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TV-9D9 / Re: The Clone Wars - Season Six?
« on: March 21, 2014, 02:29 PM »
Grievous' kidnapping of Palps is already in CW 2D, and is pretty outstanding actually.  I'm kind of cool with that being the way they go with everything and not stepping on it.

MeruMeru is my favorite as well Jayson, but not by a huge margin against the others I enjoy.

I thought all the figures were ok...  Neyo was neat because of the new headsculpt for instance.  Little stuff like that is enough to make me like new Clones again (I can easily think of 3 commanders I'd love to see redone ala the TVC Clone Wars Commander), but they all had something cool.

Mace was the dud of the wave, but not so much to me because of the choice as I felt his headsculpt and skin color wasn't right.  I felt TVC figure was perfect and this was off somehow. 

I liked Vizam, he's neat...  Any update of the skiff guards from POTF2 is nice to me, as I'd also love to see the Cantina 3-pack updated too.

I find Plagueis to be a fine figure for what he is, but like you said he's someone I'm indifferent towards.  I felt the same about Nom Anor.  Nice for what he is, but not someone who interests me terribly as a character.

This wave's obviously PT era heavy...  So while it's better than 1 and 2, 3 was still not getting me excited about buying it.  I liked Meru Meru a little more because of all the PT things I am interested in, Wookiees, Clone Commander resculpts (all decked out if possible), and Office Duel Palps are the 3 areas I'm still interested in.  Meru Meru did kind of make the case.  The arm swapping is interesting too, to make a more generic Wookiee. 

I wish they'd redo the smaller Wookiee Warrior figure from 2005...  All the colors too.  If it just had knee articulation it would've been a very nice figure for its time.

Fred Phelps finally died...  That's nice. :)  Hope it hurt.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Top 5 Hotties
« on: March 20, 2014, 08:00 PM »
Looks like a Fly Girl.

On the road all day so that rarely works out for me, but I do think I'd nab some extras from HTS even at full price.  I want the Snowie officer at least.

Of course, I never said case assortments don't matter, but feel free to just go with whatever you want at this point. ;)

Anxious to order something new...  Last new thing I bought was off HTS before Christmas.

They can say it all they want, its a cop out, or at the least very bad portfolio management.  Like Dave, I work for a manufacturer of a variety of products and those come with a variety of different margins.  Beyond basic portfolio management, it's just simple math that If you put out product that turns faster and sells more volume, you can afford higher input costs.  Putting out mostly repacks that take a long time to sell probably does drive them to minimize their cost per case, but that's failure of their own design.

I don't know what industries you or Dave work in, but I'd guess managing a toy line for a major movie series differs slightly unless you're in a similar field. 

For instance the TPM3D line...  First wave, pretty good stuff from the standpoint of it being new, quality figures...  The film it's surrounded by, not so much, and it failed.  We personally all probably agreed this looked ugly when we saw repacks of TPM3D figures, but Hasbro was banking on popularity, possibly at the behest of LFL.

I'm simply saying many factors would go into why they did what they did.  We may disagree, and we'd have been right to, but why they did what they did has many levels to it I'm sure.

Your idea I think revolves, a lot, around the idea the line will turn anything around quickly.  I think the line's not suited for that right now.  I think it's at a point where anything doubled up will sit if a retailer gets just that one too many cases.  Like Dave said, double up on Torryn Far and you may not like what you see.

Then again short her, and a retailer only gets one case in, and others aren't supporting the line maybe like we are seeing right now, and you'll have people clamoring for her...  Then she's being demanded in that greatest hits assortment you're hypothesizing and she gets out in droves at the holidays...  Then she's a pegwarmer.  See the pattern?

That could be said of any case.  Do you think a single greatest hits wave with the 12 most sought for figures from the last year or two will sell LESS volume than a constant flow of cheaper-to-produce, less popular remakes that were just made available in previous waves?  That Malgus wave is a prime example of what happens when you only offer a few new figures per case.  As a retailer, crap like that would surely scare me away from reorders, and that's why I'm not willing to fault them much for not having what I want to buy.

