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 :) Ah - I guess the Greivous drop was a smart move!

I had a whole different looking court scene for "no easy way out":

Also a slightly different death scene for Cortez:

But ultimately I am glad that I took the extra time to satisfy my "minds eye" version. I hope that you are at least content with the changes you have made now. Rykrof's emotions at Finis dying is definately a great addition & also that it is HE now that distrusts palps as opposed to Ralbarr before - shows that the wars are effecting him as a man & how he views the world!

Congrats on getting this one done so well & now onto the newbies . .

I am EXTREMELY interested in the Kala revelation above ;D

 ::) Yakforums doesnt seem to be running at the moment so I'm posting here!

Well I'm very happy with how this turned out, I think that Finis is vital to the whole anti palps movement as I think that he is almost the first official casualty of palps plan for domination!

The thing I have always loved about this series is its ability to snake around the canon events & kind of show what was happening elswhere in an event we already have firmly in our minds.

I do wonder why you have dropped Greivous in favour of the Mando however? This is certainly not a gripe as from experience I can now realise that as the creator you are 2 or more stories ahead of the reader in your own mind ;D

I think I just like Greivous standing over the dead from before (he he)

I do like the fact that the bad guys are playing off one another now - how very . . . DASTARDLY!!!

My ponderings now however are twofold:

1. Kala? I much prefer that he isnt tagging along this time - excellent -  as you know I like this character alot since he has earned the trust he has, wonder where you will go with him now youve altered it?

2. Redwind? C'mon fella you gotta - you just gotta ;)

Finally some new ones . . .


Mr Enloe is my favourite too & indeed inspired me to do this in the first place ;)

To me being your 2nd favourite after such a LEGEND is awsome - thanks!

I would love to have the characters cross paths at some point . . .  8)

Thanks for reading!


:D  Ok this is it - the last episode of Black Illusion . . . .

Play the video at the end as a kind of theme tune to the closing credits! There are 90 pictures in all so keep a look out for the last one . . .


The end is nigh for our heroes.

Separated once again from his loyal protector Galen Cortez the future looks bleak for Durandel . .

With everyone on the CHLORIS station apparently incinerated he is now left completely alone within the heart of the New Galactic Empire!

Meanwhile the unusual Cortez family unit has taken up residence further into the city suburbs - to hopefully blend in with the general populous . . .

1. As morning breaks within the Imperial centre the steady rush of traffic increases. Buildings begin to buzz & life slips back into daily routine . .

2.  Within their new workshop Grandpa Cortez (on the road to recovery) tinkers with his grandsons ship as Uncle Knish tends to the child . .

3. HOLONET NEWS: ((“Also this morning we have continuous coverage of the special access this channel has been granted from the supreme court“.))

4. HOLONET NEWS: ((“For the first time one of the criminal Jedi incriminated in the attempted coup d’état against our very own elected leader will be tried under the rule of law”.

5. Uncle Knish: ”Galen I beg you not to go there, it will be too painful to watch. This child is priority now for all of us - that’s how the Jedi would have wanted it!”

6. Grandpa: “He won’t listen to you Knish, my boy would never leave a man behind - NEVER.
But your uncle is right Galen this is hard for us all to bare. That boy needs our support but in our support of what he stands for!”.

7. Deep within a military bunker the creaking of metal awakens the Padawan. The light from outside fills the room & a figure approaches.

8. Arbiter : “Greetings Padawan I am Meena Tills. I have been asked to represent you during your trial at the request of  Baron  Papanoida”.

Durandel: “Save your breath Mon Calamari, this will not be a ‘trial’ at all, merely showmanship!”

9.  Arbiter : “Please young one, I may have been ill informed on you current circumstances but I am of the delegation of 2,000!! The plight that you face must not be alone . . .”.

10. After the allotted 20 mins the Arbiter  leaves  the Padawan alone once more . . In the dark . .

11. A lavish procession takes place by midday where by the accused is marched from the holding area to the main courts.
Citizens are encouraged by those in authority to make an example of those who threaten  ’peace & security’.


12. Inside his heart breaks as the crowd jeer & spit but Durandel maintains his dignity . . .

13. As an extra measure of ‘security’ he is forced to drag his shackles behind him. The basis behind this is to prolong the procession & firmly imprint the image upon the general public . .

14. Although Elite & the now standard Stormtroopers line the route the baying residents still manage to get too close for comfort! Hitting & generally disrespecting the youngster . .

15. At one low point Durandel buckles under the intense weight of his shackles, the crowd respond with laughter & name calling . . .

16. Trooper: “Easy does it little guy, were supposed to have you in one piece!”

The troopers are an oddity to Durandel - they sound almost friendly..

17.Eventually the gates of the courthouse are before him.
The re enforced titanium provide him with some level of safety - although out of the frying pan . . . .

18. As the second set of gates begin to open he spies something . .

19. Is it Ventress?? How would she have survived? Is she here to help him or merely witness his fate?? . . .

c01. Inside proceedings are already underway. The official representative of the court Mas Amedda makes his entrance.

c02. Amedda: “Order! Order! By the decree of the Supreme Courts we are gathered under LAW to witness the trial of a suspected terrorist”

c03. Amedda: “By days end we will have attained whether or not the defendant & the Jedi order as a whole are indeed a menace to our society!

If as I suspect we find that is indeed the case a maximum custodial sentence will be awarded!”

c04. Arbiter: “My friends as  defending council I find it absurd that a single being can be deemed responsible for the actions of many. As a  Jedi  & might I add that officially he is not yet a  Jedi , the defendant has been initiated as a keeper of the peace - not in fact as a terrorist or felon !”

C05.  Arbiter: “To those of you  witnessing these events today I beg you to see reason, we have become subservient lackeys to a political agenda & I for one cannot accept this . . . Sin!

co6. Arbiter: “This BOY has become a scapegoat to all things that we fear in society & for what? Ladies & gentleman this boy is guilty of no crime - only a victim of circumstance . . .”

c07. Arbiter:  “Unfortunately I fear that the decision of the court is already made, that is not a fair trial ladies & gentlemen - that is a outrage!!”

c08. Amedda: “Very political Meena, very political! The court accepts your opening defence although I find it hard to agree with your claims of innocence when you could not find a single character witness!”

c09. Amedda: “ Prosecutor you are free to put forwards your case for imprisonment”

c10. The showmanship of the prosecution council is similar to that of an evangelist - highly charged!

 Prosecution: “Brothers & sisters we are being deceived! We have been deceived & we don’t wanna be deceived no more!! I’m talking about a cult, a sect of people who snatch children from a young age & programme their minds - with evil!!”

c11.  Prosecution: “The problem is brothers & sisters is that we got one of these snakes trapped - caged! The rest of them have slithered away on their evil bellies away from sight, but we got one of ‘em!”

“People, we have the right to feel safe & our elected leaders have the right to feel safe - your children have the right to feel safe in their homes, their schools - their mommas arms! I will prove that this MAN in conjunction with others is a menace to freedom itself!”

c12. As the prosecutor finishes  a black figure approaches  the podium to a hushed silence . . .

c13. As the  session continues one of the many courtroom cameras focuses on Durandel.

c14. Vader: “ representative of the court, councilmen  as Special Enforcer for the Emperor himself I feel it is my duty to disclose to you our findings involving this Jedi & others!”

C15. Stunned at the outrageous brake in protocol  Durandel has to compose himself. Gripping the cage bars tightly he manages to release his frustration through squeezing tightly . . . .

C16.  Vader “The footage that I am about to reveal clearly shows the defendant engaging in unlawful activities . .”

C16a.  The first security recording shows the initiation of Order 66, Galen coming to the aid of Durandel & fellow Padawan & the clones troopers defeat. Out of context the scene shows downed troopers at the hands of the pair . . . .

C16b.  As Vader continues to dictate events we see Galen & Durandel alive & well amidst the Chaos!

C16c. Lastly  as  a clearly defined associate of Durandel we see Galen killing the Imperial Sovereign Protector  Necatarina . . .

C17. Amedda: “ Chilling evidence my Lord - truly chilling!”

C18.  Vader: “ Now you will see within the past few weeks that the boy has indeed taken  to further - more extremist activities!”

C18a. Vader: “ the defendant with a known separatist - Asajj Ventress engaging in  a public brawl!”

C18b. Even footage of  Durandel & Joyeuse is  made to look as though the two were colluding together.
With the destruction of the CHLORIS facility being blamed on them!

