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Han (not there) and the Jawas really look like a nice package at the new price. 

The others, not so much but I will deal.  Agreed on Mosep...  I'm just happy to buy a new cantina alien again, whatever the name.  Like Doallyn's doppelgänger, it'll just be a nice thing to own and buy.

Leia looks snazzy.  I liked boussh as a kid so a nice ultimate version of her is fun.  I wish I knew what ubesians looked like without the helmet.  I would do a custom Boussh before she got to him.

Paul do they still sell the starspeeder?  Just curious. 

Generally in acquisitions you inherit all existing contracts.  They can't just say, "We don't like you and don't want to work with you anymore".  At best they could offer a buy-out but Hasbro wouldn't be inclined to do that I feel sure.

That's not to even say Disney is disappointed in Hasbro.  Collectors are, Disney may not be.  They have a decent working relationship as-is, with the BAD stuff and all.

Disney also may not be inclined to tackle that kind of a business either...  For all the Hasbro bashing, running a property that big isn't like running a line for Game of Thrones or something.  Disney dabbles in toys, but do they have the capacities Hasbro does?  The partnerships?  I dunno.

Given the state of things, I'm not against seeing what Disney would do with it.  Their Star Tours Starspeeder set is a work of art, but it's also getting up there in years.  Hasbro did works of art at one time too, after all.

I love the BAD they do, but that's Hasbro stuff...  Would Disney take over 4"?  I don't even know that they could, as Hasbro paid to do it.  Forget when the contract is up though?

I'm hopeful for basically ANYTHING of good quality.  2007-levels at least.

Short of that, I will be buying a lot less than I'd like to be buying this upcoming year.  And I'll deal with that because, basically, I haven't been buying a ton anyway.

I can't get behind 5POA (sorry Jayson).  While I won't **** on those who are having fun, to me why would I buy a Hoth Han when I have a vastly superior one (two) of that same character?  Now, if they offered me that same Hoth Han I have now, with hip articulation (IE: Brown coat SA with hip articulation), I'd buy THAT.  And I'd pay handsomely for it too.

That's me though... 

Also, if I were to buy 6" figures at all, I'd buy the Japanese ones.  They're vastly superior, so why not?  Pay the extra, and be happier.  Piss on Hasbro's $20 meh.  But I'm still refusing to jump scales, no matter how obvious Hasbro makes it that they want me to jump scales.

The vehicles they're putting out are really tripe too.  That AT-DP was disappointing on every level.  The TIE was ok, passable, so I didn't mind it but won't be buying more of it.  I'm not expecting suddenly to think the vehicles for TFA will be back to the old quality.  Glad I stocked up heavy on Snowspeeders this year when I could.  :-X

It's just a waiting game, but no matter the outcome, I won't be freaking out angry.  Hasbro is hogtied to a degree with China...  They're also hogtied with the market as it stands because, let's face it, 10 years removed from a Star Wars film, collectors aren't the force they used to be.

But FFS can't they just say something?  Just about some plans so we can plan accordingly?  Whatever.  But folks better remember, Darryl was a pretty open guy...  Some of the same people who bitched about him, put him down...  Dude didn't pussyfoot around topics this much.

I've only seen remnants of that AT-DP Pilot wave once...  Never saw a wave after, and not seen anything of the AT-DP Wave since either.  Weird.

$8 kids line, 5 POA?  Yikes.  :)

Glad I'm not into them because, wow that'd hurt.

I'm sure I'll get some TFA stuff, but with sales mostly.  Playing it smart, like ROTS and AOTC before it.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: The Force Awakens Trailers
« on: April 23, 2015, 01:28 AM »
I imagine he played an integral part in Jabba's Palace or Mos Eisley.......

Not in my Star Wars!

In mine, his dad worked in a speeder factory...  Union job.  His mom was a home maker.  He left to join the empire after he graduated high school because he thought he'd turn that around into an education afterwards since they'd cover some of his tuition.  He liked bluemilk smoothies, and was a big fan of a band called Skazz and the Funkals.  He had a girlfriend, but she was cheating on him while he was on deployment with a Gotal kid whose dad owned an importing business on Dovas III.  He'd only find out in a Dear John letter a month after this incident pictured above.  One time, he wrecked his dad's brand new speeder, and blamed it on a neighbor kid and got that kid into big trouble.

The only remarkable thing about him is he didn't die from this awesome still shot, but he had a permanent disability.  He had to take a clerical position thereafter, and was pretty happy to do so because he got f'n blown up.  He realized he'd not be re-upping as soon as his time was up.

That's his story.  He's just a dude.  A dude who got blown up, and made for a pretty awesome still shot in a Star Wars movie.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: The Force Awakens Trailers
« on: April 22, 2015, 06:51 PM »
I love this (flying through the air) guy, and want to write his backstory.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: A Game of Thrones (HBO)
« on: April 21, 2015, 06:39 PM »
Yeah Sansa's hair color was changed, so clearly Littlefinger is wanting to keep her hidden for the most part in his travels.  He wanted Brienne dead.  He's not a loose strings kinda guy.

I watched the Chaos is a Ladder speech prior to watching the first episode of the new season.  My fav speech on the show maybe. :)

Good episode...  Didn't delve into Dorn a lot, but was interesting to see where that's headed.  Dr. Bashir seems like a good guy so I won't expect him to survive long.

Just swap out an old Jabba and return the set to the store. 
I know how Jesse likes figure swapper jokes.   ;)

I'm still the only who remembers years ago when someone at Hasbro said multipacks would either be all-new or all-reissue. That person must've been reassigned.  :-X

Better than figure swapper headlines.   ::) :P

My friends picked up 3 droids for me including those two from TCW.


The Wal-Mart Jabba was an excellent figure, so I think I'm fine.

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Celebration Anaheim 2015
« on: April 20, 2015, 01:09 PM »
Hasbro didn't roll over and die at CA, but they sure were the dud of the show.  They brought a little more than was being implied but not much.  Their interaction was mocked on twitter since basically everyone else COULD say something about 2015 but they wouldnt...

For me the pisser was Disney out-Hasbro'd Hasbro with the BAD surprises.  I wanted everything they showed!

Every vendor had something neat going on.  Hasbro just kinda showed up.

There is also the part group to make I believe Mace's astro from TCW.  The one from the ultimate battlepack, no?

And red leaders r5 of course.  I'm happy with the scramble version but I will make one with different (white/black) legs for variety.

I MUST have a Goldie.  It was based on the Steelers and in particular Jerome Bettis.  Gotta own that. :)


Just a heads up on Gh's news on these...  I'm so into all these variants.  Must. Have. Droids.

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