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Revenge of the Sith / Re: Secret Figures!?
« on: July 14, 2005, 12:15 AM »
The whole idea of there being "Secret" figures is amusing to me. Why make something like a LOGICAL repaint (Shociktrooper) a "secret"? It's almost like we're kids and Hasbro is the scummy perve who hangs around the playground and tells the kids "Hey, I have a secret in my pants, why don't you reach in and grab it" - it might be something good - but chances are it's not.  ;)

Now - before anyone writes "where the hell did that come from?" - just thought I'd let everyone know that even I don't know where that came from - my mind is fried it's 12:15 AM locally and I'm still ranting about these pitiful excuses for "new" figures.


Revenge of the Sith / Re: KB 9-pack Exclusive w/ Silver Vader
« on: July 14, 2005, 12:12 AM »
And they better NOT even think about mixing up those two colors within the various sets...  >:(

Yeah - Matt - I had you in mind too when I was typing out of disgust the possibility of there being TWO versions of this set with the two different guards. The only redeeming feature is in the packaging itself. If you keep going through the GH pics, you'll see there's a shot of the back of the box and the picture for the Royal Guard clearly shows ONLY the Blue version unlike the picture used for the insert of figure #23 - which has both the Red and Blue versions of the character pictured.

So hopefully I'll only have to get one of this $50 turd - I would like to have a second one just to have the THIRD Silver Vader opened as well as MIB, but that's a tad bit pricey. I'll wait til my local KB has it clearanced down to $10 and then I'll buy it!  ;D

Original Trilogy Collection / Re: Star Tours Wave 4
« on: July 14, 2005, 12:08 AM »
If anyone knows of an easy way to get these figures online or somewhere else I would appreciate it if you could let us know.

I need two each of these things and to pay inflated prices on eBay just kills me.

do these figures have articulation?

The Boba Fett doesn't appear to - perhaps the shoulder joint will allow you to rotate his left arm - but without the gun positioned just so, the left arm looks pretty stupid.

Hey - does anyone think that this will be the replacement for Unleashed? A 3.75" scaled high-end die-cast figure line. They could still be two-packs (at an even higher price point).

Whatever this line is, it is destined to fail.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS - #57 and beyond
« on: July 13, 2005, 11:55 PM »
Hasbro better show us some new stuff. Other wise this line is going to seriously need some POTJ-esq damage control.

It's going to need more than that - the POTJ line was in response to retailers becoming gun-shy regarding ordering TPM product and some even saying "Hey, where's toys based on the original trilogy?"

The end of the line for TPM wasn't bad at all in terms of reduced quality of figures - it suffered mainly due to lack of retail availability. Look at figures like Swimming Jar Jar, Sio Bibble, the second Naboo Soldier/Guard and Holo Sidious - all good figures in their own rights for the time, yet they were next to impossible to find. The POTJ line merely upped the anty on how good the figures COULD be and presented a line that represented EPs 1, 4, 5 & 6 with a nice mix of figures.

Perhaps the really good stuff will come when we see the figures that will be in the returning OTC style packaging. These 12/15 repaint figures are just to lengthen the stay of the ROTS at retail and this was a cheap way for Hasbro to pump out more ROTS product w/o developing "new" molds 'cause they've already moved on to what's new for 2006.

So is the 12" line going to reboot or is Sideshow going to pick up where Hasbro left off? There's still plenty of possibilities without re-making a lot of the 12" figures already out there.

From reading the release it looks like Sideshow Toys is indeed partnering with Hasbro in order to make the 12" line - so I wonder if Hasbro is going to be reselling the figures designed and manufactured by Sideshow toys or (and I'm praying to god here that it comes true) are we going to just be able to order our 12" SW figures directly from Sideshow's website? Please oh please let that be a possibility!

Thanks for the merger Jesse. The Boba Fett doesn't even look good IMHO - check this pic out:

GH Forged Fett #2

To me a line like this is starting to get into the realm of competing against the Bust Ups and other Gentle Giant product. Hasbro should stick to TOYS not try to compete against other license holders.

I mean look at the latest development on the 12" front - Sideshow is taking over the scale - they probably had to pay Hasbro for the rights to do it too - while I'm not thrilled at a 12" line "reboot" - I'm positive Sideshow will product a higher quality (at albeit a higher price) than Hasbro EVER did.

Why can't Hasbro focus their attention to the lines they were GOOD at? Stop developing new lines and focus on your core line of 3.75" action figures!!!!!

