons (spears, bows, quivers).

Thanks for the help guys/gals!

You buying WOTC minis?  You gonna game with them OTHER than with the craptacular rules set-up WOTC has for their lame-ass game?

Well then, you're in luck because your figure diversity is more than you realize.  The AF figures are REALLY close to-scale as are many AF items.

AF figures have long-seen a life within the old West End Games minis battles game (tabletop) and now they can live on with the WOTC game as well, witha little work, or if you're using the WOTC minis as replacements to WEG's minis for the Tabletop battles, then you're in luck because AF still looks good.

Yes, keep your options open young padawan.  They'll serve you...  Those cheap-ass AF figures will help supplement your armies, or your civilians you wanna off at random.  :P

Revenge of the Sith / EP3 Clonetroopers
« on: September 6, 2004, 01:26 AM »
So what do you think Hasbro's gonna do about Clones this go-round?

From what I'm aware of, the Clone's body doesn't change at all (does it?) but the helmet becomes a hybrid of a Stormie's and Clone's... 

I'm very anxious to see what kind of Clones are available to us at retail with the next movie.  THe last was disappointing to me, on all levels.

The 3-packs weren't poseable and felt relatively "cheap" to me...  The original Clones (all of them) were pre-posed, had articulation with really no use, and the Clone Pilot had that damned lean to it.

The SA Clone is a great figure, but obviously so horribly limited...  Will it ever see the light of day in #'s that would satiate the masses?  We may  never see it again, sadly, for whatever illogical reason Hasbro could give us.

So will E3 be as big a flop for Clones?  I'm hoping not...  I'm hoping we see simply the SA Clone with a new head.  Hell I'd take it with the old head too, but the new Head as well...  Maybe pack both heads in even, I don't know.

I just hope we SEE this figure, and not a pre-posed wonder like the last film showed us.

I wont' even begin on the Biker Clone...  Yeck!

Toy Reviews / Review: Anakin & Padme Wedding Ceremony!
« on: September 2, 2004, 12:40 AM »

An oldie but goodie...  This is one that's been in the archives and heading up now.

I bring you Anakin & Padme (Secret Ceremony), in all their glory.  Very fun figures to review, if not a bit awkward that each of them has major flaws, major positives, and some minor flaws here and there too.  Click HERE for the full review!

In the end I liked Anakin enough to give him a thumbs up, but Padme really disappoints me.  Padme figures should, without a doubt, be flawless considering that so few of them have any level of articulation that's logical or even feasible because of the dresses.  Wedding Padme's a statue, and a nicely sculpted one, but read on for her flaws.

Anakin on the other hand turned out to be the best Anakin in the line from E2.  Ironic that he's been the last as well, but it's unfortunate that Hasbro cut corners on this figure they didn't need to.  Some nice tweaks in the right direction and this Anakin would rival the VOTC Han Solo in poseability, and he'd be awesome.

Again, read the review and share your own opinion here, whether you agree with me or not.  :)

Original Trilogy Collection / Assinine Ebay Auction
« on: August 30, 2004, 02:25 AM »

Just absolutely stupid...

What's worse is that this schmuck selling this is in Rebelscum claiming he can get a "signed affidavit" from Crime Scene Investigators PROVING it's not tampered with.  Claims he's part of the State Police wherever he is.

He's also laying claim that he can sue people for contacting Ebay or bidders on/about his auction, and causing him "economic loss" I believe is how he put it.

An incredible tool the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Garden Weasel itself.


The tail-end waves of the Saga line really were some obscure characters, some good new figures, and many much needed resculpts.  Lando alone got two, and his first was the Skiff Guard version of him.

Much needed?  Many debated that notion, but after seeing the new one it's tough to dispute that he needed it. and myself are proud to present the latest figure review of Lando Calrissian (Jabba's Sailbarge).

A good figure overall, and a great one to review, so Click Right Here to read the full review!  And of course, as always, share your thoughts here as well.

The Original Trilogy / Fun with the Military!
« on: August 17, 2004, 02:18 AM »
So, I'm really into the military aspect of Star Wars...

Who else is?  Anyone else ever like doing anything fun with fan-fiction or sketching?  I've futzed around with making my own characters...  Designing my own structure to Imperial and Rebel ranks.  Like different troop types and stuff.

Anyone else into these extremely dorky things?  Has a habit such as mine ruined your dating life, and strengthened your right (or left, depending on what handed you are) hand to the point you can crush coal into steel?

Or are you really cool cuz your mom says so, just like mine tells me!  Yay!   ;)

So do you have fun with this as much as I do anyway?  It's probably THE reason I'm so into Force Commander and the X-Wing series of games.

Toy Reviews / NEW! Review: Tanus Spijek & J'Quille!
« on: August 12, 2004, 12:49 AM »
Yup folks, back again with a new review.  My Deluxe Durge was just a starter for great things to come as our own jokabofe's going to personally be helping to get my reviews up routinely at the site now, so expect good things (fingers crossed here) to come in the near future.

We have reviews that go back as far as the Clone Wars line and beyond, so good stuff on the way (Or I like to think anyway).


This go-round is Tanus Spijek & J'Quille, Jabba's 2 furball bafoons in his palace, and two great figures to review.

By all means, click through RIGHT HERE and check out all the reviewing goodness.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new title for our reviews section as well, and for many more reviews to come!

Watto's Junk Yard / Mad Max...
« on: August 10, 2004, 11:37 PM »

Beyond Thunderdome was on tonight, and my mother and I were talking and she said she saw my brother also watching a Mad Max film, and she asked me questions about like where Max went, etc...

And, I'd never really thought about it, but this is a series I REALLY like, and I feel all 3 were solid films, but I honestly don't know what else there is?

What did happen to Mad Max?  There's some illuding towards the lost children making a society...  The oil hogs in The Road Warrior make a home as the "great Northern Tribe" as well...

But is there more to this series that maybe you guys know of?  Comics, novels, what?

I was thinking too, that in this day and age of video games that meld genres together like GTA, or Halo, how nice a well made Road Warrior game could be, but I digress.

I'd just never really thought about this series, and if there's more to it...  I haven't seen the original Mad Max in so long I don't even recall the details as to what happened to the town he was from, or the people.  It's just vague recollection, and that I actually liked it too.

What's the deal anyway?  Are any of you guys Road Warrior nuts?

Toy Reviews / NEW Review: "Bar2-D2"
« on: July 18, 2004, 03:14 AM »
Hey guys and gals, finally we're back with a new review on the front page, and hopefully this'll be the first of many to come in the near future (I know, we're behind on things!  Catch up time!)...

This review is for the amazing "Bar2-D2" figure, or R2-D2 (Jabba's Sailbarge) for its more official name from Hasbro.  :)


So click on through and enjoy...  I have to say, it was a figure I enjoyed.  Probably the best "vanilla" R2-D2 to-date, far surpassing the previous reign of R2 w/holo Leia.  A nice job by Hasbro to make R2 more than a "scene specific" figure.

But, as always, read the review to see what I didn't like about him as well.  No figure's perfect...  Ever.   ;)  :P

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