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The Jedi temple 1 month ago . . .

Clone Trooper “ here’s another one . . .”

Jedi master Joyeuse draws his lightsaber “Your making a mistake laddies, but you’ll never be the sharpest tools in the box!”

Almost instantly the accomplished master has dispatched of  his would be attackers . .

Victory however looks to be short lived!

Amidst the mayhem it becomes clear that the Jedi have been betrayed  by one of their own . . .

“Anakin?? My weary eyes must be deceiving me boy . . . That’s your handy work?” Joyeuse questions

An answer comes in the form of an obviously aggressive stance . . . .

Anakin Skywalker - poster boy hero of the Clone wars for so many now appears before him bathing in arrogance & hatred.

As each blow reigns down upon Joyeuse’s blade the strength of the youngsters commitment to victory becomes all too clear.

Thinking on his feet Joyeuse changes strategy - hurling debris at Skywalker in an attempt to force him to lower his guard.

Using the force Joyeuse even use one of the support columns in an attempt to disable Skywalker.

But with a combination of sabre technique  & force ability the hooded villain keeps on coming . . .

“Anakin” Joyeuse screams “whatever you have done you can . .”

Interrupting  Anakin finally speaks “Darth Vader stands before you old man, you will fall to my blade!”

Instantly the master withdraws his blade, casting away his robe - his voice trembles  "then it is indeed true . .  The Sith have returned . . It is you who will fulfil the great prophecy”

The room rumbles as the sheer scale of Skywalker’s hatred becomes apparent “I’ve had it with the Jedi doctrine” he roars - his eyes ablaze “I have been burdened by you precious etiquette & tradition for too long”

“I wouldn’t be foolish enough to quote Jedi scripture in front of a Sith lord laddy” the master chuckles “as a chronicler in the archives for more than fifty years do you think that it is JUST Jedi lore that I have happened across?”   

Impatiently the young one begins to advance upon the defenceless master  - now wishing to draw out the most painful of deaths  upon the elder . . .

“I will prove to you  my . . Value” Joyeuse sneers pointing to the door he has been providing distraction from.

With his eyes closed awaiting death, it brushes past him  . . .

At that moment Joyeuse  realises that there is no going back  . . .

Anakin disappears inside leaving  the master as witness to what’s next.

From inside one of the children can be heard to speak .. .

“Master Skywalker there were too many of them, what should we do?” The small  boy can be heard to ask before the most  stomach churning echoes of slaughter follow.

Darth Vader emerges . . . . Anakin is truly lost . . . . Staring Joyeuse straight in the eyes he speaks once more “you may prove of some use old man!”

       .   .   .    .   .    .

Back in the present, Darth Vader once again leaves a trail of dead Jedi in his wake - this time on Kessel.

Disillusioned  the Dark Lord returns to his orbiting star destroyer

Within his chambers the Dark Lord wheezes dramatically as oxygen escapes from his broken mask.

“Sir, do you require medical assistance? A bold sentry asks
“NO!” Vader stutters “ my condition does not leave this room” . .

An over eager officer makes his superior aware of a direct order from Lord Vader.

“Strange of him to break protocol” the commodore Yularen notes “but we will return to the Imperial City if those are our orders”

After over 30 minutes have passed Lord Vader receives a coded message  . . . .

“Greetings Sith’ari” Joyeuse begins “I have reason to believe that I have located our code green targets”


Vader shuffles slightly upon his seat “How can you be so sure?” he hisses

“Our source managed to obtain a lightsaber from his person” Joyeuse replies.   

Within the bowels of an air freighter, Durandel meditates upon the peril they may face ahead.

“Morning kiddo” Cortez jests “Uncle knish says we are nearly ready to depart . . ..”

Ready to board - the Shadow trooper that located the ship informs Joyeuse of the latest developments.

“Team 19 detained the Nemodian on the way out” the trooper states “but he’s not talking”

 Cortez smiles “I told you I’d get you off this planet!”

“Forgive me Galen Cortez but lets hear those engines in full ignition before we start celebrating”

Excitedly Galen enters his fighter “ Uncle Kish has installed you a ’slingshot hyper drive’ like mine”

“ Damn” Durandel curses “I can’t find my saber”

The traitor Joyeuse boards  the ship . . . . .

“Did you hear that?” Cortez jumps “Heavy footsteps.”

Without his sabre all the Padawan can do is grab a crate as Cortez readies his rifle . . .

Joyeuse unleashes a mighty battle cry as he enters the suspect room “Aaaaargh” . . .