(edit: pic changed to a link just a bit too big - sorry.  Jeff)

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Welcome to the new _____ forum!
« on: July 13, 2005, 11:21 PM »
My vote is either TSC for "The Saga Collection" or SAGA2 sorta like POTF2.

What is gaining momentum in my eyes however is that "The What-da-F? Collection"


Saga Collection '06 / Re: The Future of Star Wars Collecting
« on: July 13, 2005, 11:19 PM »
Honestly, I think that Hasbro is purposely sabotaging the line so they can quit making the toys that probably get them more ill will from collectors in this day and age than any of their other lines.  I'm beginning to believe that the only reason that they renewed the license for so many years is not because they wanted to keep making toys themselves, but to KEEP SOMEONE ELSE FROM MAKING MONEY.  I think they renewed the license out of spite.

The last 12 figures of the ROTS are all repaints, and several of those are completely unnecessary (Wookiees and Neimoidians, I'm looking right at you), and the figures that everyone was anticipating (Cody and other Padmes) are nowhere to be found.  With the glut of Wookiees, Neimoidians, and Clone Pilots on the shelves, Hasbro SHIPS MORE.  Retail is not going to like this one bit, and with WM already pissed off about the EB fiasco, that's nail number one.

The Unleashed line, which has turned into Hasbro's second most popular line and undoubtedly the best "comeback" story of any SW line done, is suddenly cancelled out of thin air so Hasbro can "reboot" in a new scale that they already have at least three other lines in the same scale to compete with. 

There is NOT A SINGLE ORIGINAL SCULPT amongst anything we have seen thus far.  Meaning Hasbro had this planned out at least a year in advance (remember how they kept saying that they were busy all last year developing ROTS stuff?) and kept it under wraps that they were essentially going to try and bury the line with endless rehashes.

It's just plainly obvious to me that Hasbro doesn't give a flying **** about the line at this point and is doing everything in the world that they can do to intentionally sabotage its performance at retail, so they can quit making them altogether.  And like clockwork, they'll blame retailers and collectors for the line failing, never admitting that it was their fault that they repainted and reshipped that goddamned Neimoidian Warrior.

**** Hasbro. 

I just said the same thing over in the ROTS forum - to me it is obvious that Hasbro doesn't really want this line - it's like the GI Joe guy who moved over to running the SW line (a) isn't a fan and (b) wants to see the line killed so he can move on to something else. The same thing happened at Playmates too - the original guy who had been running the line for four or five years was replaced by a new guy who thought all of the scale changes was the way to go.

Doesn't anyone in the toy industry follow what happened to other toy lines in the past or do they produce product in a bubble with blinders on?

Ok - so did anyone notice this picture?

GH Forged Fett

They are going to take previously released 3.75" figures and make them in metal and charge $15 a piece? This isn't the high-end higher price point type of figures we had in mind Hasblow!

(edit: pic changed to a link - it was just a bit too big, sorry.  Jeff)

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS - #57 and beyond
« on: July 13, 2005, 11:11 PM »
Please tell me Colman will be at the Q&A to find out exactly what the hell the deal is with all the repacks...

I'm hoping Matt will make the session look like the aftermath of a scene from one of the Kill Bill movies. Bring your katana with you Matt!  ;D

Seriously, those Hasbro Humps deserve a good ass kicking from Matt.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Battle Packs (5 figure sets)
« on: July 13, 2005, 11:10 PM »
Is that the case with the Jedi Temple Raid Set? I really hope that it's not, I'm probably going to want to pick up two of those to open and throw away the Anakins. Easy way to build a 501st Legion w/o having to buy the #41 repaint six times.

I have never had a problem getting a TRU exclusive so these will be shipped in good numbers and will be around for a while 'cause TRU never puts anything on clearance.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: "Evolutions" assortment...
« on: July 13, 2005, 11:07 PM »
What I find ironic and humorous about the clone variant set is that the ROTS clone has fallen over in the GH pictures. It's almost like a commentary on the SW line itself - "It's fallen, and it can't get up"

Thanks for the responses guys.  When I initially posted it I knew guys like Jeff, Matt and Pete were sort of stuck and I didn't want to offend them.  In all probability I'll end up with the exclusives and all sorts of other **** as well, if only to get at some of the clones in there.

You could NEVER offend me on a topic such as this one. My wife and I met through I mutual love of both Star Wars and Star Trek, yet now, even she is like "when is enough, enough?"