C18c. Finally we see the Stormtroopers using  peaceful means when apprehending the two Jedi! The fact that they use stun settings works to their advantage!


 C19. Meena motions to Durandel as if apologising for the lack of aid that he can provide. It would seem that even thought their cause is the just one, there will be no justice here . . . 

C20.    Durandel manages a half smile, he knew that he’d had  a snowballs chance in hell but the Mon Calamari believing in him & justice provides a small comfort . . . .

C21.  As Tills silently communicates with the boy he misses the announcement made by Mas Amedda.

C22. Crimson guard enter the arena causing the arbiter to double take . . . .

C23.  Trumpets sound & the Emperor himself enters accompanied by more guards . . .

C24.   As everyone stands to attention there eyes are not where they should be . . . 

C25.    What happens next  causes complete chaos!!!!!

C26.  The Emperor has been replaced somewhere along the chain of command - Sgt. Galen Cortez has slipped into a black robe & is now firing upon the chamber!!!

C27. Instantly switching backwards & forwards between rifle, blaster & melee he is too quick for those surrounding him still getting their bearings . . .

C28. Without the need to think about each individual action Galen targets those near & far with everything he has . . . . .

C29. Clowns to the left of him . . .

C30.  Jokers to the right . . . . .

C31. The elite quickly snap into action, the nearest knocking away the sergeants protective helmet . .

C32.  Seeing the immediate threat a trooper poses Meena grabs at a rifle aimed towards the sergeant!

C33. Almost dancer like Cortez manages to fire around the prosecuting  Gran . . . .

C34.  Noting Tills bravery Cortez moves onto his troublesome trooper . . . .

C35. Cortez: “I appreciate what you’ve done here friend but you need to get out whilst you still can!”

C36. Durandel: “Phew! Even after so many skirmishes at your side it is hard to believe how quickly you can attain victory!”

C37.  Cortez:  “Ok buddy lets get you out of that stinking cage . . .”

Durandel: “That’s the best news I’ve heard all day Galen it really is . .  But . . . I can’t leave here!”

C38.  Durandel: “It’s all live on the Holonet Galen, we’d be playing into their propaganda!?”

C39.  Cortez: “Then we’ll end transmission . . .” Galen points his rifle towards the holocam.

C40.  Durandel: “No Galen you  must not - not this time! I am probably the last physical embodiment of the Jedi Order that people are going to witness for a long time . . . I must abide by the rule of Law!”

C41. Cortez: “ Mmm, I’d hoped you wouldn’t go there! Dragging you kicking & screaming was my plan B but I kinda see your point - as much as I hate to admit it!”

C42. Cortez: “You know they’re gonna kill you don’t you? If execution already isn’t on their ‘to do’ list it soon will be!”

Durandel: “Maybe. I sense that they are at least for now, trying to twist the Law to their favour. Maybe there is hope that we can do the same . . .”

C43.  Scurrying can be heard upon the marble floor as troops emerge . . . .

C44.  Durandel: “   Words cannot express my gratitude towards you & your family Galen.
Had the odds been slightly lower stacked against us I think we would have come through!”

C45. Durandel: “I mean It my friend, in the order I had many brothers but you are by far
 the closest to it  . . .

Cortez: “Keep that wisdom kid, it’s a credit to you!”

C46. Durandel: “Look after the child Cortez - he has the force in him! I will find you one day . .”

C47. Cortez: “ I don’t mean to dampen your hopes  bro but I’m not gonna get outta  this in one piece! The best I can do is take as many of them out as I can before my batteries burn out (grins)”

C48. From the street blaster fire & screams can be heard with Galen eventually emerging at the front gates . .     

C49. A whole battalion of  Stormtroopers converge upon him . . . .

C50. At this point self preservation is not an option - logic now is simply numbers.

Cortez: “Sooo - which one of you Mando-bore-ian yokels wants the first shot????!”

C51. Right on cue the troops simultaneously fire . . . .

C52. They fail to predict it’s effect on the man-droid . . . .

C53.  Pushing through their reign of fire Cortez disarms two & commandeers their weaponry . . .

C54.  The troopers fold one by one unable to withstand such a close quarters assault . .

C55. The final trooper stares down the rifle barrel . . . . 

C56. Suddenly Galen becomes aware of brightness to his right - then  the realisation that his arm is gone . . .

C57.  It becomes clear that this is the Imperials way of  ending this affair . . Bringing in the professionals!

C58.  One of the guard cleaves the rest of the arm from the shoulder . . . . .

C59.  The left one however is still capable of a nasty left - hook . . . .

C60.  As the Crimson Guard back away slightly the destruction  is frightening . .

C61.  A second wave  of attacks begins with Cortez still giving better than he gets . . .

C62.  With him blocking the onslaught & instantly retaliating the guard find it hard to gain the upper hand , the usual methods to gain victory relies heavily upon the enemy feeling pain .. . .

C63.  Once more the Crimson guard back away to alter their attack pattern . . . . .

C64. Unexpectedly the vibrostaff  Cortez has acquired flies from his grasp . . . .

C65.  “That is quite enough” Vader booms to the remaining few “I will take it from here!”.

 Vader force grips Cortez from afar . . . .

C66. Vader: “ Fortunately I have an intimate knowledge concerning droids  gyro balance circuitry, the more you attempt to struggle the faster it will disintegrate!”

C67.  Cortez: “W . . wh . . Wha. . . What  happens to me is irrelevant, I don’t even exist!”

Cortez  realises the futility in struggling. He is at the mercy (or lack there of) of Darth Vader!

C68. Vader: “What a pity that after all you have done to aid the Jedi cause, you are powerless to stop it’s complete destruction at my hands! The boy will make the perfect apprentice to ME - if he has the strength of character I require!”

C69. Outraged but confident Galen is defiant to the last . . .

Cortez: “H . . H .. . HE will never bow to you or your emperor! Durandel is too honourable a Jedi !”

C70. Vader sighs smugly as he ignites his sabre . . .

Vader “I wasn’t referring to the Padawan . . . !”

C71.  With a hiss & flash of red Galen Cortez falls lifelessly to the floor . . . . .

C72. Vader “There is no resurrection this time traitor!”

C73. “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

C74. As the Dark Lord exit’s the area the guard once again converge, making absolutely sure that  Cortez is gone & gone for good!

C74a.  As the evening draws in the Holonet news recounts the events of the day:

Announcer: “As you can see the attempted jail break by the Jedi was eventually thwarted thanks to the efforts of our security services! This exclusive footage is available to review for up to 2 weeks on our pages!”

C74b. Grandpa Cortez contorts in agony, he knew this day would come . . . . .

C74c. As he & his friend surround the crib of the sleeping infant they can at least be thankful that thanks to the sacrifices made today - the child can continue to safely thrive with them!

C74d. Grandpa watches the sunset above the skyline & wonders if everything reported was true??

C75. Is Durandel  at an undisclosed Imperial penal colony?

C76. What must the boy be feeling right now?

C77. As the new arrivals are processed, the Admiral in charge is unnerved by the calm Padawan . .

C78.  Admiral: “Take a long hard look at that view son, it ain’t nothing but darkness from here on in !”

C78a. Serene, Durandel swears he can see the image of his friend - his guardian amongst the clouds .. .

C79. He smiles before a trooper nudges him forwards . . . Goodbye my friend . . Goodbye . .

C80.      . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . .

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c84. Nurse Femur “Hey guys I got the baby stuff but . . .”


  C85.  Femur “Oh NO! NO NO!

C86.    . . . .. . .. . .

C87. . . . . . . . .

C88. The nurse so accustomed to blood & gore is completely frozen with fear . . .

C89.  Concerned with the apparently missing child she fails to notice the assailant behind her - paying for it with a saber through the heart!

Only a shadow moves amidst the stillness . . . Disappearing  without a trace into the darkness . . .

C90.  The end

 :) :D ;D :P :'( ;D

Photonovels and Movies / Re: TO THE EMPIRE: New Photonovel
« on: October 7, 2007, 05:47 AM »
 :P Quack wasn't this THE FORCE before?

It's been a long time since you announced that series I hope that you invest some serious time into your visuals - I would imagine otherwise that people are gonna be a little disgruntled - this isn't a diss or anything but I'm just warning you dude ;D

Photonovels and Movies / BLACK ILLUSION: FIRE IN THE SKY *CHAPTER 9*
« on: September 29, 2007, 01:53 PM »

3. The morning sun creates a halo effect around the orbiting station, as the Firespray closes in the platform hails them . .