 However . . . ..

The traitor takes a moment to comprehend the situation . . . .

It would appear that his sources were . . A little . . . Off . ..

The newly revealed jedI de-robes & attempts to draw his sabre -  quickly realising it is missing!

Frustrated & somewhat embarrassed he begins a torrent of anger . . . .

Using a swoop bike like a blunt instrument he repeatedly hammers it against the defenceless JedI. 

Like a spoiled child the tantrum boils & boils . . .

Until the jedI corpse is buried underneath the entire contents of the cargo hold.

“Galen child, you boys scared the green out of me!” Knish exclaims “We are all clear for departure but there is a favour I would as of you first”

“Make your peace” Knish says softly as Grandpa Cortez enters.

“My child I, well there are few things that I can say to you but “
Grandpas words jumble with nerves, of the thousands of conversations they have had  this is the most testing . . .

 “I’m not mad Grand papa” Galen sighs as he turns away “I’m just disappointed in you & I hate it! What a stupid & selfish thing to do - for all concerned - I’m in just shock”

Grandpa produces his Neutrino screwdriver, his tool of choice & grasps Galen’s hand. “I fix things my boy, that’s my lot in life. All o dis madness took away everything that I was certain of so I did what was the only thing I could do . .”

Holding the familiar item Galen can’t help but forgive the old man. “I always imagined you - Galen - dying for a cause with meaning. It is the one thing that would bring us all comfort & we were cheated”

 “But you are still here my boy, with a heroes heart - although I have messed up you make the right choices & I’m not sorry about that!”

Galen can at least appreciate that his being here had saved Durandel from certain death, Grandpa wouldn’t be the first or last person to try to deny an uncomfortable truth.

Having located his sabre in the cockpit of the vessel - the last place that he was before meditation - they  prepare to go off world.

At an identical landing pad a few miles south Joyeuse emerges from the alternate ship.

“Do you wish to interrogate the prisoner I mentioned sir?” a trooper pipes in

Quiet & deep in though the traitor pushes through the men & off into the night . . . How will he explain this set back to Lord Vader? . . .. .

Finally free from Coruscants’ grasp the two friends are in high spirits. As Uncle Knish drops cargo at the nearest space station the two modified starfighters will be free to jettison .  .  Off to find their destiny!

To be continued . . . . . .

:D Hey thanks bud!

I suppose it was a little twisted this chapter  ;)  - I tend to find that life is that way once there are many agendas within the same arena i.e work, ladies, buying houses e.t.c . . .

You will see why Vader "uses" Joyeuse next time, partialy its because Vader is still a little rusty - he's still adapting to his new limbs & has had to change his style quite a bit since being a fully fledged human but pride in front of the Emperor e.t.c has him less willing to reveal weakness.

I never thought of Galen being re-programmed . . . . :-X


After committing an unspeakable act of treachery Master Joyeuse is joined within the abandoned apartment complex by a familiar face . . . .

“You are lucky Master Joyeuse that I have more pressing matters to attend to!” the Dark Lord booms waving the Dark item in the air.
“let us hope that your gift for the Emperor is more impressive than this ‘other’ gift that you have failed to deliver to me”

“Please Sith'ari” Joyeuse begs “the sedative must have been weaker than anticipated, I will drag the Jedi kicking & screaming into your hands!”

“See to it that you DO  Joyeuse!”

Like a thunderbolt Joyeuse races to the roof, eager to rectify his mistake . . . .

Durendal senses the two faced Jedi Master is upon him, hurt & distraught he lashes out
“You have lost your honour Joyeuse, have you come to lose everything else?”   

Removing his robe Joyeuse jeers “ You know little of the big bad world young one, this battle began centuries ago - this fight will be as brief as your friendships!”

Emboldened by the arrogance before him Durandel leaps at the traitor, striking harder than Joyeuse anticipates.

Revealling that he is no pushover when it comes to sabre technique Durandel begins to get a feel for his opponents skill . . . .

Another flurry of swipes & thrusts indicate to both men as to whom is the likely victor . . .

“You spent too much time locked away in the archives Joyeuse - whilst your brethren fought & died for a cause!”

Realising that a duel would likely end in defeat Joyeuse changes strategy . . . .

Flinging the starfighter towards the nimble Padawan.

“Your limited knowledge of the force is no match for a Jedi Master of my vintage” Joyeuse scowls

Withdrawing from the conflict Durandel smiles “blue 6 you have control”

Galens droid whistles & whoops excitedly . . .

