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Watto's Junk Yard / Are you a "bad" person?
« on: February 16, 2004, 02:43 PM »
I don't usually get into deep thought, but with one class I'm taking I am somewhat forced into self-reflection and evaluation of who I am and how I behave with and to my fellow man.

I go to a private Catholic College Northeast of Pittsburgh, but relatively close to the city (like 15 minutes).  As it's a Catholic school, I'm forced to take a religious studies/philosophy course as part of my curriculum.  That, at first, seemed AOK by me, as I'm always open to broadening my mind to new things.  No biggie, right?

Well, last semester I took "Introduction to World Religions" because I thought it'd be pretty basic, and give me some grassroots knowledge about religions that (at the time) I thought I already had at least a loose understanding of.

I found out that my instructor, a Catholic priest and a nice guy (don't let my following negative opinion sour you on the kinda guy he is), had different things in mind.  The class encompassed everything from North and South American Indian religious beliefs to religions of the ancient world...  And it ran right up through current religions as well.

A very difficult course ultimately, so I wound up withdrawing because my GPA has to be relatively high for some of my grants and financial aid to be approved.  Better a W than an F.

So this semester I replaced the previous Rel/Phil class with "Contemporary Moral Problems in Modern Society".

Quite a mouthful.

I've found it a bit more easy to comprehend, as there's much less terminology that has words that are completely foreign to me.  Literally.  World Religions of course has tons of terms that are simply not easily translated to the English language so it almost felt like learning some other language necessary for theology classes last semester.

Anyway, my Morality class I'm taking this semester is still difficult because I find my instructor (same priest as last semester) is simply a tough instructor in both his pace and the material he covers.

The class though, discusses various ethical theories and ideas...  Thing's like Kantian Deontologism, Ross's "Prima Facie" Deontologism, Egoism (What I've determined I practice), various forms of Utilitarianism, Libertarianism, etc...

Lots of stuff, simpler to understand though because the basic root of these terms aren't foreign to me so I can cope with this class more.

Anyway, the class makes you reflect on yourself somewhat, because we discuss various ethical situations, and how we personally would react to them.

I find that, when it comes to business (which both my majors are central to) I tend to focus on performing efficiently...  As I should.  To acheive the maximum benefit for the most people.  This sometimes includes difficult choices though, like say cutting benefits to employees when a company is failing (a fairly simplistic example, but you get the point).

On the issue of personal ethical choices though, I find I'm much more the egoist.  To those who dislike me, it's probably no surprise.  To myself, I was slightly surprised to the extent it was, but overall I expected it since I like to think I know myself fairly well, and I know that I like to make myself happy foremost.  

In personal decisions, few outside individuals actually ever influenced me.  

So, do you ever do self-reflection and realize you're a jagoff too?

Watto's Junk Yard / Anyone Into R/C Cars, Trucks, or Buggies?
« on: January 16, 2004, 05:23 PM »
Just a general call to anyone who is into the hobby of Remote Controlled vehicles...  Whether you race them, horse around in your back yard, belong to a club, or whatever...  I'm just curious who maybe has an interest in this hobby.

I used to be into them, starting out with Tyco vehicles when I was a little kid then moving onto the big hobby trucks when I turned into my teen years.

I got a Kyosho Outlaw Ultima Stadium Truck when I was around 14/15 years of age and built the kit myself.  I had a blast with that, but now I'm wanting to move onto bigger and better things.

I'm looking to get into Nitro trucks (gas powered) and even do a little star wars customizing crossover, but mostly I want the truck just to play around with when I'm bored out here in the sticks.

If anyone's into the hobby, please feel free to jump into the conversation...  Share what you have, what you do (race or play), etc...  I'm curious how many here are into it besides myself.

The Wookiee Arcade / Battlefront at Star
« on: January 14, 2004, 02:32 AM »
Star Wars: Battlefront, a new Multiplayer Shooter game has made its initial official appearance around the web at (of all places)

The game, to me, appears to be a Star Wars version of the immensely popular game, Battlefield 1942, which pits various Allies and Axis troops, tanks, planes, and other items against each other in multi-player gaming format.