4. {{announcement}} ”Now here this, now here this docking procedures have been initiated, all personnel please adhere to the safety protocols as instructed”

5.Within the operations room lights flicker & consoles beep with fury as the unscheduled ship descends.

6.1st officer Nate Jenson arrives to be briefed on unfolding events . .

7. Draco Yest frantically secures the many security locks giving the occupants of the vessel a single path to follow out of the docking bay.

8. Nate: “Shish - it’s definitely not like Goro to ignore protocol, I’d inform the commander just in case it turns nasty!”

9. ((announcement)) Commander Ronson Phipps to comms please, code orange!”

10. Even the droids are concerned at the break in protocol . . .

11. A reconfigured mouse droid trails the corridor arriving at the only point of entry . . .

12. (swoosh) the elevator doors fly open & two figures are visible.

13. After capturing their images & scanning their vitals the droid turns tail with the data recorded.

14. Momentarily a two man crew emerge with medical supplies . .

15.Worlds away at an undisclosed location the traitor Joyeuse thumbs through more ancient text.

16. Almost choking with glee he once again admires the Emperors tome.

17.Joyeuse: “The secrets this book can bestow is beyond comprehension my lord”

Vader “I can comprehend much Joyeuse - you have shown me nothing of relevance - you test my patience”

18. Joyeuse “But my Lord this language hasn’t been spoken for millennia, the translation needs to be exact!”

19. Joyeuse: “I beg your lenience in this matter - have I not proven my undying loyalty solemnly enough Lord Vader?”

20. Vader “Perhaps - but the untapped potential within these writings is not worth the Emperors wrath - we must be cautious!!”

21. Back aboard the botanics station, some days after her initial arrival Ventress slowly comes to . .

22. The hum of a medical droid is her first focus, then she becomes aware of her restraints …

23. “AAAAAAAARGHHH!” she screams furiously as she forces herself free.

24. Nurse Femur “It’s ok, your fine please don’t injure yourself - I’m . . .

25. Before she can finish her next sentence the Twi’lek is thrust face first into the medical bed!

26. As she wrenches hard on the poor nurses head tails Ventress becomes aware of others in the room.


28. “I’d like to see you try” says a familiar voice

29. Sobbing as much with anger as with fear nurse Femur is comforted as Ventress continues to snarl & growl at everything in the room . .

30. Durandel: “What are you doing?”

31. Durandel: “Are you ok? I’m so sorry they over reacted are you cold?”

33. Once normality returns supper presents its own challenges . .

34. “Honoured guests” the Ithorian begins “our coming together signifies the harmony between nature & chaos. Though our circumstances are torrid the fact that we can all enjoy such bountiful fruits is truly uplifting!”

35. He continues “As friends I would like you to elaborate further upon how you came upon CHLORIS?”

36. As Durandel begins to recount events Galen studies his friends mannerisms closely - something has changed within the boy - but what?

37. Galen: “YOU left the Bothan to his fate - twice?”
  Durandel: “We had no choice - we were outnumbered”
    Galen: “Note the presence of the word WE Durandel - between you   
          I’m sure there was something you could have done - surely?”
  Durandel: “But . .”

38. Ventress: “The boy is the bravest I know virile & strong -you would do well to remember that the next time you attempt to scold him!”
     Galen: “VIRILE???”

39. After Galen ponders the awkwardness felt between the friends . .

Galen: I don’t know Maybe I was too hard on the kid?

40. Durandel: “I feel I must apologise to Galen Asajj?”

41. Galen: “I bet we looked so undisciplined in front of our hosts”
    Femur: “It was a disagreement, at least there was discussion!”

42. Galen: “I know but it’s different at his age, he’s a smart kid but there are still hormones as well as everything else he’s had to deal with recently!”
   Femur: “Then go see him silly?”

43. Galen: “Yeah I will, I can’t let it go round in his head all night - sorry I can’t be better company tonight!”

44. Asajj: “YOU don’t need to feel anything but contempt for that arrogant swine - what does he know?”

45. Femur: “Thank you for the flower - now go before your head explodes, thats a medical term obviously (laughs).”

46. For a brief moment silence fills the air - Nurse Femur draws closer to the valiant & righteous hero before her . .

47. Galen: “Uh erm I’m gonna . . .”
    Femur: “GALEN?”

48. As their discussion continues Ventress beckons Durandel into the bathroom with her - she begins a very steamy hydro shower!

Ventress: “Don’t just stand there . . . ”

49. As Cortez approaches he ponders how big an influence Ventress is beginning to take upon his friend . .

50. The sounds coming from inside would suggest she does indeed have a hold of him in every sense of the word!”

51. As dawn breaks a second alert rings throughout the corridors of CHLORIS.

52. ((Galen on announcement)) “Now here this, now here this! We have an unidentified craft containing a single life form hailing us - the communications are stifled!”

53. ((Galen on announcement)) “Full alert to all combat trained personnel - IT’S AN IMPERIAL CRAFT!”

54. Again, security procedures lock down a single point of entry from the docking bay . . It’s lift opens . .

55. From inside the communications room all hands desperately await confirmation of contact!

56. Durandel: “GORO ???

57. Amidst a whole host of medical equipment Durandel waits patiently for Goro to regain consciousness. The evidence would suggest that the Bothan fell foul of imperial inquisitors, being tortured for his troubles!

58. Lithe Danner: “Within all his mutterings Goro was right about the tracer on your - his ship!”
Durandel: “Hmm if those bounty hunters on Nar Shadarr were some how able to get a tracer on the firespray - then claimed some of the reward from the Empire - it would explain how we were caught out on Pure Nemoidia!”

59. As Durandel investigates Goro’s information Asajj creeps in to see the sleeping giant . . .

60. She then proceeds to throttle him . .


61. Rumbled! . . .

62. Pterid the Ithorian: “So good to see you here again Goro, the stars have guided you safely to CHLORIS once again!”

63. Goro: “Yes thank you my friends, I’m only sorry that I couldn’t get you the battle droids I promised!”

64. Cortez: “Why would a botanical orbiting station like CHLORIS need B1 battle droids - the Empire wouldn’t give an outpost like this a second glare?”

65. Goro: “Forgive my rudeness Sergeant but our agreement is strictly between us, Pterid has need & as a Bothan I offered my services - simple”

66. Galen: “Sure - then how did you manage not only to escape the Imperials torturing you but also commandeer a relatively unknown shuttle type?”

67. Durandel: ”Forgive Galen, Goro. He has an air of authority in his questioning but I’m sure that he wishes not to spoil yet another mealtime with yet more questions?”

68. Goro: “It’s fine thank you Durandel, let’s just say that I am thankful to be a free sentient in these dark times!”

69. Later that same night a calmness resides in the minds of the sleeping . .

70. There is strength in numbers . .

71. Within the comms room something sinister is afoot . .

72. Armed & with a definite game plan Goro tinkers with sequences of dials & buttons . . .

73. The result is access to a hidden part of CHLORIS . ..

74. He quickly dispatches a busy medical droid . . .

75. Galen: “Hold it right there furball!”

76. Goro: “Sergeant Cortez? Please we have no time . .”

77. Whatever Cortez has sussed he has alerted others to his suspicions . . .

78. Goro: “Ronson, Pterid - all of you I’m sorry but we have no time the Empire is on it's way!”

    Durandel: “Goro? Galen?”

80. Pterid the Ithorian: “Please can everyone keep your voices to a minimum or else you’ll wake .. .”

81.Pterid: “The child . . . .”

82.Pterid: “How did you know Galen, how did you uncover our secret?”
   Durandel: “I guess droids talk - look the most important thing is 
            that we get the child as far away from here as possible!”

83. United finally each individual realises the importance of the child above all else - plans are swiftly put into place to deal with their predicament . .

84. Femur: “But Galen I can help - we can help you”
    Cortez:“ And you are, this ship will be one of many the Empire will see recorded leaving CHLORIS. The more ships they have to track the less likely they are to discover the child!”

85. The sprightly nurse finally manages to get the kiss she had attempted previously “stay safe!” she whispers . .

86. As the ship begins its journey back to the core worlds Galen & Durandel look on  . . .

87. Cortez: “You don’t have to do this my friend, I realise this was Goro’s initial plan but willingly offering yourself as the distraction is fatally flawed?”