Firing the afterburners of the lop sided ship . . .


Toasting his former instructor  the Padawan then scoops up his fallen companion & secures himself inside the safety of the ship . . . jetting away from the scene . . . .

40 or so minutes later . . . .

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” a familiar voice shakes


”Galen, Galen my boy calm down” the old man protests to no avail before Durandel steps forwards

”I brought you up showing respect” the ruffed up grandfather exclaims

”Grandpa pa will explain” he nods tinkering with the device on his wrist

”You must see for yourself . . None of this was done to harm you quite the opposite”

    . .   . … . .. . . .

As the doors part they reveal a separate part of the workshop, a different part of Cortez!

As he approaches the tank Cortez receives a flash of memory so vivid it unbalances him momentarily

His past - but not as he remembers it . . . .

His Grandfather begins: “Into the second year of the war you were doing so well for yourself. Great job, friends even your mother came around to the idea of you being  a  Senate Guard - after you father that seemed near impossible - all was well.

“Then the bomb” Galen butts in . .

Grandpa smiles “yes, one of many at the time but the cruel thing was that you were off duty!”

The young Padawan feels uncomfortable listening in but feels it his duty to be there for his friend . .

Grandpa continues . . .  “even the best doctors could not heal you my boy you were deeply comatose, as the weeks went by myself & your uncle Knish brought you here to die . . 

I just couldn’t pull the plug on my own boy Galen & as your parents became curious as to why they hadn’t heard from you I just panicked “

He pats Galen on the shoulder “We used the android to fool your parents on their visit with every intention of getting rid once they had gone back off world but . . . Now I had two plugs to pull . . . .

Durandel comforts his friend, the man who had rescued him & kept him safe for so long . . .

At the shops front Grandpa looks wrecked, Durandel tries to make some sense out of everything

“It is more than just a copy of him” the old man sniffs “that in there IS Galen, the man is the tank is like a trophy - the droid is more than even my skill can accomplish, that’s why I couldn’t change things back!”

As Durandel recounts events from memory there were subtle clues from their very first meeting . . .

From behind the scenes Galen emerges . . . .”fix me?

In the Jedi archives Durandel recalls various legends from far & wide about objects such as toys, mirrors & vehicles becoming possessed after a traumatic event - could this be the same?

“Am I freaking you out buddy?” Cortez chuckles as Durandel grasps his detached head for the second time

“how can he now talk?” the young one asks Grandpa

“I don’t completely know my child” is the reply . . .

As the hour passes Galen Cortez is reborn for the second time . . .

Joined by Knish brie the transformation is completed . …

Within the medical bay Galen faces a mirror image of himself  “if he - I’ve been brain dead for so long I think a little dignity is over due”

Durandel lends his support “I think I agree, Galen Cortez seemed like a wonderful man . .”

“I think so too” Galen replies

”If I’m still in here when he’s gone - you know I don’t burst into flames or something - I’ll get you off Coruscant I swear” he nods

{BOOM} “ Rest in peace old friend”

Within his private chambers Lord Vader confers with the surviving Joyeuse . . . .

“Fate appears to have been your ally today Joyeuse, despite your misjudgements!
 The Emperors artefact was returned to its  resting place without being missed”

“Thank you my Lord” Joyeuse squirms

“However you must now prove your loyalty to ME by finding the young Jedi & the android”

With his insatiable thirst for knowledge the shamed Jedi cannot resist seeking an explanation
“Of coarse the Padawan  Sith’ari, but might I be so bold as to ask why the interest in the automaton?”

With a glare felt even behind the black visor & across the city the Dark Lord snarls at the whelp “You will learn your place old man, essentially an android has a photographic memory - I want it!”

As the scourge of the Jedi abruptly ends transmission Joyeuse realises that this task is almost certainly  at Lord Vader’s  sole discretion  . . . . .


 ;)Howdy ho everybody!

I have so much respect for what Lance & Depressis are saying - both of whom I only know through Yakface - I posted STARWARS : BLACK ILLUSION over there & it was like opening presents on christmas morning!!

I had loads of comments, large & small with praise & a little constructive criticism but I knew that I had an audience, I wanted to post anyway but its nice to have someone say "well done I totally get what you did!"

On Rebel scum & here its like . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..  . . .. . . .  . .. . . . . . . . . . .  :-X

RS I think it's mainly SWEDE who comments but the guy ( I think its a guy? ) is so upbeat & full of praise that his 1 comment will keep me posting!

This sites forum for PN's absolutely blows - I kinda skim out of loyalty because sometimes the main page has good exclusives!