I think Hasbro's looking not at just cost savings, but what they think will move...  You say less popular, but the Clone repacks in theory should still do well at retail.  This is basing it on Hasbro's idea that the line has to appeal to someone other than you and I.

Again, is a case of 12 HTF figures great for us?  Yes.  Is it great at retail if it's the case available?  I'd argue the idea would be possibly catastrophic.  You put out something collectors say they couldn't find too much, and it'll clog pegs.  Collector figures don't necessarily drive the line would be my point there.  Again, according to Hasbro (feel free to assume they're lying to you), obscurity is paid for by the things we hate, like a Clone repaint/repack.  Put Vizam or Torryn Far out again because you had a hard time finding them the first time, they're possibly pegwarmer bombs just waiting to happen.

I'm sure some figure names you're throwing out will do well, but hypothetically others won't.  You're in the same boat, but with their system (whether you believe or not) they're accounting for the wave now, rather than waiting to account for it later via your system...  Which they may not accomplish.  That's maybe poor portfolio management to you, but I'd say it's strong conservative accounting to them, in a year far removed from ANY media support for this toy line.

How is a greatest hits wave more risky than releasing less desired reissues throughout the year?  A 12x1 wave based on input from fans, call centers, etc. couldn't do any worse than the repacks they're currently putting into new cases.  I also suggested a holiday timing, when any figure is more likely to sell for kids and gifts.  I would think retailers would eat this up, especially if Hasbro was willing to discount the case price a little.  If you want retailer support, do something to earn it.

See above...  Costing a wave by itself is obviously a more conservative move.  Costing a wave by banking its costs are covered by a wave you're planning on releasing only through the 4th quarter of the year?  You think that's not "risky"?  Holiday timing is nice in theory too, but I don't know if you noticed but things getting here on time doesn't always happen with the Star Wars line. :)

Now you're wanting discounted prices on the cases designed to make up the cost of the figures you put out all year too.  I just don't see how that's anything but "risky" when things aren't paid for yet, but you're going to put all your eggs into a basket for the end of the year.

Not to mention you'll still take the chance that something in THAT assortment doesn't move, especially if it's all hypothetically collector-targeted stuff that collectors couldn't find and are demanding.

I don't have the data to prove or disprove this, but my belief here is that Hasbro is fooling themselves.  They don't really use the free research from sites like this, so I don't really trust their research elsewhere.  Regardless, I think kids also prefer new figures to repacks, so this doesn't explain why repack assortments would fare any better than all new assortments.

Again, you're free to believe what you want.  I can't argue against that.  I think that kids do appreciate some new stuff, but I also think kids like main characters, Clones, and other stuff like that...  When the line is actually popular.  Which, at this point, I don't think it is with the mass market.

I thought Hasbro didn't care what collectors think?  If that's true, then they're no worse off.  Frankly, I think collector's would welcome any kind of plan other than packs of 12 with 4 new and 8 old figures.  People are a lot more accepting when they see that you're trying to make things better versus staying the course on something that isn't working.  I'd also argue that you don't have the same issues you always had because as soon as that next case comes in, its all new.  Their problem is having pegwarmers, then a follow-up case that resupplies the figures already not selling.

Don't recall ever making that statement since there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.  I never said Hasbro didn't CARE about what collectors think, I just simply stated they have to gear the line to other segments because collectors aren't the majority.  If you feel differently despite being told otherwise, again that's your prerogative, but I doubt the line would've lasted half as long if it were a collector-targeted thing.  Collectors as a whole like to talk big, and rarely back it up financially I've noticed.

Torryn Farr and the invite to Toy Fair every year is enough to realize they care about collector happiness to some degree though.

I think collector's general "acceptance" of Hasbro sways with the wind though too...  Make the figure they want, regardless of pegwarming suicide, and they'll praise you.  Try to make the figures and decisions necessary to make that instant pegwarmer though?  They burn Hasbro at the stake.  Hasbro tends to be in a no-win situation a lot of the time, when it comes to the adult collector segment.

Again, you don't agree with those being necessary decisions though, so that's fine.  But outside of major movie blitzes or residual line popularity like 2007, I can't recall when the line didn't seem to need that kind of decision making to keep it going in the lean years.