   Durandel: “If what Goro says is true the imperials have no idea about the child - a Padawan sitting target will cement that fact!”

88. Durandel: “Do you really think you can get far enough away before the imperials emerge out of hyperspace?”
    Cortez: “I have to! Besides grandpa’s special little hyper drive
          will leave a less obvious carbon trail for them to follow!”

89. Pterid: “Be safe - both of you!”

90. 30 mins later a Star destroyer looms in front of the CHLORIS facility . .

91.   Pterid over the com link: “Of coarse we wish the Empire good tiding, I’d be honoured to show you around”


93. Light years away Galen confirms that the carbon trail from his ship is dispersing - the chances of the Empire re-tracing his steps now are slim to none.

94. Some time later the administrator of the facility awaits their guests . . .

95. The elevator arrives.

96.  Pterid: “As the most senior consultant aboard our platform, may I be the first to say long live the Emperor”.

97. Without even acknowledging Pterid, Joyeuse ignites dual red  bladed sabres . .

98. Be heading his hosts . .

99. Joyeuse: “I want a clean sweep laddies - nobody moves without my knowing about it!”

100. Inside the comms room Commander Phipps is challenged by a lone trooper “Halt - turn around with your hands where I can see them!”

101. The battle hardened commander realises he has a single option . .

102. Inside the dining room more of the CHLORIS residents are ambushed.

103. {Vroom} however storm troopers have yet to meet Asajj Ventress!

104. More troopers converge on the station . . .

105. Durandel: “I sensed your arrival Joyeuse . .”

106. Joyeuse: “Always the insightful shining light amidst the darkness eh boy?”

107. In the face of such tyranny the old Durandel emerges.

Durandel: “I offer you a single chance old one, stop this now?”

108. As Durandel offers his hand it is answered with a massive push of force energy . . .

109. Joyeuse: “You dare to patronise me?!!”

110. As the evil one ignites his sabre, Durandel responds in kind . .

111. However Joyeuse then ignites a second . .

112.As Joyeuse pounces they meet in mid air like cracking thunder .

113. This being the second time the two have faced off they are both surprised at each others improved techniques . . .

114. Again & again they meet mid air, sparks flaring brightly . .

115. The agility & ability of both is astounding . . .

116. Elsewhere on CHLORIS Goro helps the crew avoid the imperial regime . .

117. Goro: “C’mon c’mon move - move . . “

118. With the main operations room secure the troopers are able to use the stations own security system against its inhabitants . .

119. The two force users continue to duel, destroying most of the room in the process.

120. Vader: “Commander I want that station secure within three minutes. The Emperor wants this legion elsewhere & I am running out of excuses . . .”

121. Storm troop commander: “We are just about ready my Lord although your aide is somewhat occupied?”

122. All over the station the empires stranglehold is stifling.

123. However a few fingers may be severed before victory is declared . .

124. At frightening speed Asajj unleashes all of her fury upon a row of Troopers . . .

125. Goro’s happiness to see her however is short lived . .

Ventress: “The boy - is he not with you?”

126. Realising that the Bothan does not have the information she seeks she once again leaves him to his fate . . .

127. Along another corridor the battle rages . . .

128. Cloth is torn & tattered, flesh charred in the epic confrontation . .

129. Just as one of the two begins to gain momentum the other counterattacks . .

130. The elevator doors open to reveal the troop commander flanked by two others . .

131. Commander: “Apparently Lord Vader has been ordered to bring the young one in alive?”

132. With blasters set to stun both men are floored instantly . .

133. Slowly but surely Master Joyeuse comes to . .

134. Reaching outwards with the force he senses his party has boarded their star destroyer, he then spies them steadily changing orbit.

135. Hailing the vessel Joyeuse is confused at the circumstances he finds himself in - Did Durandel hit him with a lucky shot?


137. Joyeuse: “My Lord I, I am still alive!”

Vader: “How resilient you are Joyeuse, you continually surprise me .

138. Vader: ”However we unearthed something quite rare within the CHLORIS security recordings”
Joyeuse: ”Master I - I don’t understand?”
Vader: “My indiscretions against the Emperor are at risk of being revealed. A fresh perspective is needed - you have served me well!”

139. As the chamber closes the view screen that Joyeuse has been observing cuts off . .

140. As the realisation sets in the traitor becomes the betrayed . .

141. Within moments the star destroyer unleashes its payload . .

142. Joyeuse: “YOU HUTT SUCKING BAST. . “

143. Nothing is safe as the fireball sweeps through the very heart of CHLORIS . .

144. Above the skies of his home Sergeant Galen Cortez sweeps quietly toward the imperial city. The child is the most important thing now . . Whatever the cost . . . Whatever . . .           

Tune in next time for the FINALE . . .


Photonovels and Movies / Re: Episode VII: A DARK FACADE <special edtion>
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 :o wow DD the time & effort you put in is awesome!

The creativity you show blows my mind!

Alas for me the story was waaaay to long for me to get my head around at first, second & 3rd reads . . I missed the Vong stuff so some of it doesn't make sense - those with the backstory in their head must love this continuation times ten but I am a little rusty.

I thought you were breaking the story into chapters?

Anyway I am in awe of you hard work DD YOU INSPIRE US ALL!!

Photonovels and Movies / SW: BLACK ILLUSION *Hand of doom* - chapter 8
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2.At first light Durandel feels a stirring next to him, as he rolls over Ventress is already preparing for the day ahead.

3.As she changes, he ponders their situation to himself - 6 months ago could he really have ever imagined the events that have unfolded?

The destruction of the Jedi Order, the end of the War, sharing a bed with one of the key members of the confederacy? The Force indeed moves in mysterious ways!

4. Ventress: “You need to change into the robes I bought you!”
    Durandel: “what’s the hurry Asajj? Have you finally lost your appetite after 3 days!”
    Ventress: “My  physical needs are not the issue now Padawan, CHANGE!”   

5. A little disheartened by the change in pace, Durandel rises all the same . . .

6. Once out on the street Durandel protests as to the necessity of  a blaster rifle & the tailored clothes he has been persuaded into wearing.

7. “Stop wining child!” Ventress snaps “it serves our purpose, that is all that should concern you!”

8. “I am trying to keep a handle on our situation & you do nothing be adhere to the stupid ways of the ancients!” As she speaks she flicks his Padawan braid in her hand.
Durandel: “They are my beliefs Asajj”
Ventress: “beliefs that will get you killed!”

9. After a lot of walking they reach their destination - although only Ventress has a clear idea of where they are heading.

10. “keep you mouth shut & opinions to yourself - it’s important!” Ventress spits.

11. As the garage door swings upwards the Bothan from the bar emerges. “Well I’ll be dammed!” He chuckles gruffly.

12. Durandel almost instantly barks out a question but to his better judgement, takes a backseat  & observes.

13. Ventress: “The bargain still stands, I will help you with the supplies you need!”

Goro: “I new you would surprise me at some point Ventress - although I didn’t think it would be at all in a positive way”

Ventress: “There is still plenty of time for me to upset you Bothan, trust no one - live long!”

14. “Since I hadn’t expected you I will need time to prepare” Goro begins “ docking bay 545 at 5:45 be there!”

15.  “Bring only what you will use Bothan, we strike hard & fast!!”

16. As the day passes Durandel questions Ventress on the deal with the Bothan to no avail - although she is reluctant to discuss her plans he doesn’t sense negative intentions from her, more desperation.

17. As they enter the cargo bay her feelings betray her, this is what Durandel had hoped for. Unaware Ventress is less guarded in his company & he suspects is now reliant on his companionship . . .

18. From above a disrupter rifle discharges . . . .

19. “Dam” Goro yells “the Guild members have come for their bounty!!!”

20. Drawing the blade that Palpatine had left so long ago on Makem Hek Ventress defends them from blaster fire.

21. A well timed deflection strikes the Duros Guild member as two others emerge from behind storage containers.

22. As the blaster fire reigns down they scramble towards the awaiting prototype firespray craft . . .

23. Zulfiqar the veteran of the group makes a last ditch attempt to subdue the fleeing prey . . .

24. The prototype Firespray - a craft believed destroyed on  Oovo IV - is nimble enough to ascend quickly skywards before the group can converge . . . .