Personally I think we should all just gather on yakforums where we have wonderful customising challenges, constant customs & great responses to posts but I'll keep my eye over here & Rebel scum out of habit!


A week into the Empires reign darkness has befallen life on Coruscant . . .

As the Emperor places his mark upon the galaxy nothing of the Old Republic is sacred.

Soon the very concepts of liberty & free choice will be a distant memory . . .

As will the Jedi.   

"This is Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The war is over. I repeat, the war is over. All Jedi are ordered to return to the Jedi Temple immediately. You will receive further instructions when you arrive."

In the very depths of Coruscant, Sergeant Galen Cortez keeps to the shadows.

 Taking an alternative route back to the recently established safe house he comes across the remains of yet another fallen Jedi - although tempted to stop & examine what’s left of a fallen comrade he continues onwards in fear of drawing unnecessary attention to his actions.

Amongst the neon lit alleys he becomes aware of  an individual cautiously on his tail ..

Having tailed many suspects prior to the issuing of Order 66 - Galen easily gives his pursuer the slip . . .

Having no prior knowledge of the backstreets, the aggressor peels off into one of the side rooms.

“Freeze Grub!” Cortez demands . . . .

Suddenly his pursuer turns 180 igniting a lightsaber .

”Hold it, hold it” Durandel screeches, causing Cortez at least to lower his weapon.

”Master it’s . . it’s me Durandel . ..  Do you remember?”

With the tension dispelled the lightsaber also withdraws.
“Master Joyeuse, I can’t believe it’s really you” he continues.
“Yes it’s me Lad - I don’t usually say hello with a lightsaber but the automaton over there startled me something chronic!” Joyeuse thunders.

After recounting their take on recent events Galen & Durandel listen as Master Joyeuse describes barely escaping the temple massacre.

”It was Anakin, Durandel - he’s one of the Sith the Council were looking for - slaughtered everyone!”

It all becomes too much for the Padawan to take in . . .  “It can’t be, IT CAN’T!!”
The two elders try to contain the youngster as he topples the makeshift furniture.

Master Joyeuse explains ”It’s hard for anyone to bear - but the gift of the force makes us hyper sensitive - almost feeling the events occur within ourselves”

“You both need time to rest, calm your senses” Galen ponders.

“Get you head down buddy, I got this place covered”

As they bunk down within the rubble Joyeuse observes Cortez to his fellow Jedi “Do you think he’s reliable enough for all of this?”

Durandel smiles “You could bet the farm on it!”

After many hours of needed rest  . . . . .
Durandel roars aloud igniting his sabre “What’s going on, where is Galen?”

”Calm down Lad” the master explains “he prepared a days worth of rations for us, he’ll be back!”

Way across town . . . . .
The lift doors hiss revealing the outline of a dark figure.

”Your excellence, you guest arrives” Mas Amedda  grovels.

The Emperor speaks ”Arise my champion, your fathers passing is a great loss to our cause”

The figure respectfully removes its helmet . . . Revealing a young woman . . .

”Thankyou my Lord” she replies “I shall honour the new empire in his place!”

As the formalities are almost completed the doors to the chamber part . ..

”Necatarina, I present to you my new apprentice” Lord Vader”

“Your father was a revered warrior & general, I trust that you are ready to step out of his shadow & into serving your emperor?” Vader snaps.

 Before Necatarina can muster a breath the swoosh of a sabre burns the air . . . . Cutting through a Senate guard..

 As quickly as possible she impales guard number 2 as he rushes forward.

“Yesss, yesss” the Emperor erupts “it would appear that you are recuperated  Lord Vader”

“Your unquestioned loyalty is noted my child, you may leave us”

“Come my apprentice we have much to discuss”

Once the central chamber is empty one of the Red guard strikes out at his companion.

Having been present all morning as the new Emperor conducted his affairs the Crimson clad traitor has been privy to many well kept secrets . .


Curious, the guard is compelled to investigate what it is that the most powerful man in the Galaxy would seal away - art & sculpture is kept within the Chancellors office, Holocrons & volumes of ancient text are at his private study - what would he have to keep near for 90% of his day?

Some sort of religious item?

As his hand connects with the item, a hum emits then a glow . . .

Whatever it is - it’s valuable enough to be kept away from all but the fanatically loyal Red Guard - maybe that’s why they are posted to guard the throne room even when the Emperor is not present?

Through the winding corridors he transmits a signal from his wrist COM.

Emerging onto a balcony nestled high above the cityscape.