Not seeing any rationale here why all new figures cases wouldn't work.  Yes, they could muck up production levels and have too much supply, but they have that same risk with what they produce today, right?  With the system I suggested, you could keep production levels near the lower end, then resupply with the most wanted figures in the GH case.  That should help them control production vs. demand better than what they're using today.  Am I missing something?  I just don't see how it could be any worse off...  ???

I've given you my rationale and I think you're choosing not to see it, personally...  Not agreeing with it, I understand, but it's not like I avoided making points.  I see your point of view...  It's a more liberal one, IMO, by the details I laid out to you, and according to Hasbro's own point of view on how they run the line.  I just don't see it working right now, nor jiving with the times.

I think in 2007 it may work well because a variation of it, of sorts, did work well...  It wasn't quite as liberal, but it was still a risk by today's standards to have Legends be so collector-focused for a whole year.  In 2014 it wouldn't work though, I don't believe.  I think there are variables in figure choices in that Greatest Hits wave that would come into play, and could cause issues.  There are timing/release issues I can see cropping up.  Prices are way higher now, and people are far choosier in what they purchase.  Not to mention the collector segment, which in theory that Legends stuff would be geared at, isn't what it once was.  The buying power isn't there like it used to be, and that was long before 2013.

That's all aside from the fact Hasbro simply seems to run a more conservative model, for reasons we could only guess at...  As bad as its portfolio management may be to you.  Without knowing why, or all the variables they have in making such decisions, or simply without believing them in the first place, it's a tough thing to even argue at this point.

I am curious to know what you think KMart is doing differently from Target and Walmart in terms of reorder.  The way you portray it, KMart either closely monitors distribution levels or has programmed in set limits on the number of cases they receive to avoid massive pegwarming.  In truth, I bet their reorder systems are actually very similar in principle.  The difference is that Target and Walmart sell much more volume than KMart.

I would assume the systems are virtually identical, but in my neck of the woods they're steadily selling figures, and steadily getting new product in to replace it.  Target's getting in a lot of stuff, seemingly at once, and it's sitting after a short time...  Let's say 6" as an example since they f'd themselves with the DPCI issue on 4" and it's slightly different.

In terms of 6" they got in a TON of Wave 1 to kick off the line...  $20 action figures, they went all in.  They had lots of pegwarmers.  They got in tons of Wave 2 as well though, but it's sat pretty stagnant aside from Han/Fett.

K-Mart got in at best 2 cases at a time of any wave, launch or now.  And that was at the holidays.  A case was replaced after a time...  A single figure or 2 may have hung on the pegs, but then another would come in eventually after some time for some reason.  Then those would gradually sell even though they were "pegwarmers" by most people's standards...  There were still some Wave 1 hanging, one or two maybe, then Wave 2 started shipping...

The same pattern continued.  Wave 2 would sell down.  One or two cases came in, went...  One or two, etc.

Now Wave 3's surfacing.  I expect the same thing.

Nobody's monitoring it any closer, it's just set to some different standard than Target's cases.  Target is sitting on scads of Greedo and Leia.  K-Mart isn't.  I'm not expecting my Target to get many Wave 3 in right now, but who knows.  Perhaps, with things being as they are, maybe volume selling on a line that clearly isn't a volume seller right now is bad business?

I haven't seen anything past Wave 1 4" TBS at Target or WM...  Again the DPCI thing maybe screwed Target up there though.  K-Mart and TRU have seen all 3 waves, just through different means.  Perhaps Target should adopt TRU's methods since volume is their issue then?  Doesn't explain WM basically ignoring the Star Wars section all together of course, but either sales or a more conservative re-order schedule might be in order for them?  K-Mart may not have done Target's volume, but they're able to keep new product flowing right now when cases are supposedly destroying the line overall. 

I've seen 6" Boba Fett between my two K-Mart stores no less than 8 times!  And that's assuming I was the first one there, and more have been at these two stores.  That's not bad numbers on Wave 2 of the 6" figures.  It maybe took longer at K-Mart for that much to come through, but the stores aren't bogged with Leia and Greedo either like Target is.  Perhaps spreading it out a little bit would help.  Assuming they can adjust their system like most stores are able to.  I know Penney's stores could, and that was 1998, so I'd assume Target could as well.  Perhaps not though, and they're just stuck.