25. In a seemingly futile attempt the enraged Wookie leaps at the exiting vehicle, clawing towards their target  . . . .

26. Thankfully he releases his grip before they are too far away from the ground below - the cold harshness of space is one thing even this Wook dare not face head on! 

27. The three are at last free of their pursuers & on their way to Pure Neimoidia . . . .

28. Far away within the Imperial city Knish brie maintains vigil at his friends side . . .

29. Sergeant Galen Cortez & two other surviving Senate Guards return after the nightmare standoff that resulted in the demise of Galen’s long time friend Dorm Hamnett.   

30. “I’m sorry guys” nurse Femur states “I’m obliged to send you elsewhere .. .”

31. “You really do have a problem with authority figures miss”  Galen laughs as he removes his helmet, much to the relief of the panic stricken nurse.
“I’m a Twi’lek honey” she chirps “authority don’t play well for us!!”

32. Knish greets his nephew with relief  “Grand papa is doing just fine, the nurse was just telling me that the strain on his heart in no more”

33. “So his wounds are superficial then?” Galen asks resting his hand upon the bacta tank “the intravenous treatment has reduced the burns inside his body?”

34. “Pretty much” nurse Femur explains, handing him her chart sheets “I dealt with his vitals first, that way his bodies own healing mechanisms can aide recovery now the heart is working at normal speed!”

35. A little later in a quiet moment to himself Galen ponders the fate of his friend Durandel. Still a while away from their scheduled rendezvous - he struggles to imagine the young one safe . . . .

36. “Hey” Femur interrupts “you gotta get some rest too you know”

37. Before Cortez has chance to respond she has him sitting comfortably in a chair next to his grandfather.

38. “You don’t know how much I appreciate all you‘ve done for us” Galen responds - The nurse simply winks & smiles . . .

39. Within a secluded base on Pure Neimoidia soldiers get the shock of their lives as an alert rings out . . .

40.  Established amongst the many fungus farms on the surface the base was intended to secretly continue productions of  B1 battle droids after the Naboo incident before the confederacy decided to upgrade to the Techno Unions B2 units.

41. A parade line forms along the rear wall of the production chamber . .. . .

42. “We have prepared for this day frequently for many years, now it is real!” states the Commander “you have all questioned the legitimacy of the bases continued existence, the enemy has no such queries!”

43. Snatching a badly place helmet from one of his troop he disperses them to their positions . . .

44. The alarms fall silent & they await contact . . . . . .

45. A scuttling can be heard from outside as an intruder circles the area, anyone with any battle experience can see that the front window is the bases weak point - the doors are near impenetrable.

46. From the silence comes a deafening boom as the window shatters . . . .

47. Predicting the point of entry the Neimoidian soldiers open fire . . .

48. As the blasts are deflected a second intruder slips inside as the first draws their fire . . .

49. The soldiers stand firm . . .

50. Had Durandel not had the force as an ally he would surely have succumbed to the continued assault . . 

51. The smoking cannons fall silent as Durandel takes cover . . .

52. Goro is the next to advance . . .

53. One of the smarter soldiers destroys the glass container sheltering the Padawan . . . .

54. Sending the rocks contained within crashing down upon him . . . .

55. Another boom decimates what is left of the window as a third intruder invades . .. .

56. Ventress is the most calculated of the group, as soon as her feet touch the floor her saber is drawn & she summons a second . . ..

57. Her fallen comrade has little use for it . . .

58. Within seconds she is doing what she does best . . . .

59. “ha ha ha ha!”  the Commander sneers

60. “Ventress” Goro roars “get over here & help!”

61. “We have to leave” she hisses “something else is here . . .”

62. Almost instantly white trooper appear . . .

63. Ventress is hit in the back . . .

64. Goro dives for cover . . .

65. The commander surveys the situation . .

66. More & more of the white clad troops storm the area . . . .

67. Firing indiscriminately at each of the parties . . .

68. The battle heats up . . .

69. From afar Goro can see that these are re tooled soldiers for the Galactic Empire . . . .

70. Within the chaos Goro aligns with the Neimoidian soldiers against a far deadlier enemy . . .

71. The fire fight is furious . . .

72. Ultimately however the new troopers are simply to great in number . . .

73. A commander enters the fray, eying an unexpected prize.

74. The Neimoidian commander sees his opportunity to take down a ranking officer . . .

75. However . . . .

76. “NOOOOO DAM IT NO!” Goro screams as the foolish commander falls . . . .

77. His screams attract attention . . .

78. The Dark Lord Vader has slipped in amongst the fire fight, hurling the Giant towards the wall with the aid of the force . .

79. “Lord Vader we have the building” the trooper reports.

80. “It would seem that you have also apprehended a defector commander” Vader booms “ a defector that I had believed to be dead!”

81. “There is only one way to deal with those disloyal to the Empire” he continues grasping her skull with one hand . . .

82. With amazing strength he flings her violently into the glass container . . .

83. “I wish to savour this moment commander, Ventress has reached the point of no return at my hands . . .”

84.  “There was once a time when I foolishly held back the aggression inside of me . . .”

85. “No longer . . . .”

86. The continued assault upon her defenceless body is frightening, whether or not the Dark Lord is recounting their former meetings is known only to him.

87. Vader drags her undignified towards the group . . .

88. “You will all learn the true price of disloyalty & learn to deliver swift justice . .”

89. A whimper escapes her lips as Vader bears his weight upon her . . .

90. From behind the group a burst of energy erupts . . .

91. Durandel motions his arms forwards creating a wave of energy . . .

92. Levelling  everything in it‘s wake. . .

93. Almost everything! . . .

94. Again drawing both arms back behind him & simultaneously motioning them forwards a wave of force energy  is unleashed . . . .

95. As the dust settles the Padawan drags the lifeless Ventress towards the window . . .

96. How they will escape the planet however is another matter . . . . .

TO BE CONTINUED . . . . .     


In the skies above the Imperial city a small one-manned vessel weaves sadistically towards the on coming traffic, forcing innocent commuters to swerve away from almost certain impact!

2. The fighter descends on an exclusive landing platform as a black clad figure emerges  . . .

3. Vader: “Well  Joyeuse, the Emperor returned with little in the way of value - I trust there was more to his excursion than he would have me believe?”

 Joyeuse: “There was indeed my Lord, it would appear that an exchange took place between his excellence & a being of some power in the catacombs of Makem Hek!”

4. As Joyeuse reports his findings - he becomes aware of a subtle change in Vader. As if pieces of a larger puzzle were beginning to form somewhere behind his cold black eyes . . .

5. The force tremors around them as Vader’s rage boils to the surface . . . .

Vader: “So the Emperor HAS indeed withheld information from me . . Just as I had begun to suspect.
You have indeed excelled yourself  Joyeuse - however this now demands a change in my overall plan . . . .” 

6. The vote of confidence from the Dark Lord triggers a memory in Joyeuse’s mind: to a time when a little encouragement would have gone along way . . . .

7. Joyeuse: “We really stuck it to ‘em on Geonosis Master Windu, wish I was there myself”
Humouring the chronicler Master Windu nods politely “Indeed, would you mind registering these reports as soon as possible - they will be tactically & historically very important?”

8. Eager to please, Joyeuse  snivels further “of coarse Master Windu they may take me a while but I’ll make them top priority”

9. As Windu exits Saesee Tiin enters the room in a less forgiving mood!

Tiin: “Hah! You gotta be a real JedI to go out in the field - remind me why you can only keep books again?”

10. A touchy subject for Joyeuse Tiin uses it as a distraction to unload yet more battle logs & landing reports upon the chronicler . . . 

11. “Have fun!!” Master Tiin chuckles as he makes for the exit . .

12. Joyeuse remembers that anger all to well - something he’ll never be forced to suppress again!

13. Present day - a med lab on Coruscant

14. “staring at him ain’t gonna improve his status hon.”  a nurse chirps “why don’t you get some shut eye if your sticking around?”

15.As the nurse goes about her duties the Crimson guard turns away from her, yet to say a word.
“I don’t think I ever came across you guys in med before - thought you had a centre all to yourselves?”

16. As the Guard removes his helmet Galen Cortez is revealed . . .

17. Galen:  “Sorry, I . . well he’s a special case being funded privately . . The authorities can’t be told!”
Nurse: “As long as you got the credits honey I ain’t got time to report to nobody, demands of the job”

18. “I’m surprised they ain’t on your case though, that stand off with the old guard is really taking off”

19. Galen grabs the nurse by the arms “what stand off with the old guard . . . Where?”

20. As she relays the information he suits up once more & heads for the exit . . .

21. Nurse: “Don’t be a hero honey - your credits are only enough for one bacta tank”

22. . . . . . . . 