A ship rises & the droid pilot greets his master with a low toned beep.

Inside the guard removes his helmet before firing his afterburners full throttle!

Hours later under the cover of darkness once again Galen Cortez arrives back at the safe house . . .

“Galen where have you been, I thought that maybe you too had been lost to me!”
“I’m fine buddy” Cortez replies “I had a crazy plan that I didn’t want you involved in, the two of you were here together so I took the opportunity . . .”

“What have you got lad?” Master Joyeuse asks worriedly “it screams dark magic?”
“I took it from our new Emperor, hence the nice outfit I’m sporting” he responds “I read through it whilst waiting for sundown but it’s a language I’m not familiar with”

As dawn breaks Master Joyeuse appears to have been awake all night - in deep thought he doesn’t hear Cortez enter . . .

“I could have been anyone, lucky I’m friend not foe” he scolds

Joyeuse shifts in his seat grumbling as if annoyed by Galen’s interruption

“How’s Durandel doing he doesn’t usually sleep in this late?” Galen continues.

{ Shhhh Vroom} a hum & then an instant flash of green . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

With the object in hand Master Joyeuse looms over the Padawan pondering his next move . . . . .


Photonovels and Movies / SW : BLACK ILLUSION 2 *AFTERMATH (R)
« on: May 17, 2007, 06:45 PM »

The republic capital burns . . . .

Order 66 has been put into action resulting in the near annihilation of Jedi spanning over 200 worlds.

Liberty is an echo & the first Galactic Empire is born of the chaos.

Yet the newly christened  - Emperor - Palpatine still maintains a Black Illusion over the people, blaming not only the Separatist movement upon the Jedi but the war itself.

The remaining Jedi will be hunted down and defeated. Any collaborators will suffer the same fate  . . . .

Amidst the flames a solitary figure rises, unsteady at first but quickly finds his composure.

“Excuse me sir, are you alright?” a familiar voice asks “looks to me like you were caught in the crossfire”

“yes trooper I seem to be functioning fine” he states “how long was I down?”
“Difficult to say sir, we were on cleanup else where when we got the call just now”

As things become clearer a security trooper attempts to quell a forming crowd “Alright people, move along - nothing to see here” he bellows in a very well rehearsed manor.

A Shistavanen citizen steps forward “we saw flames coming from the Jedi temple, then saw an explosion here” he taps the trooper “we under attack again?”

Amongst the wreckage a trooper helps a fallen colleague to his feet & then spots a humanoid shape through the smoke.

“Look this Jedi still shows signs of life” 

Suddenly the haze around Cortez’ memory clears - “permission to terminate commander” the trooper continues over his COM link.

Again like a switch being flipped inside his head Cortez, grabbing a huge chunk of debris acts upon what he hears!

Disabling the offending trooper . . . .

Then quickly drawing his blaster to stop the other . . . . .

{click} He is then aware of cold metal to his brow - it’s the security trooper -“I dunno what your game is but . .’’

Trooper 3 doesn’t get to finish his sentence . .  .

Hurriedly Cortez takes the rubble away . . .

“you’ll be ok buddy” he states warmly “but we need to leave!”

“Please” the Padawan chokes “we must not leave him here, he is family”
Cortez can see that the lifeless boy is lost, but to hasten their exit he simply agrees.

“I got him don’t worry, just get yourself up & gone c’mon!” the smoke is at least cover for their retreat . . .

Sometime later across town . . . . .

The old man is startled by the wounded  young one . .

A dishevelled Cortez follows - “Galen, Galen my boy what is all o diss madness?” the old man screeches with a heavy accent..

“my oh my Galen . . .  have you been blown up again?” He scolds.
“I’m fine grandpapa, but things aren’t right out there - did you not notice?”

At the back of the shop the old mans knowledge of  the more traditional medicine & a little bit of science  allows for the dressing  of the Padawans injury.

“I can’t believe dis wrongness “ he shakes his head “ so very wrong - but you my boy acted exactly as you always did, honourably for the good of others!”

With the three in the back rooms the buzzer alerts them to a visitor inside the shop.

“Damn” Cortez rages “if we were tracked here he’s in big trouble”
“don’t fret my boy, grandpapa  can fix anything!”

Out front the visitor is a long time friend - Knish brie.
“Knish, my boy is in trouble again I can’t . . ” The Nemodian interrupts “The authorities are on their way, I overheard them on the scanner! They named Galen!”

The conversation is cut short as the doorway slides open . . .