Don't get me wrong though, I see your point and don't disagree with it entirely even...  I do think Hasbro can do better on case assortments.  I don't agree that they're just lying to us, and I don't agree that they're better off with your overall plan, but I do think they can do better on case assortments.  I think figure choices could improve though. 

TPM3D came up a lot, but that's a weird situation which because of the 3D cancellations we won't be seeing again hopefully.  Will a new movie line be much different though?  I dunno.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Television Thread
« on: March 20, 2014, 12:48 AM »
Yeah, that's why I check it now and then...  Just basically to look at toys I remember. :)  I'd have preferred something a little more realistic on the pricing and toy dealing...  There is a real world out there of course, but it is still fun to look at stuff and just ignore the prices.

Saw some Joe stuff...  Always love seeing Joe stuff.

Sometimes in the background you see people have stuff like Starcom or Battlebeasts in the package...  That's fun.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Official Television Thread
« on: March 19, 2014, 10:55 PM »
I'm not a HUGE fan, and mostly because of that...  I think there's some drinking game in there where the difference between what he says he'll get and what Ebay's saying he'll actually get could be used to determine who drinks what, and how much.

His Star Wars one that was on recently, wow...

I don't watch the show much though because of that, but that's just me.  I check it now and again, like that episode recently where he had all the 12-backs and stuff.

I know we were discussing the grey DST in here at one point...  As much as I too want stuff like that, I really would prefer something more than a deco change.  I'd like those outfits...  Walrus man with the flipper feet boots, and a unitard thing, Greedo with the funky suit and boots...

The Death Squad Commander would be my most wanted though.  Grey suit, not just a repaint of the current Naval Commander figure, but a unique tunic (it's zipped up different than the INC's outfit), and the head with the headset under the helmet...  The POTF2 figure got that, and I'd be cool if they duplicated it. 

The vintage figure has a rank badge painted on, which isn't accurate, but I'd still take it on an update.

I'd love modern figures of the aliens though in their goofy little jumpsuits.  Modern sculpts, but goofy outfits and colors.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VII
« on: March 19, 2014, 08:27 PM »
I don't know what I expected I guess, and maybe I should've taken the time to google his age and figure out why he looked so bad...  Google is useful.

I guess I kind of expected what I'd heard about Fisher, Hammil, and Ford (already basically in shape enough I guess) "getting in shape" for the next film...  Then again I hadn't heard that BDW was even being brought back except one mention here just recently...  DWTS seemed to reinforce to me that maybe he isn't being asked back. 

I met Williams just a year or so ago, didn't seem this bad, but yeah, I don't know what he'd do in SW at this point.

I don't think anyone's arguing that Leia or Greedo would have been a better choice than Han.  The example I gave was Fett versus Han.  I have seen Han on pegs, but I've never seen Fett.

Nor am I, I'm simply making the point that seeing Han doesn't mean he was necessarily a bad choice...  I'm also pretty sure Hasbro said Fett's coming back, no?  I thought that was the case, but maybe I'm wrong.  I bet he does though.  Perhaps Han is doubled up because of all the extra stuff?  They need to get their money's worth out of the mold? 

Regardless, he's selling well enough here I think he's a fair choice...  The best?  I never said that, nor do I believe it, but he's not a bad one either by my estimation to see again.

The total numbers of Greedo and Leia at my area Target stores indicates to me though, that being a tad more conservative with their orders would've benefited them.  Like other stores were.  Or run a sale to manage the overstock they now have of Wave 2, to help Wave 3 come in, like TRU does.

I think that's a cop out on Hasbro's part.  If they would normally sell 1,000 cases at an expense of $20 per case or sell 1,500 cases at an expense of $30 per case, they should be break even at worst, and you can't tell me the reissued stuff sells as fast as the new stuff would.