23. Nearly an hour later across town the stand off is near breaking point . . .

24. Gunfire has been exchanged for hours ..   

25. With both sides taking heavy casualties a stalemate is reached . . .

26. Behind the barricades a Troop commander explains himself to the newly arrived Imperial S.P

Commander “I’m sorry ma’m  but they are right above one of the four main gas lines, bombardment is out of the question. The only way in/out is that Parma steel door which is 12 layers thick to contain any leak from inside”

27. {huk}  The cold blade of a vibrostaff ends the debate . .

28. From inside the few survivors desperately try to gain their composure long enough to come up with any ideas that they have yet to try.

29. From behind them a red guard emerges “you were never a glass is half full kinda guy Dorm!”

30. The Sergeant leaps forwards & with some encouragement removes the crimson helmet.

31. As he does so Galen uses the chance to turn the tables as they seem less than pleased to see him so far. “Dorm it’s me Galen” he growls “stop time wasting or more people are gonna die!”

Confused but determined Dorm stands firm “Galen Cortez is a Blue blood like me, red ain’t even in his dictionary!”

32. Galen : “Dorm it’s me - last time I saw you we were helping JedI escape an assassination attempt!”

33. “Is this true?” A child’s voice speaks from behind them

34. Galen “Yes it’s true but we have little time for pleasantries - we need to go YOU especially need to get out now!”

35. As Galen & Dorm are hurriedly re-acquainted it becomes clear to Galen that his friend has been protecting the Padawan much the same as he himself has with Durandel.

36. Outside Necatarina - Imperial Sovereign Protector to the Emperor - shows her leadership abilities by commandeering a construction wagon.

37. The high density laser used to cut steel of all kinds makes short work of the thickened door.

38. “c’mon”  Sergeant Dorm screams “You have to use the service tunnels Galen showed us!”
The boy is reluctant to abandon his friend “I’ll see you on the other side?” he asks.
“YES” Galen spits “GO!”

39. The screeching of metals echoes loudly as the final piece of the door caves. . .

40. “We gotta get you suited & booted” Dorm insists “if you do good today Galen - you do it in Blue!”

41. Inside the access tunnels the Padawan uses his blade to guide their movements . . .

42. “This isn’t necessary Dorm” Galen groans “I’m ok as I am!” A stern look from his friend says it all - what they had stood for all their lives is near it’s end & dignity is all Dorm wants for them now!

43. “Do you hear anything?” the Padawan asks his assigned protector “no kid but I’m sure they are ok” the guard replies hopefully.
Padawan : “I have a sense of foreboding down here - we must be cautious”

44. As Galen straps his boots he hears a blood curdling scream . . .

45. . . . . Dorm . . .

46. Further along he finds another guard but before the can exchange conversation they are interrupted.

47. Necatarina: “I see you are a sergeant .. . . Everyone leave us!!”

48. The guard raises his weapon to her “No” Galen shouts “get to the tunnel & protect the boy!”

49. Unthreatening but prepared Galen awaits her first mistake . .. .

50. Necatarina: “I came with 4 imperial guards but then I became aware of a 5th - impressive!”

51. Underground, thankfully the guard Galen dispatched catches up to the Padawan & his protector  . .

52. As Necatarina chats Galen dishes out an unorthodox side kick against her blade.

53. Stomping it to the ground!

54. He swishes his cape like a dancing bird . . .

55. Picking up the blade on his way round!!!

56. Guard 1: “Look - now he’s here I’m gonna check ahead since you are feeling uneasy”
      Padawan “Ok  but stay close!”
     Guard 2 “it’s ok laddie your safe with me”

57. The Padawan continues along the tunnel . . .

58. After witnessing her final breath Galen races to the service hatch & races along the tunnel at top speed!


60. He has failed - all he can do is scream “AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGHHHHHHH!”

61. “Think you’re the only one who can dress up automaton?” Joyeuse sniggers to himself from further on down the tunnel as Galen’s cries pass him like a gust of wind.

62.Poised above the Wookie Home world of Kashyyyk Vader receives an update . . . . .

63. Joyeuse “I didn’t have the pleasure of killing Necatarina myself my Lord, I can however confirm the wenches death! I did however manage to bag myself a Jedi, got the trophy to prove it!”

Vader: “Ex-cellent work Joyeuse - this must indeed be the day for hunting Jedi - I am tracking a small group myself as we speak. . . . That is all for now.

64. As the ships shadow slowly casts upon the planets surface -  it bears an uncanny comparison to the empire upon the galaxy . . . .




 ;D Thanks guys!

I took a risk with the last few final scenes but we dont have any info on ventress after the obsession comics so I figured that even if the EU add to her history - my little side route shouldnt do much damage!

Next one up soon, thanks again  ;)


1. Some years ago armistice was declared between two malevolent powers in the universe.
The last of an ancient race - Mygalomorphae the everlasting - had been without a mate for over a millennia.
Unable to produce offspring she desperately clung to the hope that somewhere, eventually the answer to her plight would reveal itself.

To be the last of your kind for eternity is a heavy burden to bear . . .

2.  Across the centuries she found a way to recruit followers to her cause in exchange for the only thing she had - her life force.

Amongst the dead & dying on any given battlefield she would offer them a new life & a new purpose.

3. Eventually news of her massive recruitment drive reached a powerful & knowledgeable Sith Lord.

When  the female of her ancient race lays eggs for fertilisation a small stone is passed from the gut.
With a limited lifespan the stone allows a small amount of foresight - enough to select the strongest & nearest mate.

The Sith Lord concluded that combined with Dark side energies this window into the future would be a priceless acquisition, exaggerating his already impressive foresight abilities tenfold!

4. An uneasy bargain was made whereby he would forward any & all information he had acquired regarding the creation of life, continuing to do so as & when he acquired it.

In exchange every 10 years he would be given the birthstone as payment.

5. Suddenly however the exchange stopped . . . 

6. Present day, the vertical city - Nar Shadaa .  . .

7. On one of the many walkways, Durandel hurries after his newly aquired companion ..

8. “What seems to be the problem miss?” he asks “I get the feeling you are starting to distance yourself from our aquaintence?”

9. “What is your problem?” the female snaps cruelly
“we have no aqaintance - get gone child before I send you headfirst into the nearest supernova!!!”

10. As she turns away the Padawan retaliates even though he probably shouldn’t


11. Stopping dead in her tracks she turns 180 & squres up to the young one
“YOU know nothing of me neonate - I answer to noone & noone answers to me!!”

“Then if I have made assumptions there is only  you to correct me!” he replies.

12. Unmoved she continues onwards to her destination, admissibly recognising Durandel in persuit.

13. They enter a Jek jek tar lounge - a bar mainly for non humans where the air has a certain level of toxicity for recreational purposes.

A battle droid squeals for mercy as it is pushed from pillar to post by the revellers . . .

14. One extremely large, one eyed wookie seems to take great pleasure in the teasing!

15. As the noise of music & merriment reaches a maximum, blaster fire rings out . . . .

16. A patron smirks from behind a smoking blaster, the noise starts up again & the celebration continues.

17. At a table in the corner of the room Durandel & the female continue their heated discussion.

“How long have you known my identity?” the newly revealed Ventress questions
“From the start” Durandel answers.

To a  JedI in training the prospect of redemption seems to be at least a glimmer of hope for even those completely consumed by hatred & fear - to a former Sith apprentice however hoplessness & early death seem the more likely outcome . . .

18. As an hour passes the lounge becomes even louder & more rowdy . . . .

19. “Hey I know you!” a denizen yells “you’re that chick - Dooku’s broad: there must be a waiting list as big as Yavin for those who want your head!”     

20. Feeling that he was just beginning to get through to Ventress - Durandel  lunges at the sleazebag in a desperate bid to halt his tirade before he attracts the attentions of the bigger, badder drinkers . . .

21. TOO LATE . . . .

22. Back in the depths of the ancient temple on Makem Hek, Grandpa Cortez has arrived to transfer Galen’s specific memory files onto a portable view screen.

“Will this take long?” Alpha trooper asks “No, no, no” Grandpa chuckles “it’s a  very simple!”

