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TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 3 (Spoilers)
« on: January 16, 2017, 08:15 PM »
I liked the cameos of the movie better than the show itself, but I do find elements of the show fun and interesting.  I liked the droid and the idea of it in general.

Rogue One / Re: Rogue One Toy Rumors
« on: January 13, 2017, 10:49 PM »
I'd much rather the droid I think haha, only cuz anything else isn't gonna wow.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Star Wars Spin-Off #2 - Han Solo!
« on: January 11, 2017, 09:31 PM »
As a cocky mentor to a cocky hotshot smuggler/pilot?  I think he'll fit right in. I just keep thinking of his character from Zombieland. :)

Rogue One / Re: What Would You Like to See for the 40th Anniversary?
« on: January 11, 2017, 12:21 AM »
Leaning towards more realistic expectations of what I'd want or like, I'd like to see the Vintage cardbacks (I agree though Diddly, they're nothing special really but I like them and they're harder to rip off than a box you can reseal, IE: black series), and while I'd love it to be basically be hyper articulation all around, tons of new stuff or upgrades of deserving stuff, I'd more realistically like to see:

-TVC cardbacks (again, for theft's sake)
-An INCREASE in articulation to 2007 levels...  Selective, some SA, some quasi, some  lacking leg articulation mostly, some angle-cut elbows ala 2006, etc.
-A 2-accessory minimum...  2 blasters, or a cup and a blaster, you get the idea here.
-TBS level paint apps...  that is to say, I don't expect them to go back to the great old days of paint washes and stuff, but it'd be nice to see it SOMETIMES, and otherwise, just straight eyes, a little more detail than the current basic line, etc.
-And a price that at least doesn't bump up from where TBS currently is, but ideally I'd like to see it around $9.99-$10.99 anyway.  Maybe wishful thinking there.

Again this is tempered...  The "Everything should be SA and great" crowd is living in a dream world where they'll never be happy, and where nobody seems able to pull them out of said world and back to reality.  Those days are over.  That said, I think there is a leeway where price and articulation can somehow meet a middle ground, and I think that'd be fantastic.

-As far as vehicles go...  minimal interest here.  Ships are rarely a scale I care about.  I'd love to see some mini-rig type stuff maybe, something more akin to what we got with TCW that was plausible looking as a working thing in that universe. 

-As far as playsets go, I laugh at you for even thinking it (if you're doing something realistic, not something you just want in a perfect world ;D).

-Mega vehicles, see above.

-Repacks...  I would personally like to see the RFT, Yavin Tech, Honor Guard, obviously a Stormtrooper which ideally would be some "ultimate" kind of idea here...  A couple aliens I could see getting a repack too, some droids, whatever.  Depends how "big" this line was gonna go, which I cannot imagine it'd go too large unless it morphed in with the new movies too.

-And as an exclusive, somewhere, a multi-pack in a vintage-esque package that includes a blue (tall w/KISS boots) Snaggletooth, red (short & shoeless) Snaggletooth, green Greedo, onesie Hammerhead, funkadelic Walrusman, Blue Gonk, and chrome DSD, (last 2 repaints of existing sculpts) all in their original colors and styles, but in a modern style of sculpt and some updated articulation, drink glasses...  Just some huge fan wank that goes to EE or something.  I'd plunk a $100 down for that, seriously, but obviously less would be better.  I want it that bad though.

The latter would be in that stupid realm to dream, but I'm throwing it in anyway.

Now this is a 40th SW only kind of thing...  But if it went to a greater more movie thing, hey, great.  I'd love to see a ton of new figures from the new films, Rogue One especially, in the above format...  Improved, but not super, articulation.  I'd love for the line to just go this direction in general.  I don't expect any of it though.  I totally expect Jeff's meme, and I expect the madness to follow. 

Sure, I'll be disappointed, but I have other stuff to collect I enjoy, and a life, so I'll kind of enjoy the general collector meltdown going on that will follow that soothsaying, and it will be epic and fun to observe as people lash out.

