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Agreed. That totally blows away any Female Mandolorians I've seen posted here and  over at RS in the past. She truely lives up to your high standards of detail. Great use of parts there. I'm going to have to copy this one someday. Fantastic!

Zero is what I have until my case arrives. Then it will be 1.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Smooth-on vs. Micromark
« on: April 28, 2006, 05:50 PM »
So your saying its probably a good thing to put in more of B than A when just eyeballing it? I think I put in too much A when making the second twin thats why its still sticky.

What a great looking figure using that clown head. He looks a real retail toy. I would so get him if they sold him. Some nice assorted padawns there. I really like the fixed version of Anakin. He's much better than how he started.

You know, I didn't even think of that. That would have been a great picture.

Very hot set of ladies there. I like that Twi'lek the best. Some decorations on the tendrils would be great.

You mean this:

The head is really good but it looks like he cheaped out on the construction of the body and arms. The arms look like they are made out of toilet paper rolls.

Not nervous. The well is only four feet deep. I was more worried about him falling out of the stroller and getting lost.

Do it Brent. You know you want to.

Thanks everybody for the great comments. I bet this sloth could hold his own against the Gladiators we are making this month.


Meeting up with long lost cousins.

This place is pretty plush.

This place is as expensive as Frank & Sons!

Well, that's Pimp Daddy's trip to Disneyland. I hope you enjoyed it.  ;D


A ride on King Arther's Carousel  (of Progress)

Foot stomping time with Bill Hill and the Hill Billies.

It's time to head off to Planet Oakland to visit the Findswoman.

I guess they had some trouble with that ship.

Let's check the arriving flights.

This droid kept babbling on about excess baggage.

Checking out the safety video.

Getting on the shuttle.

"I wonder what the in-flight movie is?"

"Oh no! Not at crazy RX pilot again!"

"Do you know the way to Oakland?"

"How the heck did I get to Mustafar?"


Sneak attack on Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty)
She ran off before ObiWan could get any closer. :'(

Hey look! A well.

Sure is deep. I think I hear someone wishing down there!

In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room!

"I need to pee."

"Where is the restroom?"

Lets check the map!

Well here is Pimp Daddy's visit to the Happiest Place on Earth! No.... not the Flamingo Showgirl Theater on Ball. I mean Disneyland!!!

Here we have Obiwan taking the traditional tourist picture in from of the train station on Main Street with the floral Mickey in the background.

Obiwan was riding in style!

"Man the cannons! I just saw the biggest rat in the world! And I don't mean Eisner!"

Obiwan hanging out at Walt's firehouse apartment on Main Street, USA.

Waiting for chocolate chip cookies to be made by the Junior Chief kids.


Having fun storming the Castle.

Your welcome. ;D

It was the 'Saved by the Bell' of our time.

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