23. A whirring emanates from the wiring, Galen’s eyes ****** from side to side like someone reading at great speed..

24. “Grandpa I feel sick!” Galen murmurs

“Donna  be so silly son, you can‘t be sick”  Grandpa reassures

25. As the machine whirrs louder & louder Galen bolts forwards . . .

This isn’t a straightforward file transfer its Sith scripture -
Galen isn’t so straightforward either!

26. As electricity consumes Galen trooper Alpha takes cover . . .

27. After a number of bangs & flashes Galen come to on his hands & knees, still feeling hazy.

28. Once to his feet a disrupter rifle rests itself upon his brow “waddaya tryin to pull bubo?”
Alpha shouts.   

29. As quick as lightning Cortez disarms the trooper . . 

30. “check your pops” the alpha chimes “he looks bad!”

31. Sure enough it seems that Grandpa wasn’t quick enough to avoid the fireworks.

32.”Let me heal him man of wires, the sooner I can begin the better survival rate he has?”
the ancient being states convincingly.
“No thanks, this family has had enough resurrection disasters” Cortez replies.

33. Alpha trooper alerts them that the transfer process was successful . . .

34. Mygalomorphae cradles the new tome & laughs excitedly aloud - her quest is a step closer to it’s goal! 

35. Back at Jek jek tar the two force users are heavily outnumbered against the mercs & bounty hunters inside.

36. “THE JEDI WILL NOT BE HARMED”  a voice growls - it appears to be a large Bothan patron.


38. The original troublemaker makes the first move towards the Bothan & a full scale brawl erupts!

39. The familiar sounds of blaster discharge & the hum of a sabre fill the air . ..

40. The giant Wookie dives upon  the student of the light, minimising his usefulness  in battle - snarling inches from his face . .

41. A full 20 mins later  Durandel & Ventress find themselves back outside the lounge setting as the sound of breaking glass & smell of smoke echo from inside . .

42. “We must go back” Durandel panics “that warrior had our backs in there!”
“NO” Ventress hisses “His death will be in vain if you die too - come!”

43. Outside an apartment block two figures exchange objects under the cover of darkness . .

44. Inside one of Ventress’s many safe houses across the galaxy Durandel  attends to the fixtures & fittings that can be repaired. “Never had you down as the apartment type” he chuckles as his companion returns “I have prepared us sustenance when you’re ready”

45. Aloof once again Ventress stays hidden underneath her cloak & hood. Durandel has observed many intense mood swings whilst in her company, this one seeming almost depressive in nature.

46. As he brushes away her hood it becomes obvious that Ventress is out of it. Her stare vacant & her responsiveness non existent.

Whatever demons she is fighting - a quick fix seems to be her only tried & tested solution to the pain. The rage enhancers that she & Grievous shared have taken over what little soul she once clung to!

47. After erupting  into a ‘getting high is not the answer’ monologue, he sits with his head in his hands
trying to  deconstruct her train of though but she races off into the night.

How he wonders can it be so hard to get through to someone who has shown signs of progression - only to spiral back so soon?

48. In the dead of night  she returns once again, perhaps drawn by the young mans continuing hopes for her to succeed - even after the darkness she has embraced for so long . .

49. Standing over him as he lies defencelessly before her, multiple feelings run through her  mind.

 Uncertain of her own thought processes anymore she defers back to instinct  . .

50. As the boy stirs she places her left foot beside him & hitches up her skirt . . .

51. Was  it possible that Obi Wan was right about her all along?

The boy has similar hopes . . 

Obi Wan . . . That thought stays with her . . .

52. As she grasps his wrists tightly Durandel momentarily wonders if she is about to kill him in his sleep deprived state of mind . . .

53.  But as she kisses him he relinquishes himself to her mercy . . .

54. As the silhouettes within the mirror ball reflect . .

Change can be a good thing but it can come at a heavy price!

To be continued . . . .




1. Within the heart of  a decaying temple Mygalomorphae - an ancient being of great power - studies her captives.

2. “Bipedal creatures” she muses “such aggressive tendencies” . . .

3. “Such purity & innocence”

4. “Can any of you truly grasp the paradox of your destines?”

5. “You create to destroy? . . .” she sighs as she prods a captured vulture droid.

6.  Somewhat puzzled she nestles herself up high & begins to study the Sith tome.

7. Certain of her diverted attention Durandel once again eases the carefully concealed saber from before towards him. . . .

8. With a concentrated mind he lifts it upwards into the air . . .

9.  Igniting it quickly & directing it’s motion . .

10.  Cutting away the webbing around the vulture droid . . .

11. Mygalomorphae is too late to stop events unfolding . .

12.  . . ..

13. The clone wars reject springs into action . . .

14.  With careful precision the Padawan summons the sabre & hacks at the sticky ties that bind him . . .

15. By now the dishevelled droid dive bombs it’s tormentor . . .

16.  Allowing time to free the second captive . .

17.  Although he senses that darkness has tainted her before now, Durandel cannot leave her to her fate . .

18.  Quickly & silently they make their escape!

19.  . . . . .

20.  Within the thick bush a patrolling shadow trooper spies a rifle on the ground, checking his locator he confirms that smugglers have been spotted around these parts.

22.  But it’s the unseen that cause the headaches in the long run . . .

23.  Or neck . . .

24.  “Troy” a squad member shouts to his fallen comrade . .

25.  “Oh my - jeez - Troy”

26.  Then a hum resonates from behind him . .

27. Having been commanded during the clone wars on countless missions, trooper ‘Denny’ recognises the distinct sound.

28. With such formidable combat experience Denny makes an unpredictable forward roll  . . .

29.  Ending magnificently in an instant rifle shot.

30.  However . . .

31.  After dispatching of Denny, Cortez is himself ambushed . . .

32.  Momentarily anyway!

33.  As he squeezes hard at the jugular of trooper 3 someone approaches.

34. “I think you’ve brutalised enough pups today blue” the apparent leader spits

35.  “Put down the whelp & deal with the Alpha” he finishes.

36. As Cortez lets trooper 3 leave his leader mutters something to him quietly, calling for reinforcements maybe?

37.  “Where is the young Jedi, Commander?” Galen begins

38. “Beats me” the leader shrugs shaking his fist “this is a harsh place”

39. Squaring up to the black clad soldier Galen presses further “four pairs of republic issue boots head this way with my friend, after what I can only describe as an ambush!”

40. “TALK!”

41. Blow after blow the two opposing blades meet . . .

42. Footwork & technique matter little in the middle of a jungle . .

43.  Cunning & creative attacks gain advantage . .

44. Or dirty tactics . . .

45. With Mandalorian blood pumping through his veins the warrior is odds on favourite . .

46. But in savouring victory with a battle cry the trooper is vulnerable to a single attack . . .

47. What is referred to as a drop - toe hold.

48. With their legs inter locked & with Cortez applying his entire upper body pressure upon the lower half of the soldiers the pain is unbearable . . Galen now in complete control demands answers!

49. Torture is something that every soldier is trained for, but not like this! The android has no give, no attention span - just the need for answers.

50.  After humiliatingly begging for freedom the trooper agrees to take Cortez to the prisoners.

54. Somewhere amongst the screams of pain & anguish the trooper finds a small amount of respect in loosing to a better warrior.

55.  Later . . .

56.  With the female casualty over his shoulder, Durandel happens across a small out building whilst trekking through the bush.

57. Hearing the shrieks of their pursuer in the distance it seems their safest hope.

58.  Metallic in structure the door holds firmly against the assault by Mygalomorphae.

59. Then . . Silence . . .

60. Inside what appears to be a makeshift home the Padawan tends to the woman.

61. Using a stove & other supplies he is able to provide sustenance for them both.

62. For now at least the shack will provide refuge until dawn.

63. “Things aren’t always back & white” the trooper states “sometimes there are shades of grey!”

64. Cortez witnesses hundreds of what appear to be eggs covering the temple . . .

65.  “Our ‘mistress’ can grant the ultimate gift, let me show you”

66. “You’ve met Troy already today” the trooper states patting a fellow soldier

67 . “Troy?” Cortez  asks perplexed  . . . .”

“yeah” the leader  laughs “funny ain’t it?”

68. “My god” Cortez giggles hugging the trooper “I’m . . .I ”

69. “No hard feelings” Troy nods “but you should listen . .”