Now if only the 3.75" were bound to hit a saturation point.  :-\

I have 2 really...  one's 20 minutes away, one about 7 to 10 maybe?  They still had a decent foothold in the east and northeast for the most part.

We had a Sears Grand, but it went kaput.  Sucks because I did exchange my craftsman stuff there when I needed to.

Craftsman's guarantee varies (Anything with Evolve isn't as easily exchanged as the regular stuff), but yeah it's not as simple as walk in and get a new one, as it once was...  Sometimes they hassle you on seeing receipts, despite the tool being stamped what it is...  Annoying junk.

It's weird too, like I say.  Individual things that you may get as a replacement to a "set" are labeled made in the USA, while everything in the "set" you got was made in China... 

Like I say, the quality is about on par (or even below) Harbor Freight.  You have to navigate it, know what you're looking for, at, and talking about...  Like HF's 72 Tooth Ratchet is insanely well done, and rivals Snap On, and blows Craftsman's stuff out of the water.  That said, I'd prefer a Craftsman Torque Wrench to a HF (not that HF is bad, I just know the Craftsman is more accurate).

I don't think you can get much 6 point stuff at HF, only 12 point, and you really should have 6 point wrenches and such for breaking nuts loose...  I LOVE my Craftsman electric impact guns too, but HF's corded gun is every bit as good as Craftsman's corded gun, and even has replaceable brushes and things.  But Craftsman's cordless impact gun is miles superior to HF's and has the torque to rip lugs off, and I've even broken axle nuts with it.  HF's cordless stuff is very much more miss than hit.

On wrenches, I've got ratcheting Craftsman, and I have regular box wrenches and things, and they're all Craftsman, and I prefer them to HF, but when I want something like a super long box wrench, I tend to look at HF at this point.

I can't justify the $ spent on Snap On and MAC and such (though I do have some inherited tools from both, and love them).  Craftsman isn't terrible, but it's not what it was in the 70s and 80s for sure.  They still have Craftsman Tool Stores here, not sure about all your different areas though.  They only sell tools and maybe some appliances too?  I forget, but they're small stores, usually in a plaza, and I'm hoping those somehow live on as a place to go LOOK at the tools you want to buy.  Otherwise it's all online, and sometimes you have to hold a wrench or something to know how you'll like it.

That all said, HF has tons of cool stuff.  I could go broke there buying/trying anything they have.  I have far more things from them that I love than things that crapped out on me.  And they are really easy to deal with on exchanging anything.  I've never had a single issue.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines - by Hiya Toy
« on: January 5, 2017, 09:18 PM »
I've seen some of the Transformer stuff out there and it's insane...  Really detailed stuff.

I'm glad Star Wars has at least some decent stuff as it limps along, and I'm fine with it as it is I guess.  I just would love to have gotten like Han in his TFA outfit that he wore 90% of the movie, but articulated, and some other stuff...  Hurt more with Rogue One.  I would've loved to have had a shot at all the Rogues, some of the Rebel Troopers & officers & pilots...  Just good versions of more would've been nice.  The 5POA just will never resonate with me, and I'll just customize it some.  :-\

The Acid Rain line gets a ton of my $, and I've learned my lesson to pre-order as soon as it comes out, and not piss around.  ::)  I missed their SDCC exclusive this year too, and that's killing me.  Prices after the show were immediately insane and never came back.  Bah.

But what they do, I like, and it works in Star Wars dios and stuff to me...  I think without some crossover, I'm not into it then.

To be honest, Craftsman is a lot junkier now...  Not everything, but you overpay for Chinese-made tools generally with it now, and are paying for the name...  If you want something as good, you can go to Harbor Freight for things like sockets, ratchets (which are vastly superior to just about all Craftsman)...  OLD Craftsman stuff was US made, and superior.  It's become difficult to get though.  Their screwdrivers are still US made and far more durable (since they double as prying tools usually, heh).