Be sure to read the whole shebang right here at:

I personally am not fond of this type of game so I can safely say this is NOT tickling this gamer's fancy at the moment.  To me nothing can replace a single-player story driven game, and MP wears pretty thin after a while.

With that said, the title (for PC, X-Box, and PS2) shouldn't see its share of gamers who've been hell bent on playing a Star Wars version of BF1942 (Which has a conversion project for Star Wars actually in the works, and which is an all but useless effort now).

Here's some screenshots for you:

Nice AT-ST, and good graphics...  Shaping up to look decent at the least.

Nice lineup of Rebel troop types running around there too.

Still, I think a great Squad-based First Person shooter with a multi-player feature, but single-player based game would've been more welcome.  While Republic Commando's well in the works with what seems like something similar, I think fans are craving a classic trilogy Squad based FPS game to come out from somewhere.  

Since I've played Call of Duty (A WW2 FPS shooter), I've been itching to do some gaming in Star Wars, and in a similar fashion.  Levels that follow the war and have a purpose.  MP isn't gonna cut it for me though.  :(

Customs Community and Group Projects / - News and Updates
« on: January 14, 2004, 01:58 AM »
Tooting my own horn a bit...  And Jason's (aka CorranHorn) horn since he actually physically posted this at FFURG for me since I'm a complete PC moron. has officially updated with a new reference section by yours truly, Jesse James, pertaining to the PC Flight simulator game, X-Wing: Alliance.  The link can be found right here:

and here's a bit of a teaser...  OOOOoooo

I like to think it's a nice little set-up with pictures and descriptions of the main characters heard/seen throughout the X-Wing: Alliance Flight simulator.

The game's a great game, and a not too shabby story either, so it's fun to check out even if you don't plan to do figures from the game even.  It gives you a brief teaser to the game/story anyway.

So please check it out...  Use it to crank out some figures perhaps too.  I think some of those guys would be great to use up some Imperial Dignitary bodies, or Orn Free Tah, or other Senator/long robe type characters.  Just a thought.

And as always, may the FFURG be with you!

PS: Thanks to Jason (Corran Horn) again for posting it and always doing lots of work for FFURG.  More than I ever do anyway.   ;D

Saga '02-'04 / Super-Articulated "VS." 2-packs?
« on: January 5, 2004, 05:04 PM »
BobaFett14, a guy I know from my local collector group mentioned this idea over at before, and it's one I really love.

It's a "Vs. 2-pack" idea with Super Articulated Army Builder-type figures sold together on a single card.  Imagine the possibilities though!

-SA Clone Vs. SA Battledroid
-SA Stormtrooper Vs. SA Rebel Fleet Trooper
-SA Scouttrooper Vs. SA Endor Rebel Trooper
-SA Snowtrooper Vs. SA Hoth Rebel Trooper
-SA Jedi Knight (Various) Vs. SA Super BattleDroid or Destroyer Droid
-SA Rebel Pilot Vs. SA Imperial Pilot

That's a pretty cool idea to me though, and could include lots of other characters/ideas...  Like what about a SA Fett Vs. SA Han or Luke maybe?

The army builder idea though rocks...  Great way to get army builders (Good SA versions) out en masse to the people and at a fair price for 2 good figures.  

I would sink tons of $ into this idea...  I mean a lotta dough.  It's one of the better army building ideas I've heard in ages, and would seem to apply to other aspects of the line as well beyond army builder figures.

Saga '02-'04 / Jimmy Smitts a tall lanky sort?
« on: December 23, 2003, 11:34 AM »
Anyone possibly have an idea how tall Jimmy Smitts is?  His figure is REALLY tall compared to my Rikean figure.  A head above him really.  Seems odd unless the guy is tall and whoever played Riekean is short.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / Am I the only one...?
« on: December 18, 2003, 12:25 PM »
Who's been taking his Super Poseable Clone Trooper and putting all kinds of different weapons in his hands and envisioning all these different "Super Articulated" figures that should be holding them?

