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I went through my figures finally.

C-3PO...  Wish the gold were a little more vibrant, but the figure is still surprisingly interesting to me.  The right hand is a neat open hand, unique looking.  The panels fit onto it perfectly actually, and the panel lines are pretty well hidden completely.

I really wish the gold weren't so muted, as this is probably the cooler of the C-3PO figures in the line, actually.

Boussh Leia...  The 50/50 figure of the wave.  She's not a winner, not a loser.  Her headsculpt isn't as good as the last version of this figure, but it's also not horrid.  The paint is not bad overall and the little logos on the backpack are pretty slick.

The articulation is everything you could want on the figure pretty much, hooray for articulated figures still being a thing.  And the skirt doesn't inhibit it much at all either, despite being plastic.  It's flexible, and nicely done, which allows this figure to pose well still.  +1 too for the softgoods cape.

That said, Hasbro completely ***** the bed on the molded-in detonator in her left hand, when the last figure actually features a removable, teeny tiny detonator accessory.

So while the sculpt isn't the best, and that detonator is a major flub, it's an interestingly decent figure.  Unfortunately, not perfect by any means.

-Cmdr. Fox...  I think that's his name, I probably goofed it though.  The throw-away mandatory Clone repaint.  His figure is fine for what it is.  Only flawed by the almost dingaling like antenna on his left shoulder pad, which at the very least is out of scale, and at worst looks like a sex toy stuck to him.   :-X

He's a Clone...  Aren't you sick of them too?  I know I am.

-Mosep Bineed...  He rocks socks.  The fact I have a new Cantina alien has me on something of a high so it's hard to be judgmental with him.  His joints are a little "short" in their range of motion.  That and no holster for his new blaster would be my gripes.  That would be minor though, as I really enjoy him and am very glad I nabbed two so I had a fodder fig around.

-Jawas...  Didn't realize how much I'd like these two but I really do.  Hasbro did the ion blasters up right and updated the POTF2 one but also nicely did up the enfield style one with a modern sculpt and proper scale.  The large holster on the one figure for his ion rifle is cool because it opens at the side to easily put the weapon in/out of the holster.  Surprised me how much I really liked these guys, and a 2-pack makes $13+ quite a bit easier to stomach.

-Han Carbonite...  One flaw is the head.  Neck down, this figure is pretty amazing.  Neck up, he's not.  The sculpt is not the best likeness, but not their worst either of Ford's face.  I'd say the paint REALLY harms the sculpt a bit more than the sculpt itself.  The hair deco is really sloppy, and lacks any color variation to it.  The eyes are fine, but the hair deco is really bad, sloppily applied, and it just detracts from the rest of it completely.

The rest of the figure is the articulation and sculpt everyone has wanted for a new Carbonite Han though, and let me say that the block is OUTSTANDING.  An ultimate accessory, if there is such a thing.  So much so that I already have a plan for an extra block in the works that I think will be shockingly easy to accomplish once I do some research. :)

Overall the pre-TFA TBS4" final wave is pretty awesome...  Mosep, Han, Jawas, and shockingly C-3PO, kind of make this wave a mega-winner to me.  $13.99 figures, a Clone I could've easily lived without, and a detonator someone can't seem to drop, all suck a weenie.

But it's a good wave...  Glad I've got them and I'm wrapping up this line (for now).

What a weird thing to retool.

Kind of like the Wv8 Boussh Leia having so much new tooling to it, and not building off the last figure.  No clue why.  ???

Conventions / Re: SDCC 2015
« on: Today at 12:04 AM »
I'm wishing I was. :)

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL Offseason 2015
« on: June 30, 2015, 11:22 PM »
Why'd Pitt move Jordan Staal who, arguably, was a key component after '09?  Same dealio.  Sucks, but that's the cap for ya ultimately, especially when you have that "core" you don't want to break up.  :-\

Wv8 remnants came in from EE today...  Thank god I'm done (for now).

Haven't even opened the box.  :-[

It's very hard to tell but they are there.  Very hidden.

I liked it, and I'm not a 6" collector.  I think if I were to delve into it in a small fashion, maybe just soldiers, I'd be a happy camper...  Not saying I will, but man I will say I liked this figure.

Lemme just say that I didn't mention it much, but the little pamphlet it has on the evolution of the troopers is fun.  It's cheap, kind of lame to some I suppose, but I liked it.  A neat little bonus I felt.

Gripes were few, for me...  I thought it's a solid figure, and a solid way to kick off the line sort of.  It's an awesome box too.  Wish these boxes were more common in the line overall.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Acid Rain - by Ori Toy
« on: June 29, 2015, 09:13 PM »
And like that, sold out...  Quad Eyes is out too (sand deco), so it looks like I'm waiting for new stock on both.

Got my first Laurel, but my 2nd will have to be on the back burner I suppose.  :-\

Glad Acid Rain's popular.  Glad people are seeing what quality toys they are, but damn I was gonna buy stuff next month.  >:(

Also see new figures...  Robotic soldiers, and a female soldier of some type from a new "squad"?  Hmmm

Definitely interested in some of the Marauder figures...  not a ton, just a little group I think.  Loved how they ultimately turned out.

Thanks for the breakdown Eric...  the knee issue I'd not heard of yet.  Hmmm

Yeah I doubt I quit completely...  Like I said, customizing would overtake collecting as my primary gig, and I'd just enjoy making 5POA better or improving a vehicle.  I would definitely buy more acid rain I want without hesitating at the price though.

I didn't want Joe levels of articulation either Matt.  I don't like even the modern Joe articulation on Star Wars figs now.  I felt really that 2007 was the ideal levels and styles.  Some figures get less than others and some get more and for the most part it made sense.  I miss 2007 routinely as a collector.

At the same time though, hasbro had a deep pool then too.  Different era, less resculpts.

I can 100% attest that I wasn't haha.  I always wanted articulation. :)

I agree Matt.  I will custom up some but if there's not a quality line, it will have been a nice run but ending with a feelin that it sort of got pissed away at the end.  5poa won't cut it for anything but fodder to make better figures. 

At the same time, customs will be my collecting then, and I have tons of other fun things to spend on. :)

Bittersweet ending though if it pans out that way.  Still, I think it may live on even as exclusives maybe.  I have a little hope left.

Other Toy Lines / Re: ReAction Lines
« on: June 26, 2015, 05:48 PM »
I compared to my Hot Toys Hicks...  It's pretty decent.  For a small company I think it's pretty good.  Not a great likeness of the actor per se, but neither is Hasbros latest Han the best Ford likeness.

The colors are off and stuff but that can change.  The armor looks pretty on the mark to me even compared to the HT Hicks 12" fig.  It's a prototype too and miles superior to their last humans (WW2 Germans).  I didn't think they were doing any figs from the movies tho even if in the game as cameos.

Got mine too and second that emotion.

The block was worth the purchase, dare I say.

I like the Jawas a LOT more than I thot I would. 

Hans sculpt isn't the best ever but it is a good update and happy to put this one to bed.

Saved my extra to open last.  I think I will pick up two more Hans for some custom purposes too.

Other Toy Lines / Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines - by Hiya Toy
« on: June 26, 2015, 02:17 PM »
Hicks Prototype released today:

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