“Hey Mr Cortez, it seems Galen is A.W.O.L might be in the company of a dangerous felon” The senate guard states in a gentle manor.

Before being swept aside by a troop commander “I need to search the back citizen. .” he grunts.

With his ear to the door Cortez knows that it could all be about to go off . . . .

Behind him however the Padawan sits bolt upright . . .

In the front the grouchy commander seems to slightly tilt his head “you can go about you business, we’ll move along”

Dumbfounded the senate guard leaves a new COM link on the table “Tell Sergeant Cortez to radio in A.S.A.P.”

The old man rests slightly after all of the excitement “Coast clear?” Cortez pipes up.

“Galen, I swore to your mother along time ago that I’d keep you safe - you must leave tonight, do what you were made to do & protect those that need you”
Cortez follows the instruction “My boy you can message me anytime you need through your uncle Knish “

Out back Cortez interrupts the now fully woken Padawan.

“We gotta bail out friend”
“Sure” the Padawan replies solemnly “but just one thing . . . “ 

An hour later & the droid shop is at peace again, the old man tinkers with his stock as a distraction worriedly . .

Secretly, away from prying eyes Galen & Padawan Durandel attend a private cremation at one of the old steel works deep downtown.

“You honour your grandfather with such kindness” Durandel states “You honour my kin with the dignity he was so nearly denied, tell me how may I honour you Galen Cortez?”

“say alive” Cortez replies “your under my protection now as a witness for the republic senate. Don’t die & it’ll seem like I have done a decent job at that!”

As the body of the fallen youngling is consumed by the molten metal both wonder what it is that fate has in store for them . . . And the Empire . . .

Photonovels and Movies / STARWARS: THE BLACK ILLUSION
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 8)Hey, I've posted on yakface for a while now & Lance Quazzar suggested I post this everywhere so I'm taking his advice . . . 

As the Clonewars nears its end Coruscant breathes a sigh of relief.

With the Supreme Chancellor safely returned to office & Count Dooku defeated, public confidence is at an all time high.

Behind the scenes however relationships are being pushed to the very limit, friendships tarnished & the Dark side rises . .

A veil of evil has swept silently across all walks of life in the galaxy.

The Black Illusion has decieved all . . . . . . .

District 26 is amassed with the general public going about their business. Not far from most of the main transport bays, senate security are always on hand.

{click} "This is H.Q with a priority 1 update from the Chancellors office" the COM link crackles.

The guards stir "A code orange has been issued upon all members of the Jedi order, please treat them with extreme caution & apprehend on sight”

The more senior of the two interjects “ this is sergeant Cortez district 26 - Zelda on what  possible basis are these instructions?’

“A reported attempt was made upon the supreme chancellors life by senior members of the council, it has been decreed that they are now separatists & officially enemies of the republic.

Cortez lets out a confused sigh “I cant believe it Dorm, the Jedi have been keepers of the peace for generations no way would the entire council attempt murder?’

“I dunno’ officer Dorm replies “these cult types have always got some sort of grand scheme for the universe - maybe today’s The End Of Days on the Jedi calendar?’

Cortez absorbs the shocking possibility that their greatest allies could have switched sides “ They don’t marry, drink or gamble, they dedicate their lives to self discipline - there’s not a bad bone in ‘em!’

As they struggle with the momentous news a republic trooper begins an ambush  “freeze Jedi’

Instinctively Cortez attempts to intervene as the two dumbfounded Padawans look on in disbelief.

At full speed Cortez tries to avert the inevitable “stop, they’re kids - THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!”

As a second wave of troopers move in it becomes obvious that this is a hyper efficient takedown - no prisoners - no survivors - close range confirmed kill!

Officer Dorm following his sergeants lead decides to take down the 1st trooper deciding that the youngest child’s safety outweighs everything else!

Having not counted on the Senate guards intervention trooper no1 is quickly disarmed.

Now however the 2nd & 3rd troopers decide to complete their objective immediately.

The Padawan prefect protects the youngling as only a Jedi can - Sabre style!

Again on instinct Cortez decides that the best non lethal c.o.a is to play some sweet chin music to trooper no2.

Unfortunately trooper no3 is playing for keeps.

In the chaos, as Cortez confirms trooper no2 is down - the elder Padawan yells out!

But its too late for Officer Dorm . .

In a second move trooper no3 then turns his attention to the Jedi . . .

Forgetting about Cortez . . . .

With a few milli seconds difference Cortez’ shot hits as trooper no3 fires

Hitting a communications array . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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