Like I gave him the long CT Stormtroooper rifle and he just looks great...  Then I gave him Dr. Evazan's pistol (From Bo Shek) and posed him holding it with 2 hands like the production photo of a stormtrooper they used in the Visual Dictionary.

Then I put a Rebel Assault Rifle in his hands and imagined Endor Soldiers and Hoth Rebels able to hold their rifles in all the different poses I put my clone into.

He even held small blasters like Han's pretty well, and in a believeable fashion (though his fingers are a little too open for some of the gun handles.

The best was putting the proper scaled Imperial E-11 Blaster from Cloud City Escape Chewbacca into his hands, and imagining stormtroopers holding that blaster the same way.

I really can't get over the fun this figure has given me. :)  And I don't even care for the prequals as much as classic characters.  I wish every figure I had was this much fun!

Clone Wars '03-'05 / BE CAREFUL (Please Read about Super Clone)!!!
« on: December 15, 2003, 03:28 PM »
Be Careful with your new Super Articulated/Poseable Clones!

I got one just today and haven't been able to put the guy down enough hardly to get posts typed up, but in the time I've played with him I've learned that he does NOT pose well in the kneeling position.
I've seen people with him kneeling in pictures, and I believe they're doing possible damage to the thigh joint if they are doing this.  

When posting him so he kneels, one the leg which is up is being pried from its socket, and could tear the joint that holds it into the lower torso.

BE CAREFUL, because this leg plastic is the pliable kind and will tear if enough stress is applied to it.  I've not hurt mine, but I did notice it doing this while I was trying to pose my clone in a kneeling pose.

Perfect figure?  Guess not...  The ball/socket joint at the thigh/hip a couple of us have thought about would've gone a LONG way here in helping this figure pose kneeling down (or even sitting.  It's his armor that hinders his ability to move at the legs).

I'm not really that disappointed by this, and still consider this the best figure Hasbro's ever done, but it is proof to me that this isn't "perfect" and still has a few kinks to work out.

Maybe in future Super articulated figures???  :)  Hasbro?  Ya there?  Ya hear that?  Super articulated Fleet Troopers, and Stormtroopers, Scouttroopers, and Snowtroopers, and Hoth Rebel Troopers, and Endor Rebel Troopers, and and and...  Come on!  This Clone rocks!


By the way, I CAN get my Clone in a kneeling pose like on the back of the card, it's possible, but it's not easy and damage CAN occur if you try too hard to pose him like this...  So I hope this warning helps anyone possibly getting frustrated posing their clone(s) out there.

God this figure rocks!

Toy Reviews / NEW Review: Obi-Wan Ackley Battle!
« on: November 21, 2003, 07:50 PM »

And there'd be the link for you all.

A let-down of a 2002-2003 figure if I ever saw one, but the review's worth reading if you've seen this guy of late and were considering nabbing one.  Oddly, not a pegwarmer, but I reckon it's more due to the fact the figure didn't see a disgustingly wide distribution like most 2002-2003 figures were seeing.

Read on through to my review and let me hear your thoughts...  Good, bad, or otherwise.

And apologies for the lateness of our review section.  Coordination for the war effort's a tough thing to accomplish, but we're getting on track and I think we'll see reviews up relatively regularly. :)  Hopefully more regularly than we had been seeing anyway, haha.

Clone Wars '03-'05 / What the heck do you want?
« on: November 12, 2003, 04:50 PM »
From the Clone Wars line? :)

What more could we be asking for?  I start this topic because, having seen 3 chapters of Clone Wars, I'm geeked to see more and want more toys from this line now.