That said, Craftsman sells better tool sets overall than many similar priced things...  For instance, Stanley.  So Stanley buying them is kinda ugh.  They've largely been overtaken though by Gear Wrench, Harbor Freight's Pittsburgh brand, etc.  Tekton is ok, and I believe that's Home Depot's line.  Kobalt (Lowes) blows, trust me. 

From a tools perspective though, Craftsman has gone downhill in the past 10-15 years, and it's probably not going to trend upward with Stanley/B&D owning it unfortunately.  They'll pass in a crowd if the crowd gets big enough, but the reality is most of what they offer can be had for a fraction of the price at Harbor Freight, same lifetime warranty, and less of a hassle (they've become real dicks on exchanging) over it too.  And stuff like HF's 72tooth ratchet?  It blows Craftsman out of the water and is vastly more comparable to Snap On, Matco, etc.

What Craftsman does really nicely though, is sells a decent socket or mechanics tool set, whereas the "sets" at places like Harbor Freight can really suck...  You can get a set of like deep metric impact sockets, and those will be cool, but if you bought a "mechanics tool set" of a lot of random stuff, it's usually made of some insanely cheap stuff and you don't get their individual smaller sets...  It's kinda tricky to navigate the tool world, haha.

If you wrench day/night though, most of those guys are looking at things like Matco, Snap-On, etc.  Even those brands you have to watch somewhat though.  But I know so many guys buying Harbor Freight Toolboxes because Craftsman etc. have become insanely overpriced and HF is as good or better quality.  It's a sign of the general global market times we live.

Now, my father's Craftsman stuff, it's all US made for the most part, stuff from the 60s/70s...  some older even.  And here's something goofy...  Individual sockets are often US made whereas the big sets are Chinese (but ok), but when you break one  you get a better US made one...  so weird how that's set up.

K-Mart is ok here...  The stores aren't fantastic, and the ones in the city are worse, but they're fairly clean and well stocked.  Their rewards program is unmatched by anyone else (points spend like $, and if you play the coupons right you accrue a ton fast), and they've had the only exclusives worth buying now for years...  It's not a lock those will go to another retailer because it's something the retailer has to want.  I can't imagine K-Mart had dibs ya know?  But they always had something good every year while WM, Target, etc., generally have not for some time.

I'm curious to see what Craftsman will turn into now, but with a KM right up over the hill from me, I'll miss it...  Though mine and the other one not far away aren't leaving either.  Still do pretty well out here in the boonies I guess.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines - by Hiya Toy
« on: January 4, 2017, 11:48 PM »
I have some of the Aliens reaction figures...  I liked the space suited ones for customizing, and the others I just kinda wanted because Alien never got its due in toy form really (at least in 4" scale) ever, and I've not heard much about it getting its due anytime soon either.  Hiya's licensing is weird because it's somehow got an OK I guess from what I heard, to work on Aliens stuff (not just the A:CM), but I've not heard them being able to do anything with Alien itself...  or I'd wish for that stuff with articulation too.

But yeah, the Power Loader next to the Funko guys, it doesn't jive at all...  Oddly though, it looks really cool with some Imperial Tech trying to use it to stack cargo in a hastily made hangar bay. :)

Prices suck though, no argument here...  I'm just glad I've found something to enjoy since my Star Wars spending is very low compared to past years.  I want to buy more Star Wars, I just don't, and I don't foresee the glory days coming back either.  Times are a changin' and such.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines - by Hiya Toy
« on: January 4, 2017, 08:15 PM »
It's like the AT-ACT and Legacy AT-AT being compared.  It's just a completely different time to be a toy collector...  Hiya does very nice sculpting, hyper details, hyper articulation, superb paint apps.  But figures are $24, the Power Loader is around $100 and not terribly larger than a figure...  So I was kind of expecting $250.  I think I guessed that price actually, so I can't say it's shocking me at all.  And given what the prototype looked like, that it's a full detailed interior with access to 100% of it, it fits all the marines you could from the movie, it lights up multiple ways...  I'm not disappointed I guess? 

