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Despite your "Debbie Downer", realistic view of things trying to squish my dreams, I will continue to hope that they find a way to release the rings separately, because I really don't like the idea (whether practical for Hasbro or not) of rebuying all the JSFs just to get the rings.   :-\

I too am not relishing the idea that I might be having to re-buy all of the JSFs only "this time with rings!"

However, the reality is that Hasbro spent a good amount of money sculpting and tooling the Hyperspace Ring, so they are going to use it more than just this one time.

The sensible thing would be for them to come out with one more new design (such as Aayla Secura's JSF) and include the Hyperspace ring with that as an exclusive to either TRU or Target. Then on top of that offer JUST the hyperspace rings for Plo Koon's, Kit Fisto's and Saesee Tiin's JSFs as an online exclusive with

A two-pronged strategy like that would increase the ROI on the Hyperspace Ring development. I also think a lot of collectors who already have those three JSFs would be more open to the idea of just buying three Hyperspace Rings as opposed to re-buying the vehicle.

I don't have a lot of faith that Hasbro would be so kind though - so I'm kinda expecting a re-release of the Plo Koon JSF w/a Hyperspace Ring, exclusive to Target at some point in 2008, perhaps even as a Clone Wars line exclusive.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Recent 30AC Purchases
« on: December 12, 2007, 12:18 AM »
Picked up two each of the Turbo Tank, AT-AT and Snowspeeder Transformers.

I've only opened the Turbo Tank/Commander Cody so far. Not very pleased with how that one turned out. Hopefully the AT-AT will be better. Snowspeeder looks interesting.

Also got my order from HasbroToyShop which included 2x TAC Jawa, 1x TAC Moisture Vaporator w/Luke, 1x TAC Han w/Torture Rack, 2x 7th Legion Clonetrooper, Titanium BSG Set from SDCC, Titanium AT-RT (Camo Deco), and Titanium White/Gray Darth Vader TIE.

Hey Chuck - just so you know I didn't want this thread to become a flame war. I do appreciate the help that Target-insiders such as yourself provide.

In response to your question about what kind of customer service I expect...

I guess what I was getting at was that when I go into TRU or the WalMart around the corner from my house or even the lower-volume Target that I also shop at, the people who work there recognize me, they are friendly, they know why I'm there, they've taken time to get to know me (and vice-versa), they know I'm not a scalper, etc...

The Target I'm referring to as a problem is the exact opposite. If you are a collector, you are the scum of the earth. You are mocked and you are refused service.

This is really no way to be treated.

I understand the wages must stink. I understand that customers must be rude at times. But if I'm polite and utilize the tools that the Target Corporation has placed in the stores to assist my shopping experience, then yes, I do expect some degree of customer service from the employees at this store. Since these same employees are the ones who see me regularly making purchases in the store, it would be nice if they would treat me better as a store "regular" as opposed to a "toy collecting scumbag".

Does that make more sense?

If you were to go ask the managers at this store if I was a "problem" customer - they would tell you that I am.

I have been told point-blank by the manager of this store that even though the pegs are empty and they have more product in the back, that does not mean that they have to bring more product out. I told him that Target customer service told me that I should ask for more items to be brought out of the place where they are displayed is empty. He screamed back at me that I couldn't possibly know Target policies better than him.

I have been told by the lady who manages the area that includes toys that X date is when they will reset the aisle to include an exclusive, only to return before X date, find the exclusive on the shelf (this happened with the Order 66 2-packs) and then when I ask her if she could bring out some more so I could get the rest of the set of six different pieces, be told that I couldn't even buy the ones I found on the shelf even though some of that very same product sold earlier in the day.

I have been told by this same person that even though there was only one figure on the eight pegs dedicated to SW figs, I needed to buy that figure in order to clear the pegs and have them bring more product out, only to wait for 30 minutes for them to finally bring out three figures that all looked like they had been stepped on and be told that that was all they had left in stock, only to have a friend check the price scanner two hours later and have the scanner report that more was still in stock.

Needless to say, all three times when I called the Target customer service toll free number, the operator I spoke with responded by telling me that none of these situations should have taken place. I have given them names of these managers and yet they are still working there.

It was after these events that the a.p.b.'s started going out. I have friends who are also collectors in the local area who have run into the same kinds of problems at this store but have no problems at any of the other locations where they shop.

Last point on this: I would be perfectly happy with a consistent Target policy that was adhered to at all times. But since we all know that is impossible, all I ask is for help when I go into the store.