Here's my wishlist right now:

Basic Figures

-Clone Pilot...  Utilize the Ultra Clone body, and add a new head.  Include the blaster pistol/assault rifle (tiny clone gun) for him incase he gets shot down. :)

-NEW Red Battledroid...  New sculpt with, if possible, more articulation.  I've seen customizers do it.  Use a sturdier plastic, make them in clean and Batlle-damage versions.  Include a rifle and a shoulder-launcher.

-Battledroid COmmander...  Reuse the above sculpt, give him the smaller commander backpack, and a pair of macro-binoculars ala OOM-9.

-Basic Battledroid variants...  Green, Tan, do all the variants of the basic infantry droid.  I know, not seen in the CW toon yet, but they have been seen in other forms of EU, so I'd dig it.  And the tan of course are from E1/Trade Fed.

-New ARC sculpt...  Utilize a lot of the Ultra Clone pieces (As many as possible) and then just retool a little for a new ARC with a soft-goods skirt.  Give him the twin carbines and working holsters with a pair of macro-binocs.  I'd take him in red, blue, and even some other colors if they wanted to offer him up that way.  The more the merrier, cuz I'm not limiting my ARC army to a dozen or less. :)

-Republic Soldiers & Officers...  Yeah, not CW at the moment but there HAS to be sentients running the scenes...  Lt. Faytonni's a good example of that.  Let's see these guys put out en-masse.  A new body sculpt would be great, leave the Faytonni arms and legs as they are.  Just redo that goofy torso.  

And for these guys they get a unique ship.  More on that in the ship section! :)

-Astromech 2-pack...  get the 2 Astro's we saw scrambling with Clone Pilots for their starfighters.

-New Anakin...  I hate the CW Anakin sculpt...  I'd take a new one, with soft goods, more articulation, and a more neutral pose.  One that can fit easily in his fighter and will look good outside it too.

-New Yoda w/Mount from the opening chapter of Clone Wars...  Cloth cloak, sabre, and include his whatever the hell he was on.  :)  A Deluxe perhaps?

-Battledroid Sniper...  Just use the above battledroid's new sculpt/plastic and give him the visor accessory and the rapid-fire sniping blaster they used in Chapter 3.

-Clone Weapons Pack...  Include one ultra-articulated clone (Multiple color variants, NO WHITE clones in this set, just green, blue, red and yellow, and perhaps an EU color like the ARC blue-grey shade).  Includes 2 carbines, a soft-goods ARC skirt/belt, 5 of the long assault rifle (that everyone wants) shoulder-mounted RPG used in Chapter 3 last night, and a sensor/scanning unit.  Grappling hooks would be neat too. :)  I'd put out $10 for all that!  Good way to get us our Colorful clones too, and get us our weapons for our white clones.  

-Quarren Soldier with Trident & blaster...  Simple, articulated, definitely use some soft-goods though so these can pose well!  Clear stands for them to lay on like they're "swimming" would be ideal as well.

-New Super Battledroid...  Reuse most of the April 23rd sculpt/design but retool the right arm so it's articulated to swivel.  That'd suit me fine and I'd built a huge army of those figures.  I already have 20 of them, but I'd take a lot more.

-Neutrally posed Clone with Removable armor...  I dunno why I want that, honestly, but it'd be cool to have one.  It'd be neat to have clones at ease after heavy combat, just chilling and trying to relaxe.  Hell, pack-in the cup Lt. Faytonni had.  They're even having cocktails. :)

-Mon Calamari Trooper...  Just a nice "grunt" Mon Calamari soldier to help out old Kit Fisto.


-Republic Starfighter...  Come on, this needs done!  To-scale, poseable wings, retractable landing gear, and include the Republic Ground Crewman with maybe a refueling thingie with a hose that connects to a port on the fighter.  THAT would rock.  I'd take the ground crewman as a deluxe figure even though.

-Republic Starifghter 2...  If  I could post this thing's picture I would.  A chap at REbelscum was asking me what it looks like and I can't get it scanned. :(  It's in the Clone Wars Sketchbook, and is a hybrid Y-Wing off-shoot.  Looks like the cockpit with the nacels just stuck on the back.