It's something Hasbro's consistently said throughout the Q&A...  If you think it's a cop-out that's your prerogative, but I disagree.  Accounting on a wave-by-wave basis is done because Hasbro has to be conservative...  Rather pay for a wave now, than hopefully pay for it later...  Which would be much later because, as I said, decisions in toy manufacturing are like steering a tanker, not a speedboat. 

You'll plan out this "Greatest Hits" wave, but by the time it's ready for release who knows what's going on, right?  The line's popularity at retail or what they're willing to order, etc.  By costing it out by wave, Hasbro forces the retailer to pay for it now, rather than decide to cover manufacturing costs later on by buying what essentially is an all repack/repaint wave.

What if that wave sees no support?  They're not fans of high risk choices I've noticed...  Especially where the 4" line's concerned.

If you issue 6 new figures x2 then I can gobble up two of each as one buyer, I can split the assortment with a friend, or I can sell off a complete set on the secondary market.

I don't disagree with that as a COLLECTOR, but Hasbro's hardly one to place its bets on the collector market either.  To them, toys are still for kids.  Not the guy willing to buy the whole case.  They say we're the minority.  Feel free to not believe that either, I just know that's their stance, and that they want the mom/dad or kid $, and the casual consumer $.

I'm not even disagreeing that it's ideal for us because my buddy and I would split cases all day long, ordering online...  Then again, Hasbro wants bigger retailer support first, so maybe that plays some part in case assortment decisions too?  I'd love 2x 6 new figures in each case though, but I'm simply saying what Hasbro's position is...  Costing out a wave is done so on a wave-by-wave basis so a wave pays for itself, rather than paying for it down the line.

TPM3D was "paying for it" down the line (a wave of almost entirely new being paid for by repacking what you can for the next 3-4 waves).  It didn't work well because TPM3D didn't work well.  We saw this coming (me too, I was bemoaning TPM3D merchandising all the way).  Hasbro didn't.  Perhaps they couldn't.  Perhaps they were being told to support it LFL's way.

I get there's a cost element to what they're doing - I just believe that the added volume sales and increased sales velocity more than makes up for it.

Again I say it's a risk, and time issue...  Pay for it now than later, taking a risk you won't make up the costs in all these new toolings by putting out repack waves further down the road, which would have to be much further because of the boat steering analogy.  You won't know what's "good" till wave 1's out a while...  Maybe even wave 2 or 3...  when does that Greatest Hits wave even get compiled, produced, and shipped?  You can guess, but the first wrong guess and you've got collectors once again up your ass online saying you're the devil because you guessed wrong, plus you've got the same issues you always had.

Which is why I suggested a Greatest Hits wave each year.  You want cheaper cases and need repacks for profit?  Evaluate which figures from the last 1-2 years are in greatest demand by end of May, then release a Greatest Hits wave for the holidays every year.  There's no new tooling time involved and they can make 1x of each figure to minimize peg warming.  And its the holidays, so they can capitalize on added gift volume.  Nevermind the fact that you're getting HTF figures out to people who missed them and at least giving the appearance that you care about something other than your profit per case metric.

I've noticed that, like I said, in today's market even the slightest bit of saturation means the figure pegwarms...  I think your view is idealistic, and I don't think it's a bad idea, I just don't think it'll work.  I like idealistic, and wish it would work, but I don't think it would work NOW is maybe the way to put it. 

Not factoring in Hasbro's insistence that a wave be costed out on its own...  Forgetting that, it's not 2007 where "Greatest Hits" was a glorious group of things people hadn't found before.  And it seemed to sell well.  2007 was a great year.  Greatest Hits financed the main line, for the most part, it seemed, and fans were clamoring for both.

Does that model work NOW though, in 2014?  The line's limped along for some years.  It's far more costly now than 2007 as well.  That worked 2 years removed from a movie and with a big cartoon blitz on the horizon, in a 30th anniversary year of the original film.  THAT was a great year to collect.  The greatest year, hands down, to me.  It was fantastic, and it kind of worked in a fashion like you're talking about Justin, but I just don't see that working now.  Collectors are at an all time low, and if we are, then you know kids really are out of it.