Ok, I just got back from two targets. One the low volume store had a end cap with the exclusives, suprise the high volume store didnt even have an end cap. Ok Pete what should we do in that case? If the street date was dec 2nd..hmmmm.  If Target dosent want my $$$ for Star Wars, then they are not getting my  $$$$ for Clothes,Video game, food, or anything else they sell in their dam stores!  >:( I have to also add this same store has stocked action figures maybe 3 times since mid summer!

Are you asking me? I think you have me confused with Darth Chuck.

Personally, I would politely ask for help/assistance on whether or not they have the items in stock. In the Target I did get the exclusives at, they have the UBPs on the top of the shelves as well as some of the vehicles with only a handful of stuff in the actual SW section - I would definitely recommend that everyone check up high in all of the aisles if you're still looking for the exclusives.

Darth Chuck - I see your point, but now please hear me out:

1. I have a Target in my area that "profiles" the collectors, puts out alerts that "no new Star Wars should be brought out for the next 30 minutes" when we enter the store and outright REFUSES to stock EMPTY figure pegs even though they have more in the back.

2. I have spoken with Target Corporate Customer Service, and everytime I do they confirm to me that the price scanners with the key-pads are to assist customers in looking-up items that are not out on the shelves/pegs.

3. The same Target that I mention in item #1 will allow an 18 year old kid walk in with DPCI numbers, ask customer service for those items, get them for him and let him walk back out again. I know this for a fact - I've gone to the store with my step-son, I go in and I get denied. He'll go in after me and then call me into the store to meet him at the register to pay. WTF?

4. Items ALWAYS leak out early, all you have to do is hit the store when the dictator who manages the area that includes Toys is not working.

5. They never set limits in my area. EVER.

6. Why is it that Target seems hell-bent on lumping scalpers in with collectors? I should be able to get my two of everything w/o any hassle. Clearly I'm not buying in quantities to resell like the Granny you describe below when I'm only getting two.

7. If Target finds these exclusives such a "hassle" - I'll be perfectly happy not having to worry about even stepping foot into a Target if you guys stop getting them from Hasbro.

and last but not least...

8. I dropped over $500.00 on a single day picking up all of the exclusives and UBPs. I shop at the store for toys all year 'round. Where's the customer loyalty for someone like me? You make it sound like you'd rather let the moms who shops for toys once, perhaps twice a year get something before the toy department "regular" customers.

Let me just end with, I am not the type of person to "abuse" or yell at the Target employees if they won't help me, and I always only ask for stuff if the spot for it is empty (or close to empty).

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Recent 30AC Purchases
« on: December 1, 2007, 10:24 PM »
Dont feel bad, i thought about it. I didnt go for it, but i did think about it. I really wish Hasbro could just make a another smaller album for the UGH coins.

If they had offered something like that from, I would totally have bought one.

I wish the ROTJ set had included a TAC Stormtrooper or DS Trooper instead of Vader.  Still, I'll get one if I can score it for cheap.

I think they could have done a better job not including ANY of the characters that had previously been in one of these tin sets.

EP2 should NOT have included Mace Windu (he was in the regular edition EP3 tin)
EP3 should NOT have included Anakin (this same figure was in the regular edition EP3 tin)
EP6 should NOT have included Vader (a different Vader was in the regular edition EP6 tin)
EP6 should NOT have included a Biker Scout (the flip-up visor version was in the regular edtion EP6 tin)

EP2 should have included a Clone Pilot based off of the Evolutions figure
EP3 should have included an Obi-Wan instead of an Anakin
EP6 should have included the Emperor from the Evolutions set and a Royal Guard (just a repack of the ROTS red robed guard)

This would have made the sets at least DISPLAY better with a better variety of characters across all 9 sets.

No rest for the weary:  I found the repainted Shadow AT-AT, Imperial V-Wing, Hoth AT-ST, Trade Fed Tank, and "somewhat new" Snowtrooper on Speederbike at our WM tonight.

Let the repaint fans rejoice!  :P

Found this wave this evening at WalMart myself.

Looks like WalMart is getting display hangers that hold 18 3" Titanium ships and they are filled with this wave. Looked like a mostly even break-down with the V-Wing, AT-ST and Blizzard Force Speeder Bike each being four per case while the other two were three per case.

There were two of these and they were hanging on a metal rack near the end of the SW aisle. They were not with the rest of the Titanium 3" vehicles in the main aisle.

Nothing really thrilling in this wave since they are all repaints. It would have been nice to have at least ONE new vehicle this wave. (while I like the concept of the Blizzard Force Speeder Bike, I do not consider this a "new" vehicle since it's just a new plastic figure on top of the old speeder bike - I'm actually kinda surprised that they didn't throw this into the Hoth Set, I am sure at some point we will see this concept in the 3.75" scale)

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Recent 30AC Purchases
« on: November 30, 2007, 08:15 PM »
Picked up R2, ewoks, A-Wing Pilot & Spirit Anakin from Wave 7 x2 of each.