I've dubbed this the "Koensayr Republic Interceptor" since it looks like it'd be in the family of the Y-Wing (looks like same designers made it) and its smaller size but still large duel engines mean it's gonna be fast.  I'd love to get this ship to-scale with a Republic pilot...  Not a Clone Pilot, but a unique Republic sentient pilot ala Lt. Faytonni's character or something.  If any of us can scan/post that ship I will just so you guys can see it.  It's a nice one! :)

-Republic Tank...  The "Jedi" hover-tank (due to its speed I think of it as a speeder more than a "tank") from the Clone Wars video game would rock.  I'd dig filling it with Clones though.  :)

-AT-XT...  The 2-legged walker from Clone Wars would also make a doozey of a toy for us to have some separatist forces blow apart. :)  I'd take a to-scale one with poseable legs and a full cockpit.

-Underwater Droid thing...  Whatever little scooter they're cruising on when they get to Mon Cal would be a neat addition.  Include a BD pilot and it'd just be great.

-New Speederbike...  I'd sooner see a smaller/to-scale one done, and one that's a lot more sturdy.  Include a clear stand like our esteemed Dave did with his speeders so it looks like it's hovering and add a slightly retooled Ultra articulated clone (Add a ball/socket joint at the hips as well) and he'd ride the thing perfectly, be posed right...  I'd buy those bikes en-masse I know.

So anyway, yeah, I'm liking Clone Wars a lot...  Enough to actually want all this oddball stuff, which I'm 99% sure most won't get done, but some of it would be nice, and it's fun to dream (Hey, can always put it on my "to-do" list for myself).  

Feel free to add to it what you want...  I'm thinking I'd take resculpts of all the Jedi in more articulated and more neutral poses with soft-goods, simply so I could pack them all into Jedi Fighters at some point. :)

So is anyone else loving the series enough to want this much junk and go broke?

Clone Wars '03-'05 / New Ultra Clone shots at!
« on: October 30, 2003, 11:55 PM »
For those who want to see how an action figure SHOULD be done, head right on over to right now and check out the prototype shots of the Ultra Articulated Clone.

The poses simply rock...

This guy's got ball/socket joints everywhere. :)

BTW, here's the driect LINK right here for your viewing/reading pleasure.


Haha, j/k Scott.   ;D

Saga '02-'04 / Hoth Wave
« on: October 30, 2003, 06:13 PM »
Well, here he is...

And I have to say I'm pretty disappointed...  This isn't much of an army builder given what Hasbro's completely capable of at this stage of the game.

-The rifle, obviously, will be a gummy plastic and bent much like the Endor soldier's rifles....  

-The torso may very well be a reused POTF2 body judging by how broad shouldered it appears...  Not a sharp looking job there if it's a new sculpt.  

-The headsculpt's mediocre...  It's a generic rebel trooper with his goggles up which is nice in a way, but it's not the swiftest looking sculpt either.  

-The bowed legs are a big let down for any army builder...  If you're not going to articulate them, at least don't make them spread apart like that.  Not to mention they appear to be very awkwardly unproportionate just as the POTF2 figure's were (Too skinny, etc...)

-And the final, and to me the most disappointing aspect of this figure, is the articulation...  A basic 6 point figure?  Sheesh...  :(  Why no arm articulation to hold his blaster rifle properly?  

This guy's really nothing special right now...  his only redeeming feature is the skirt piece with a holster (Which MAY be functional).  If that's the case, that's good, but right now there's too much "bad" circling this figure than good.

A nice posable army builder is what we should've gotten for this, a figure who desperately needed resculpting from the POTF2 days.  Much like the Snowtrooper, I think the Hoth Rebel Soldier still is in need of yet another resculpt, even after this Saga figure...  Nice poseable versions of both army builders would be very welcome to me, and I'm sure many other collectors.