I mean I've bought cars for just 50% more of the price of this thing, so that's kinda funny, but at the same time I love Aliens...  The price sucks, but I'm up for one if not two of these at full price.  And up till Hiya, the only 1/18 Aliens line that was any good (poseable anyway) was the Hot Toys Snap Kits which spiked in price since they went out of production...  So I'm cool (enough) with this, barring something needing me not to be, from a financial POV. 

And the Aliens figures are selling out on a lot of the sites they're on.  I was told this only is happening because the Loader did well too out the gate apparently despite the price being kind of absurd.  People said the same thing on the Power Loader, that it was too much money for something that small, and nobody would buy it...  Apparently it's sold rather briskly.  But this isn't something meant to sell 10,000 units either, like a Hasbro toy, so the market's definitely smaller.

If this does well enough to justify it, they're already prototyping a dropship to see about feasibility of that...  $250 may seem cheap compared to what that costs.  :-\  That'll be one I have to really debate if I can justify the $ there.  I cannot imagine it for under $500.

I really need to write up the fix for that.

Rogue One / Re: Rogue One Imperial AT-ACT Set
« on: January 4, 2017, 03:22 PM »
They never made it out before Christmas to my knowledge, and it's after Christmas, and it's a large ticket Christmas item...  That's my thought on it.  I don't know if Hasbro couldn't get them to retailers in time or what?  Possibly some kind of snafu on the docks again that delayed it?  It didn't seem to make it out anywhere though, and if anything it was online first but right before the holiday.  This seems like something they'd have wanted out in November early on if they could've gotten it out.

I cannot imagine it isn't some shipping/distribution issue and the retailers don't want it lingering on shelves post-holiday...  That said, only Target seems to have them to put out on shelves even, at the moment.  Wal-Mart had them online...  maybe their allotment sold that way?  Can't recall who else, if anyone, got them online to sell?  Disney Store maybe?  Someone did.

I haven't touched my original Wal-Mart ones in eons...  Kind of afraid to.  Not much to fix them if they pop.  I should get one out that is broke and start looking through hardware to find a fix for it.

I'm very curious if anyone knows if this new one has sturdy joints that don't break over time/stress?  It's the motivator for me owning one.  Otherwise there isn't much about it that looks like it's specific to Jedha, or even all that different from the last Wal-Mart one to be honest.  And I kind of prefer the K-Mart Endor ones even, once they're fixed.  The grey seems more right and the deco just looks better to my eye.

This is definitely appreciated...  A Big Wing TIE would be nice too though...  grey instead of blue-grey would be neat since I think I have quite a few of the latter.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Rogue One (SPOILERS)
« on: January 3, 2017, 07:53 PM »
I think the shot was close enough to wipe the tower out anyway, just like how Saw bought it on Jedha.  Perhaps Tarkin didn't have an angle to directly hit the tower but take out the array?

This has been my theory...  The DS comes outta hyper space, they likely aren't in the exact position to make the shot and the DS doesn't appear to zip along at sublight, so  it takes them a certain amount of time to set up their shot.  Time appears to be of the essence in some way too.  Tarkin wants the leak sealed, orders the "quicker" (assuming) shot of just firing one reactor at the base as soon as they can.  The angle comes in view, they take it, it isn't "direct" but it is the first shot they can take to destroy it, and it does...  but it was too late anyway, and the plans were already up and on their way out basically.  The Devastator (assuming) arrives, blockades what it can, but the final sequence takes place and they're off and running to ANH's timeline.


I like the notion that the DS's firing can go faster if you use less reactors to do it, but that in general the entire process is relatively slow.  Even at Endor, they're not pew pew pew picking off capital ships, and I'm betting those aren't full power shots like at Alderaan, but rather single reactor shots on smaller-ish targets.  One that can hit a slow moving target like a capital ship but can't pick off anything with great pinpoint accuracy either.  I'd think that factors in.  This isn't a scalpel after all.

Jedha they're directly above the city, just turn the dish down on it, badaboom...  they had all day basically, but they also probably left quite a few people to escape who saw the writing on the wall I'd bet.

I appreciate that Jayson has them correctly posed as well. :P

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