Did not get any McSolos yet.  >:(

Friend of mine snagged one for me though, still need two of those and one each of the others.

Like an idiot, I'm filling two albums this year - one with all silver coins and one exactly the same only the 13 gold coins are in that one. I know, I know - I'm nuts. I think Hasbro did this to me on purpose. If they had put out an album with slots for 100 coins instead of 80, there would have been enough space for everything and then some. Since there isn't enough room for all exclusive, UGH and Saga Legends coins in the 20 spare spaces, that is why I got the second album. Of course, I only have my own OCD to blame for feeling compelled to fill the rest of the empty slots.  ;D

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Best of 2007
« on: November 30, 2007, 08:12 PM »
Here's mine:

Vintage: Snowtrooper (with IG-88 close second)
Comic Pack: A'sharad Hett - he's a great figure w/lots of cool accessories
Vehicles: V-Wing
Battle Packs: Ultimate Hoth BP - the turret is a great addition to anyone's Hoth diorama
McQuarrie: Starkiller Hero
Basic Figure: Tyco Chelcu (A-Wing Pilot) - I just go this figure - it rocks!
Exclusives: Female Mandalorians from the EE packs - I love these two figures a lot, I know they have problems but just their existence allows me to overlook them.

Well holy crap!  Looks who's decided to grace us with his presence again after disappearing for a year and a half!  :P  Welcome back, Pete!

Thanks Matt! It's good to be back and actively posting here again.


I totally blame the forums on some other sites for the outcomes of this poll.

I recall a friend pointing out to me that on one board, when people would post the figure they voted for and it WASN'T a clone of some kind they were blasted for "wasting their vote"

I had really hoped that this line would have been a collection of figures that had never been individually carded before - i.e. figures that they only way you could get them previously was as a pack-in to a vehicle or playset. Zev, Graxol, Blue Snag, the Fambaa Set Gungan, and Wulf were all great candidates IMHO.

As I just posted over in the Force Unleashed thread - clones aren't selling as well as they did in 2005. I think Hasbro should have tried to step back from doing so many members of the skittles brigade and focused on providing a better variety of characters in the Saga Legends line.

The Legacy Collection / Re: More from The Force Unleashed?
« on: November 30, 2007, 08:00 PM »
I have scaled way back this year as far as army building goes.

I'm now down to two of each trooper open. I started the year at six of each trooper, by about June, I was saying I would do four of each and now I'm down to two. For stuff like the Legends Sandtrooper variants, I don't think I'll ever need more than six or so of these guys anyways, so I'm just enhancing my already plentiful ranks of these guys with one of each.

I originally thought I might go nuts on the SA 501st figures when they started shipping. I might get two of those to open, but that would be it. The rest of the 501st troopers I have can be the AT-TE gunner version I have an over-load of.

The one thing that this year and what I've see so far of the next has taught me is to over do it on troop building is completely pointless - just get one or two, the figure will be re-done at some point and you can get one or two more then. Case in point - Commander Gree from ROTS and the TSC Kashyyyk Elite Corps Troopers - I got two Grees and like eight of those Kashyyyk troopers. At the time of each figure's release, even though everyone was pointing out that they were inaccurate figures, it never occurred to me that Hasbro would EVER be bothered with making a corrected version either, let alone, make a corrected version each so soon!

I think Hasbro needs to stop listening to the army builders who want to gobble up each and every paint variation they can come up with for Clone/stormtroopers and actually visit some stores and take note of whats hanging on the pegs.

If I go into a store today, I can easily get: Airborne Troopers; Galactic Marines; AOTC White, Blue, Red, Yellow & Green Clones; ROTS White Clones; a variety of different Sandtroopers; and Stormtroopers w/o any problem. Not to mention the fact that I don't feel that finding the Shocktrooper or the VTAC Snowtrooper were particularly difficult either this year. The overall popularity of troopers is WAY down. Good job on letting the Wave 5 Saga Legends line be 80% clones!

While I would welcome a 12" General Grievous from Sideshow, I personally would prefer that they get to doing Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper before they tackle the good general.

That's just my humble opinion really.

I missed the pre-order window on this one due to a meeting at work on the Friday it went up for sale. Just found out today that my wait-list request for the Sideshow Exclusive edition came through! woohoo!

I was getting nervous on this one! Hopefully I'll get lucky with that Imperial Officer too - same thing happened to me on that one.

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