Unfortunately, this is a dark spot on the recent photos we got from Hasbro that were pretty sharp.  It was expected with this figure for me, but I really am disappointed that this one got the shaft from Hasbro...  I know I'd have bought a ton of this figure if it were worth it...  Now I'll just nab the "one" for my collection I guess.  :(  

A truly wasted opportunity I think, on Hasbro's part.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Rebel Strike... Good source.
« on: October 27, 2003, 06:34 PM »
If you get the chance to buy/play Rebel Strike for Gamecube I'm finding it to have a lot of inspiration for new custom projects.

An Imperial APC is one of the new vehicles seen that really sparks my interest...  Not too large, and not overly complex in design either (Very angular) so not a very difficult ship to make from scratch.  They're a great, and heavily used vehicle in the game so far, so they're definitely on my too-do list now.

Also, the game has given a new "look" to the Imperial Storm Commando...  The once simple "black" stormtrooper design  has been given a facelift...  

Typical EU contradiction but honestly I like Rebelstrike's design MUCH more.  It's at least more creative.  The look of the Storm Commando's is much more menacing now and is 100% unique/new.  Also even has rank indication though subtle red striping.  Features a new helmet, and completely new design though (less armor for sure, and different looking all together).  

There's a ton of other fun looking custom possibilities coming out of this game already though, so hopefully some others find inspiration from Rebel Strike like I have after this post. :)

The Original Trilogy / TIE Fighters....
« on: October 16, 2003, 04:08 PM »
What's your favorite and why?  All EU choices (Including TIE uglies) are welcomed by the way.

I'm a TIE Defender kinda guy myself...  Power engines, shields, and a nice weapons array...  The optional beam weapons are a dandy addition as well, and help boost the vessel's speed.  

Rarity kind of makes it a unique one to me also.  Being that it never saw full production and only the handful in Thrawn/Zaarin's fleets ever saw combat, it makes it really a fun/unique vessel that the Alliance never did match.  

The great thing about that ship (And TIE Fighter the game in general) is that it wasn't free from harm.  The Defender, though superior, was easily shot down when a group of good A-Wingers or X-Wingers would gang up on it.  

So what's the one you dig the most and why?

Oh, and if I had to go wth a film TIE, I'd go with the Interceptor...  Just vicious looking.  I loved those when I was a kid. :)  Cobra flew mine of course though.  Their secret weapon against G.I. Joe I guess.


Here's a link for some fun too...  To help you with information on TIE Fighters with pictures...

The first is the Star Wars Tech Commentaries review of TIE Fighters (Hosted by

It's pretty decent and thorough but not everything at Tech Commentaries I agree with.  Some of it's too picky I think, and often times applies too much "Earth theory to Star Wars fact" as I like to put it.  It makes things less imaginative so I don't always agree.  It's good to read through though.

The Original Trilogy / Ground Combat...
« on: September 8, 2003, 10:00 PM »
OK, now, being that I'm probably one of 23 people on Earth who gave Force Commander a glowing review, I'm probably in the minority as far as those who know the specifics of the game, but it brings about an interesting (to me anyway) topic on the original trilogy as I see it...

We see little on ground combat in the original films...  A commando assault on a small bunker entrance, and a "blitzkreig"-esque assault on a small defensive line whose job was just to hold up their opposition long enough for transports to take off.

Well, Force COmmander expands the area of ground combat in Star Wars some, and does it interestingly...  It shows some of the weapons of war that the Alliance use, as well as expands on the vast array of combat vehicles at the disposal of Imperial Generals and commanders.

What's your opinions or thoughts on ground combat in Star Wars then?  Have you played Force Commander to know of some of the vehicles?

What are some of your favorites if you know of any of the ground vehicles then?

Would you rather be with the Impy's or the Reb's if you had to choose one (Not morally/ethically, but which one would suit your "tactical" personality more)?

Yes, this topic is kinda lame, but I was just pondering Force Commander and how badly I want to make a fully mobile heavy tracked tank with full interior. :)  

Oh the dreams of a customizer with no time and even less $.

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