I think you might see something like that come back in the future, with new movies and new material, but not right now.  If those Greatest Hits DON'T sell that holiday season, and they may not, then Hasbro's in trouble on what it sunk a lot of $ into with all the new tooling they put out leading up to the holidays.

Sophisticated retailers don't have some guy with a clipboard deciding when to reorder each line of SW figures.  These are automated systems that for the most part do a pretty good job of determining volume needs vs. inventory on hand.  In my opinion, the crappy assortment offerings (I'm looking at you TPM wave, Malgus wave, earlier waves etc.) drove slower turns and backed up retailer inventory.

I had the benefit of learning both systems when I graduated in 1998, working management for J.C. Penney first, then Service Merchandise.  Both had on-hand store merchandisers, but also automated systems for reordering product.  I'm pretty well versed in both, which most people here are.

My point is that K-Mart also doesn't have a man with a clipboard...  But they're able to keep a conservative order rate going, and sell through.  They have a comparable number of stores, yet are considered the most incompetent retailer in America.  But they're ahead of Target on this.  Because Target's re-ordering has been a disaster of late.  With 4" TBS it was their DPCI debacle, but as soon as the flood gates of that were opened, TBS wave 1 poured into my local Target stores even though they're already behind the curve on it.

KM on the other hand, conservative ordering meant smooth shipments of new product steadily over the holidays.  4" TBS Wave 1, 2, and 3.  Same with 6" TBS Wave 1 and 2.  Target's capable of that, no?  That's all my point is on the matter.

Likewise, Wal-Mart is, but they are the opposite of Target...  They're basically abandoning much of the Star Wars line right now, probably biding their time till new movies...  They could conservatively order and have steady streams of new figures as they're released without the logjam of getting in 3+ cases at a time of any given wave. 

Perhaps Target and WM don't want to be like that because they feel the sales volume doesn't meet the floor space it would eat up, and Target would rather sit on 8 of each 6" Greedo/Slave Leia, and scads of Wave 1 4" TBS figures, but K-Mart manages it well and so I think it's safe to say two superior stores should be able to do the same.

TRU manages it through sales...  Larger volumes wind up sitting and they do a BOGO50% sale, which tends to move larger volumes of toys.  Their method is different, but it too works. 

Wal-Mart doesn't support the line for the most part, right now.  I think we all see that pretty consistently.  Target is overzealous in what's coming in when they are ordering, things back up, then they stall out...  Case assortments can be blamed for part of that, but when other stores aren't running into the same problem Target is, and are having sell-through, it makes you think maybe case assortments aren't ALL the problem, and perhaps during these lean times Target should start taking a more conservative ordering approach, ala K-Mart, and keep product flowing through its stores on its own...  since, obviously it's an attainable goal for a retailer...  even without a guy with a clipboard in each store micromanaging the situation.

I'd agree with you on this 6" OWK...  Hasbro loves him, says kids love him, but while I'm sure that's probably the case, I think $20 figures are a clear Collector item, very little else aside from casual adult buyers, and a kid isn't looking there.  I am guessing they feel 6" Ani will push 6" OWK sales?  But I agree with you, I think doubling up on OWK is a dumb move.  I think Clone repaints were a dumb move too for repacks, but then again the Scout didn't exactly blow out the door either in the 4" TBS line.

I'm far from saying Hasbro's blameless...  But I just feel at this point retailers should shoulder the majority of it because I see retailers selling Hasbro's cases well, through sales or conservative ordering.  I see other retailers either not supporting the line (WM) or overordering the line and then sitting on their thumbs (Target), and you can't blame Hasbro for that when others are coping.

Maybe things will change during a movie year?  2007 feels like a lifetime ago though, and I just don't think that tactic works till there's more interest in Star Wars globally than there has been in the last 5 or so years.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VII
« on: March 19, 2014, 01:24 AM »
BDW isn't looking so hot on Dancing with the Stars...  Was kinda hoping he'd get in shape from the show for the movie, but, uh, no.  :-\

I thought the Snags/Droids set came out together, but didn't recall a 3rd set.  Again though it's so easy to forget because it is old stuff in a new box.  I thought all that wave had a new figure in each set though?

What was the wave of 3-packs before it?  Was that the 9-pack set?

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