God bless the condition known as OCD 'cause it runs through my blood stronger than any midichlorians through Anakin Skywalker - seriously.

Sure I don't army build to the extent of some of the other collectors, but I know I am a crack addict and Hasbro produces my crack. Pure and simple.

As much as I bitch, when the end finally does come, I will mourn the line's passing much in the same way I mourned the loss of the Playmates 5" Star Trek figure line.

Being that I work as a website manager as part of the marketing department where I work, I'm very much in tune with branding and marketing and what helps actually SELL a product. What boggles my mind more than ANYTHING else is the amount of cost cutting Hasbro is willing to do in order to raise their profits in the short term at the expense of the brand. It's almost like someone at Hasbro is angry that they have this license and wants to put the final nails in its coffin. I just can't explain it.

One thing that echos here and on other boards is that if Hasbro actually wanted to, they could produce good product, raise the price point and all of us would still buy simply because the product is good. Like if they went to a line that was nothing but Evolutions Sets for new versions of the core characters and then re-tooled rehashes with Battle Packs, I would actually be okay with that.

It's when they repaint or recast in a translucent plastic a figure that (a) we just got or (b) have multiples of that I get frustrated. I mean Anakin #2 and Obi-Wan #1 are going to start giving Cantina Han a run for his money. They both came carded, they both are coming with Jedi Starfighters, Obi-Wan came with the Target Cup and now they are getting the "Lava Reflection" treatment. While I would have been okay with the Lava Reflection treatment, I would have preferred trhat they use the later release Anakin and Obi-Wan figures instead, if for no other reason that to "mix it up" a bit. However, the scary truth is that I LIKE these Target "Lava Reflect" Anakin and Obi-Wan figures and almost wish that this is how the two figures had been released initially. The bases are nice (albeit they're going to get a lot of use with the sep leaders having them too) and it's almost like Target asked Hasbro to make them 3.75" versions of the Anakin vs. Ob-Wan Unleashed figures.

It's hard when you love a line so much, are friends with other collectors who clearly love the line as well and collectively you all know that if Hasbro would just let your group be the focus group for the line, you would produce FAR SUPERIOR product than Hasbro comes up with.

I no longer buy into the rhetoric that Hasbro suggests figures to LFL and they pick and choose which ones they make. I mean who at Lucasfilm is going "repaint the Nemoidian? BRILLIANT!" I mean really.

I think all of us here would have GLADLY seen the #41 Clone repainted with Green stripes for Gree's grunts, Yellow stripes for Cody's grunts, Red markings as ShockTroopers and Blue markings for the 501st Legion all released as variants to #41 or as newly numbered releases.

Commander Bly and Commander Gree were easy re-tools of the respective figures so I can't blame them there. I also can't really blame them on the Grievous Bodyguard and the Wookie Warriors. The bodyguard sculpt could be better, but it is what it is and there WERE the two variations on color in the movie. These are choices I could see even us suggesting to bolster the army building potential of the line.

As I write this post, I'm still going through all of the pictures on GH and right now I just stumbled on the Crap Battlers and the [du]MPire garbage. Effort was put into developing, sculpting, tooling and manufacturing these turds. And the bread and buttler line gets 15 repaints for the remainder of the year? What a load of **** that is!

Now I'm looking at the Titanium stuff - and while I do think this little line is nicely done. I don't collect it, but if I was an Action Fleet collector, I would view any work on this line to be a HUGE slap in the face, especially with the 6" Titanium vehicles coming out. Also as a 3.75" collector, when I see things like the Titanium Republic Swamp Speeder (or whatever that speeder with the two clones is called), I wonder to myself, if they have this sculpt like this, why can't a version be made for the 3.75" scale too? The toy industry has long had the ability to scale up and down from source sculpts. If they were sculpting this vehicle for Titanium, why not start at the larger 3.75" size and then scale down for Titanium? Perhaps there's a piece of toy making logic that I'm missing, if there is, someone needs to explain it to me... VERY .... SLOWLY, 'cause no matter what you say, I'll still be confused.

Ok - enough ranting for now...

Revenge of the Sith / Re: KB 9-pack Exclusive w/ Silver Vader
« on: July 13, 2005, 10:23 PM »
And just like that the only GOOD figure in this set (the Red Royal Guard) gets changed to a Blue Senate Guard - or could this mean that the sets will vary on which figure is included? If so some collectors out there (like myself) will be compelled to by two of this turd.  >:(

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