70. Amidst the gathering of bodies Mygalomorphae returns.

71. The soldiers look nervous - like teenagers caught smoking - out of respect Cortez bows his head.

72. “WHY DO YOU ALLOW THIS . . THING TO DEFILE MY DOMAIN CHILD?..” she asks the troop leader.

73.  “I seek a young Jedi - my companion who would have been brought here?”


75. Early morning Durandel arrives inside the makeshift lair after collecting up useful items from the neighbouring area. “Where are you going miss?” he asks.

76.  In a strangely quiet, husky tone the female seems distant in her response “thank you for your hospitality Padawan but I am a dangerous companion, I must be away”

77. As she opens the steel door a patrol can be seen heading in their direction. . .

78. “No!” she hisses “ the allegiances make little sense but their intentions are always the same . . “

79. As the woman bolts past him Durandel opens the door by a fraction to identify the advancing party.

“It’s fine” he assures her “stay here . . .”

80. From the outside the group hear the creaking of the rusty door hinges . .

81. Cortez removes his helmet to the relief of the Padawan.

Galen speaks first: “Hey kiddo found you eventually!”

Durandel laughs nervously - aware of the armed escort “what’s going on Galen?”

82. Through the door their conversation can be heard;

“I made a deal Durandel, you let them search for something - the item I took from the palace - if you don’t have it then you go free . .”

The young Jedi questions his friend’s better judgement “And you?”

“Well that’s the hard part” Galen replies “ I have pretty much a back up of it in memory so providing you’re ok they get what they want anyway!”

83. Unwillingly accepting his friends offer of aid Durandel allows the troopers to search for the mystery item.

84. His companion however takes some persuading before allowing a pat down.

85. 30 mins later Durandel & his female companion are clear to leave, walking calmly but quickly away from the area.

86. The fake 3 fingered military salute that Galen gives is actually a pre arranged code which indicates to meet at their safety point in 3 weeks . . 

87. As they depart Durandel wonders what will become of his protector . .

88. Cortez obviously worried about his charge . .

89. Also wonders about the missing book . . . And to whom it now belongs . . .


The Planet Makem Hek, in the farthest reaches of the Perlemian Trade Route.

We begin inside a bar, panning past the strange denizens within we witness a drunken Quarren collapse before reaching Cortez & Durandel.

{{CRASH}} glass shatters

"HICK" the lightweight continues . .

Cortez: “I still don’t understand what’s so important about this rock kiddo, we’ve been here for 4 days & all I’ve witnessed is leery Quarren who can’t handle his ale?”

Durandel: “Patience Galen Cortez, the answer will come”

Cortez takes another sip . . .

Cortez: “So this is a kind of  Jedi hunch?”
Durandel: “I don’t know  . . But something draws me here . . .”

A stranger approaches them, Galen looks menacingly upwards towards the character.

Stranger: “Grog requests that you step outside due to the risk of damage”

Durandel & Galen both lower their drinks

Durandel: “Damage?”
Stranger: “There is a Gamorrean hunting party that requests a moment of your time!”

Galen: “I’m not in the mood to play guessing games, if it’s gonna be a fight we can at least be in the fresh air!”

“JedI??” the party screech baying for blood

Galen: “Just act nice & calm till I can get enough room to pop the big one in the face”
Durandel: “I could just force push them collectively?”
Galen: “yep . . Confirming that you are indeed a Jedi . . .  kiddo be smart!”

Galen approaches the largest of the group who appears to be the chief huntsman.

The stinking beast snorts one word “Jedi.”   
Trying to calm the tension Cortez responds ”No - No - No Jedi here!”

From behind someone clears their throat “uh hum”

It’s the stranger from inside who has a lightsaber held up on show

“Oh you swines . .” Cortez groans as the realisation hits that once again his young Padawan  friend has become a little lighter!

Quite out of character the party has come prepared, clamping a neural inhibitor upon Durandel before he has had time to overcome his embarrassment & then simply bind him by his hands.

Sheer strength in numbers allows the Gamorreans to best the seasoned law man.
Showing their sadistic nature the party hang Galen from the highest point in the area.

Leaving him swinging in the cool morning breeze . . . .

At the Imperial palace Emperor Palpatine meditates within his now fully operational Sith chambers.

His focus & determination allow him a mastery of the Dark side unseen for eons.

“Your shuttle awaits your highness” Mas amedda squirms

”Very well my friend” Palpatine sighs smugly

“The dark side smiles upon us this day!”

Within the throne room Darth Vader bids farewell to his master.
 “You are in sole command during my absence Lord Vader”  the Emperor hisses.

As Vader naturally takes to the throne Palpatine erupts . . . . .

“The throne however is exclusively mine . .”
 The apprentice falls to his knees like a scolded dog “Forgive me my master . . “

In the blink of an eye the Emperors demeanour sullies once more “No harm done - this time, keep things as they should be until my return . .”

Back outside the tavern the apparently lifeless corpse twitches into motion.

Free of the slipknot Cortez refastens his cape & brushes himself down.

“hmm that’s a new one!” he chirps to himself “gotta remember that I don’t breathe anymore!”

Picking up his rife Cortez realises that a rescue is in order, Gamorreans don’t hide their tracks . . . .

Over rocky terrain & then into dense jungle Durandel is powerless to act upon his own free will - his focus firmly fixed upon the leader of the group.

Suddenly all hell breaks loose . . . .

Black clad warriors emerge from the surrounding trees.

Durandel can do little else but witness the events. . .

The perfect ambush!

“Orders?” a subordinate asks of his superior . . .

“SUPPERTIME!!” the Commander roars . . .

The star fighters are camouflaged under the thick tree line away from prying eyes on the outskirts of the jungle/ canyon boarder.

Tooled up & ready for action Cortez picks up the trail into the green.

“An ambush?” Galen exclaims discovering his companions prized weapon amongst the dirt “No bounty hunter would leave such an important trophy behind, why kidnap a Jedi twice over?”

Hours later . . .
The Padawan awakens free of the headgear but bound once again above a cavern floor.

It would appear that he is not alone . . . .

“Look who’s awake” the gruff commander laughs “I’m surprised she didn’t paralyse you?”

Durandel begins to focus “she?” he asks the soldier.

“This isn’t a Q & A session bro, we are expecting company” the soldier grunts.

He nods to the figure above “That one has been slipping in & out for days, must be another off one? Toxins effect different ones in different ways but I’d bet a star cruiser that YOU haven’t a mark on you!”

One of the other men quietly relay information to the commander, who begins to leave the area “I’d keep still if I were you, struggling tends to get you dead!”

Shortly after the black soldiers leave a familiar sight befalls the Padawan.

The Crimson Guard - Cortez’ replacement under the new rule - converge upon an alter that has escaped Durandel until now.

As a shadowy figure enters the cavern a dark foreboding feeling hits . . .

The object that Galen had removed from the palace . . . .
The crimson guards then retreat to outside the area under strict  orders . . . .

Then a familiar if not slightly more sinister voice bellows arrogantly holding the item aloft.

“Darth Sidious Lord of the great Sith, son of the darkness & the pupil of treachery announces himself before you . . . You will acknowledge my power!”

Something stirs . . ..

Something monstrous edges towards this dark figure . . Rattling & hissing furiously.

“Mygalomorphae the orb weaver I command thee, on thy ancient word to accept this offering . . .” He continues

Then the creature finally replies, in a voice that echoes as if spoken by a thousand mouths in all pitches - from a whisper to a roar . . .


The figure reveals himself gesturing towards the alter below.

Mygalomorphae samples the offering.

Like a thirst quenched she sighs basked in a purple glow.

Whilst she sips at the object the true nature of the Sith is revealed at long last!

Drawing the saber that has befallen so many Jedi Palpatine believes he has the upper hand!

The arachnid strikes out instantly - the ploy was amateurish in its conception & no real threat but a duel fills  Mygalomorphae with curiosity.

A stand off

Sparring . . . Her pincers unphased by saber contact . .

She awaits her opportunity . . .

The aggressor is disarmed . .

Counter attack!

Slowly she shakes off the force lightning with her own energies . . .


The woman trapped in the web above murmurs . . . . 

Durandel sees his opportunity & begins to edge the abandoned saber towards them.

In the background Mygalomorphae has finished her dealings with Palpatine.

One of the ambushers from the tavern is also a third groggy prisoner  . . . .

He is snagged from his ceiling bonds & taken below .

Durandel realises that escape is most definitely his only option!!!!

To be continued in act 2 . . . .  :!:


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